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  1. Calling THE GREAT DM

    I have news for you, I'm moving to Japan in March.
  2. Calling THE GREAT DM

    I need to feel the warm caress of your soft hands, Derek. Congrats on getting married. I need you on steam/discord. xx
  3. Calling THE GREAT DM

    @Pretzel @[email protected] @Nokra Where you fuckers at
  4. Well, I guess I'm getting married.

    what the fuck
  5. ~*D1P Mechanical Apartheid Weekend Giveaway*~

    This is me slapping my tiny ball sack on the table.
  6. Watching some celebrity golf tournament on nbc

    I like to wear tight black jeans. The tighter the better.
  7. Hello Everyone

    I came back with empty pockets, fortunately I've been working out.
  8. Pee on me.

  9. Ad Revenue

    That sounds a tad gay.
  10. Hello Everyone

    Not a whole lot really, doing a TEFL course so I can go to Japan and teach English next year (hopefully). What about yourself?
  11. Help me!!!

    Nice Red Dwarf reference.
  12. I am gay

    This is why women shouldn't be allowed on the PCCB, except for Shirley of course. Perfect, sweet, Shirley.
  13. Why's it so dead in here?

    I know D1P fucking sucks but come on guys.
  14. Hello Everyone

    I would love some fuk, thank you.
  15. Hello Everyone

    Sorry, I'll just get my coat and be on my way.