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  1. The Day One Patch PC Server List.

    Our Minecraft server is up 24/7. Have upto 20 players on at all different times. Ausies, Euro and US. Boomer4win (on Youtue) makes vids from ours. Anyone is welcome to join. You can build as a guest away from spawn, or if you show yourself to be a nice person you may get promoted to build at spawn . Palmergames.com or minecraft.m13online.com
  2. Don't give a crap about it. Princess Di's wedding was a fairy tale, this one is just another wedding
  3. All of the sites are back up again. The 'Law' the US is trying to prosecute them on was deemed internationally illegal as it was anti-competative when it was first created. It basically said if you are a US citizen you are only allowed to gamble on US based sites (US companies). However, if you are from any other country you are still allowed to gamble on US sites.
  4. It would be funny to see Phillip take us to war with so many countries if the monarchy did still have power. He's managed to insult quite a lot of people with his comments.
  5. He's the eldest of the two princes. In fact Prince Charles (his father) 'should' be king once the queen pops off. He's then next in line.
  6. I've not watched the news and have no interest in any rich aristocracy getting hitched on the peoples tax money. I like having the monarchy, but the media and royal weddings is SO annoying. As for being British, the wife hates it and insists on being called English. Myself I rather like the notion of it being the British empire, as it was. We ruled 2/3rd of the world at one point...then we gave it all back .
  7. The Day One Patch PC Server List.

    I have an MC server up (multiworld) 24/7 @ palmergames.com Have to catch myself or SneezySchoo online to get promoted to be able to build.
  8. You are just across the water from me.