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  1. Oh, I see. I didn't really go out of my way to get those animal parts other than killing animals I came across as I played other missions. The only one I had to go on a specific search for was the goose skins. There is a spot where there are a dozen or so geese you can shoot from afar, so I did that spot twice and got what I needed. Meat drops are common, bone drops rare and skin drops very rare. There is a specialty merchant in Meridian where you can trade Processed Metal Blocks for "Scavenger Dark Boxes". Those boxes contain random animal meat/skin/bones. Side note: you can use 10 of those fatty meats (along with a fox skin and shards) to get a golden fast travel pack from Merchants in Meridian that will allow you to fast travel an unlimited number of times.
  2. The Orville: Official trailer

    I've only seen the first episode so far, but I really enjoyed it. Unlike the majority, I thought the mix of humour with earnestness walked the line very well. I, personally, found it to be a breath of fresh air amid all the grim and gritty sci fi that came about in the wake of Battlestar Galactica's success.
  3. What grinding are you referring to? I reached max level well before the game was over without deliberately grinding at all.
  4. Well, in addition to the things discussed by others, I think I just felt like the quality of the voice acting and the context of what I was being asked to do in most side quests made me feel like there wasn't much repetition in the side quests like I feel in other games. Guess it isn't appealing to you in the same was it was to me.
  5. Digital or Not...Again

    I guess you never lend games to friends/family. Heck, I have 2 PS4's in my house. On the secondary PS4, if one of my kids wants to play a game on their own profile, they cannot play games that were bought digitally - only on the primary PS4. They can absolutely pop in the disc and play it on either PS4.
  6. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    That's an interesting comment. A few thoughts off the top of my head: I'm willing to bet that Fat people hear negative comments about their body more frequently than bodybuilders do. Certainly as a ratio of negative to positive comments, obese people likely are so far on the losing end of that spectrum that it's not comparable. Obese people likely already have a pretty poor self-body-image. They probably do not consider themselves to be more attractive than the average person. Body-builders are the way they are by choice. If anything they would probably like to go further down the extreme path they've already worked so hard down. Obese people are not likely the way they are by choice (as a result of choices, sure, but given the choice they probably wouldn't choose the body type they have). So, while people should obviously follow the rule of, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" I also don't see that comparison of comments as equivalent. It's like commenting on someone's extreme hair style and saying, "I don't like that hair style" versus insulting someone for being bald. One was a deliberate choice that the person picked and the other is probably something that person would not choose. I don't know if any of that makes sense. Just spewing thoughts.
  7. Digital or Not...Again

    Well, as long as you have it downloaded and your hardware still works, you should still be able to play it. The issue with the service going away would be that you wouldn't be able to download it anymore. With consoles allowing you to store games on external HDD's, it will hopefully be possible to maintain your digital library for as long as the console itself still works
  8. Digital or Not...Again

