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  1. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    For the record, I totally agree with that, and never argued otherwise. When my wife didn't like me getting bigger, I was fine saying that I was doing it for me, not for anyone else, her included. She respected that and loves me regardless.
  2. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Again, I totally understand that that is your experience and I'm not surprised by it in the slightest. That is the way I would expect it would be and if I didn't know my wife so well, I would think she were secretly hiding the truth about whether or not she finds that look attractive. For years I assumed she wasn't being completely honest there, but that's before I knew her like I do now. My wife absolutely lusts. She is absolutely attracted to men besides me. She doesn't try to hide it around me. The point I'm making is what gets her juices flowing and what doesn't.
  3. Picking up the X tomorrow

    Yes, basically you have to install the game from the disc and keep the box offline, but be aware that: a) this version certainly doesn't run at a locked 60fps. It's not smooth performance. b) this version is also lower resolution at 900p. The patched versions brought in 1080p while capping the frame rate at 30fps.
  4. Microsoft Store Digital Sale

    I mean, it's apparently one of the games with the biggest difference in resolution from PS4 Pro to Xbox One X, so from that point of view, maybe it would be worthwhile to get just to test for yourself whether going from 1440p to 2160p really makes a drastic difference for you, or not. So you know for future reference. Personally, no, I wouldn't switch. The PS4 version still looks great and both consoles have performance issues in the framerate because the game seems to be CPU limited.
  5. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    lol, definitely not going the steroids route. I'm happy with me the way I am. I still want Project Ego too, amigo! I have absolutely no doubt that's true. I'm just saying I know my wife and what guy walking down the street is going to get her to look. You can choose not to believe I know my wife better than you and that's fine, but I know you're wrong in this particular case. And I don't even agree with her on what looks sexy. But she is who she is. Hell, even when I started working out more and eating better and started to get leaner and bigger, she found me less attractive. I told her I was doing it for me, not her and she was ok with that and said loves me either way, but yeah... she genuinely isn't attracted to that look.
  6. The HDR picture coming from Xbox One X video apps including Netflix and 4K UHD HDR blu-rays is currently not showing the picture correctly. Those who bought an X as a 4K blu-ray player are not currently getting what they paid for. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and says they will fix it. (Side note - For those of you who don't watch Vincent's stuff regularly, he is being sarcastic when he says he loves the Power Rangers movie - he bought two copies of the movie and a few others that were the first Dolby Vision encoded 4K UHD Blu-rays in order to do a detailed comparison of Dolby Vision vs HDR-10 and had joked previously about probably being the only person on the planet two own two copies of that movie)
  7. If it did, I'm not seeing any announcements about it when I google it
  8. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    If I can just manage to maintain my body through these here 40's, I'll consider that a victory I'm happy with.
  9. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    No doubt it would be. Certainly not a route I would ever want to go. Hopefully you one day find a special woman to make love to where it really means something more than just another notch on the belt. Or maybe you have and then lost it, in which case I hope you find it again. Of course, if that's not what you want in your life, more power to you.
  10. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    To each their own.
  11. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    My wife finds me sexy and I catch women in the office checking me out regularly. I'm happy with that.
  12. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    I'm sure lots of women lie about that, for sure. I'm also quite sure that the majority of women would prefer your body type to mine. My wife's dating history before me shows a distinct pattern of the type of guy she is attracted to though. She turned down all the big guys and dated guys with my type of build. Also, I've been with my wife a long time. I've noticed what turns her head, from celebs to guys on the street. It's not the big guys. As for giving a fuck, I am kind of heavily invested in what my wife thinks about me. Weird, I know.
  13. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    No question, you'd take my body to heights I could only dream of. Of course, my wife would not be particularly happy, because she's not a fan of the big look. She finds the slim/fit look sexy (hence her choice in husband).
  14. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    My body is grateful that it does not belong to you
  15. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    The irony is, from everything you post, I'm probably happier with my body than you are with yours.
  16. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    I'm smaller and lighter and weaker.
  17. Rampage Trailer

    Well... it looks better than I thought possible... note I didn't say it looked "good"...
  18. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    While I enjoyed Voyager ok enough, I would put it last overall.
  19. Correct, dynamic resolution scaler up to 4K and using checkerboard rendering.
  20. I agree, though I also accept the fact that some people can perceive the difference more readily than I. My standard test is to play Super Mario Bros. (the original) - a game I've inherently known the feel of since I was a kid. I can tell if a TV has acceptable input lag for me or not by whether or not I make the jumps or fall off the ledges.
  21. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    I agree, but I also wonder how much of that ease came from the fact that I'd played through the original Ninja Gaiden as well as Ninja Gaiden Black on both normal and hard difficulties and then played Sigma? So how much of the ease was down to the fact that I was already really good at the game and how much was from the difficulty being lowered?
  22. I think the implied meaning was "If input lag is your PRIMARY concern" when he said that. For instance, at 21ms, the benefits of picture quality from the LG OLED outweighs the 6ms difference in going to the TCL. Not because I don't care about input lag, but because it isn't the be-all-end-all deciding factor for me, just part of the equation.
  23. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    Oh, it was definitely easier. Besides what I mentioned above, they rebalanced some things and they added save points and shops to make tricky areas like the Alma boss fight easier, etc.
  24. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    I disliked that Sigma removed a lot of the platforming and puzzle-solving elements from the game. It was good if you just wanted to focus on streamlined combat, but I felt those other elements helped to break up the combat and really made it a more well-rounded game.
  25. Everything I'm reading says that it has not yet been fixed. Do you have a source for this?