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  1. Has there been any accusations against Denzel Washington? He seems like someone I'd expect to be a stand-up guy.
  2. Playstation 4 PRO question

    I did a full system backup onto an external drive and then did a system restore onto the Pro. Worked out nicely. No internet bandwidth usage.
  3. Watched 2 UHD Blu-rays over the weekend: Justice League is a good looking disc. Maybe not one you would pull out to wow your friends with, but there are a handful of scenes in the last third of the movie that do really benefit from HDR. In particular when there are energy emanations coming from the Mother Box. Black Panther - ok now this is one gorgeous looking movie that really takes advantage of the format. The HDR adds so much luster to the copious amounts of shiny metal littered around, and there are some bold colours throughout the movie that really jump off the screen. This one lands near the top of my best-of-the-format list!
  4. I love the quality of my 2017 LG OLED TV regardless of what I’m watching, but I’m always looking for those titles that really show what it can do, for when someone asks why OLED TVs are worth the price. I play my 4K UHD HDR BD's off of a Panasonic DMP-UB900. In particular, I'm posting this thread to find out what people have found to be the most striking use of HDR. HDR can really add a lot of subtle depth to an image and because many movies are shot with the stylistic choice to have a muted colour palette, the differences between a standard blu-ray and the HDR version can be subtle and almost need a side-by-side comparison. Those movies are not what this thread is about. I'm looking for the bold, beautiful, jaw-dropping titles y'all have found that someone will look at and instantly be aware of the benefits. Currently, my go-to is Pacific Rim. Nearly every scene on the 4K UHD HDR Pacific Rim disc serves as justification for the format. Derived and upscaled from a 2K digital intermediate, it isn’t the sharpest 4K disc out there, with the occasional scene or visual effect looking a tad soft, but the colours and specular highlights just pop off the screen. Bright neon lights against inky black night time settings abound. Frequent bold use of colour. Glinting lights off glass and metal. Pure eye candy. Prior to watching this, I would have given the nod to Kong Skull Island and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as runners up for wowing the masses. What titles have the rest of you found that blow you away?
  5. What's your 360 collection look like?

    The majority of my 360 collection is digital.
  6. I think the obvious answer here is for the city to add some road signs warning drivers to slow down for that corner.
  7. I sired 3 children myself, so I've done my part for the growth of Canada. It's these young whipper-snappers not stepping up to the plate now! Time for my eldest children to engage in accidental pregnancy like I did at their age!
  8. Xbox Adaptive Controller

    Kudos to them for doing this.
  9. It's interesting how 4K discs have soured my taste for regular blu-rays now. I want everything in HDR. Yesterday, I was out in stores. I own Moulin Rouge (love that movie) on DVD. I noticed the Blu-ray on sale for $7. I'm like, "That would be a nice upgrade, but.... this movie would look SOOO much better in HDR" So I passed on it, hoping that one day in the not-too-distant future it will make the jump to UHD. Hopefully it doesn't turn into another fruitless wait - like the waiting for The Abyss or Titan AE to come to Blu Ray that I've been doing since the format hit.
  10. I own so many digital games on PS4, I'm really not sure which ones I got through PS+ and which ones I bought with a PS+ discount.
  11. When I got my UHD player, dolby vision discs hadn't come out yet and there was a lot of speculation about the format fizzling and such. My Panasonic UB900 does not support Dolby Vision. If I were buying one today, I would absolutely get the Oppo 203. No question. In lieu of that, I might wait for a while and see how things shape up in the field over the next year once there is a wider range to choose from. Absolutely read reviews of the different choices before buying as the quality range can still be quite large.
  12. Avengers: Infinity War - ***OFFICIAL SPOILER THREAD***

    I saw Infinity War last night. I thought it was amazing. I'm blown away by how they were able to fit so many character in and none of them felt like they got really short-changed. While the details are certainly different, the broad strokes are fitting with the Infinity Gauntlet series. We'll see if the resolution does, as well. Going to be a looooong year waiting to find out. I mean, obviously the deaths from the finger-snap will be undone, because we've got Guardians 3 and Spider-man 2 and Black Panther 2 upcoming after Avengers 4. I felt like the almost-success moment was worse in the movie though. In the comics, the battle is all a distraction to allow Silver Surfer to whip past at light speed and take the Gauntlet off. In the movie Starlord just does something beyond stupid. I prefer the idea that Silver Surfer simply failed at a really, really difficult hail mary as opposed to someone just acted foolishly. But the moment had the same, "ugh" payoff, I guess. Interesting how they've whittled the cast down to the core Avengers, plus a few extra. Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp - oh look - there's the original comics team. I actually expected Cap and Iron Man to be taken out because I know those actors have expressed a desire to exit the MCU in the past. Probably in the next one. Loved the dynamic they're doing with Hulk. They said they would be doing a three-movie arc with the character across Ragnarok and Avengers 3 & 4 (since Disney doesn't have distribution rights to do stand-alone Hulk movies). Something I just realized now - Tony and Steve still haven't had to see each other and deal with their crap yet. Red Skull showing up was a nice piece of resolution for an outstanding plot thread I didn't expect to ever get resolved since Hugo Weaving apparently didn't want to reprise the role. Apparently it was another actor doing an impersonation, but it sounded convincing to me - I thought it was Hugo.
  13. ^ Kelly thinks different language should be used in front of women??? What a sexist!!
  14. I was rewatching Scott Pilgrim vs The World on standard blu-ray this weekend. The whole time I was thinking about how that would be a movie that could REALLY benefit from a good HDR treatment. Fingers crossed this one makes it's way onto the format with some TLC.
  15. Microsoft and Discord announce collaboration

    Oh, yay, this is great news! It's about time. *googles Discord to find out what it is*
  16. Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle makes impressive use of HDR. The specular highlights on things like the Green Jewel in the jungle really jump out. Colours are bright and vivid without looking unnatural. Those large shiny leaves on some of the jungle plants really sparkle in the sunlight in the background of several shots. Switching to the Blu-ray, the differences are immediately apparent without needing any kind of side-by-side comparison. Good stuff.
  17. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2018-god-of-war-tech-analysis
  18. Agreed. This seems to be the consensus I've heard, as well - the Resolution mode is smoother when things get hectic despite being a lower framerate and has the benefit of looking better 100% of the time.
  19. That statement does not preclude playing Xbox One games from discs... since they are on blu-rays.... but I assume you mean blu-ray movies are the only discs that have been inside your Xbox One. I actively avoid playing movies on my Xbox One and PS4 because I don't want the added wear and tear on the disc drive. I've had too many consoles with disc drive issues over the years. One of the reasons I bought a stand-alone UHD blu-ray player last year.
  20. Best PS4 Console exclusive?

    Because I have a Steam account. From time to time I have snagged games that were free on there. Also, I set up Gems of War on our home computer for my wife to play when my cell phone wasn't available for her to steal.
  21. Best PS4 Console exclusive?

    The votes would suggest one other game stands a chance, actually
  22. Best PS4 Console exclusive?

    Well a) I don't have a gaming PC and b) as we already established, PC doesn't count. I kid, I kid