    I used to be primarily a physical copy kind of guy, feeling that digital did not offer the same value proposition. However, I primarily end up buying my games digitally these days. The biggest reason for that is price. The value proposition equation changes when the price is lower in one space vs the other. I don't often pick games up at launch. Instead, because of my massive backlog, I tend to wait until $60 games fall into the $15 or less range before picking them up. The prevalence of massive sales on PSN and XBL means that this price point is typically seen digitally first. As a result, the only games I generally end up buying on disc are ones I receive as presents for birthdays/Christmas or ones I want to get at, or near, launch.
  9. I went into this game with the plan to only play through the main story quests. I had heard you could play it like a linear game and it would be fine, so that was my approach.... yeah... so I just go the platinum trophy on Tuesday. I found the game so much fun to play, that I enjoyed doing most of the side stuff. I could not help myself, despite my initial intentions, I just found the gameplay and world so compelling. The main storyline is awesome and easily overshadows much of the side quest stuff, but I honestly found HZD's side quests to be of a much higher quality and variety than most open world games'.
  10. Has this person never played this kind of game before? Were they raised on first-person shooters and RPG's? That is legitimately difficult to watch. I mean I understand if that was my 7-yo kid playing or my 70-yo father... but wow...
  11. The B7 and C7 have improved picture quality over the B6 and C6. Particularly in the area of near-black images. They also have lower input lag (21ms). The B6 and C6 are still excellent picture quality however - and they have 3D capability that the B7 and C7 do not.
  12. This may be relevant to some games in HDR on this TV: http://www.lg.com/ca_en/support/product-help/CT20098005-20150410129990-others In addition to the above, I've heard many say to make sure the colour gamut is set to Auto
  13. That is correct. Although, I should add a caveat there: This works for all non-HDR games. If the game is outputting in HDR, the TV switches to a different set of picture modes. Of the HDR picture modes, only the HDR Game Mode will give you the 21ms low lag. The other HDR modes don't care that you set the input icon to PC. At least, with the current firmware.
  14. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    There are some things worth being banned over...
  15. Ok, so, here's a tip for you on gaming settings with this TV - if you go into the input options where you can rename the inputs, there's also an option to choose the icon for the input. If you select the PC icon, every picture mode for that input will be a game mode with low input lag. That gives you the option to have several presets for different games that you want to have different brightness/etc settings for. (ie - for that input Cinema Mode will be a game mode, Standard Mode will be a game mode, Vivide Mode will be a game mode, etc) Note that when you do this, certain picture processing options will be unavailable (otherwise game mode would be pointless), therefore I would NOT do this for whatever input you are planning to use to watch TV/Streaming/Blu ray/Etc. as you lose options that could improve the picture for that type of content.
  16. Well, I guess I'm super late chiming in on this, but you picked well! You're getting the C7 65", I have the B7 65", which is the same TV, except for the colour of the trim and the shape of the stand. Congrats on the purchase, amigo!
  17. Bandai is out for Capcom's blood.

    That's interesting. I built a really heavy base that my arcade stick slips into because I also had the problem of my stick shifting around when I was using it.
  18. Well, I have to express my excitement somewhere! Yesterday, I purchased an LG OLED 65B7 4K HDR TV. I have been dickering around with it ever since and wow, is it ever an impressive picture. Watched Moana on regular Blu-ray playing on a PS3 and Holy Cow was it ever amazing. I was slack jawed so many times. I can't wait to start watching 4K UHD HDR Blu-rays! Unfortunately, I do have to wait a little bit though because the Panasonic DMP-UB900 I ordered will take 7-10 days to arrive, but even without the images I'm seeing are like as drastic a step up from my 10-year old Samsung (which was amazing for its time) as it was going from DVD to Blu-ray in the first place. I don't have a PS4 Pro yet and I probably won't be able to get Scorpio right out of the gate, but I now have the TV to allow me to take advantage of 4K and HDR when I DO pick them up down the road. 21ms input lag in game mode is a revelation. I've only tried out the original Super Mario Bros. (this is my go-to game for testing input lag first-hand) and it was the fastest response I've played with since playing on an old CRT back in the day. Huzzah!
  19. Sonic Mania reviews are coming in

    Yeah but I'm also a big fan of the classic Sonic games who still replays them to this day.
  20. Sonic Mania reviews are coming in

    ok, well now you guys are just overselling it. I'm going to go into the game overhyped and be disappointed.
  21. We didn't evolve from the apes that are around today. The apes that are around today share a common ancestor as humans. The different species branched off and went in different evolutionary directions a long, long, long. long time ago. Edit: maybe you were joking when you said that, given the thread you posted it in. Sorry if I'm taking your in-jest comment too sincerely.
  22. Sonic Mania reviews are coming in

    The beauty of classic Sonic games is that there's not right or wrong answer to that question. Genesis Sonic games have always had a lot of secret places hidden within their levels that you'd only see if you took the time to explore, carefully jump to places that are off the beaten track, drill through walls, jump over spikes into a pit that might not be a pit, etc. But some people will prefer to play by finding the shortest, fastest route through the levels. Good Sonic games can be played and enjoyed either way.