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  1. Game giveaway because I love you guys!

    You're the best unless I'm in the room, which is never, so you're the best. 22
  2. I also hate the "players don't have enough time to play" argument. It's a fucking single player game, what's the rush?
  3. My GF and I are starting Steam soon

    Is this the longest troll or what
  4. Nearly finished it on recruit only playing with randoms. Definitely gets more difficult in the 3rd stage but for the most part it's been a good experience, haven't seen any bitching and moaning when my group wipes. Good community.
  5. Valve to start making games again

    Ricochet in the Source 2 engine please
  6. Valve to start making games again

    https://www.pcgamer.com/gabe-newell-hooray-valves-going-to-start-shipping-games-again/ I hope they make new games and not Half Life 3
  7. I can't get enough WW2 shooters, but Bad Company 2 was the last BF game I truly enjoyed and I'm not expecting anything to change there.
  8. Great job everyone, keep voting with your wallets.
  9. EA lost people giving them the benefit of the doubt long ago. You're right about actual content, not that I've been actively searching, but all I know about this game is you fly in an Iron Man suit.