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  1. Oh, phew. I came in expecting that in the OP and then thought... maybe he's serious??? Is the "killing it" comment meant to be sarcasm? I don't know WTF is going on!!
  2. "They aren't good"? 85 metacritic? WTF?
  3. I only played about 2 hours and then got distracted by other shinies. I keep meaning to get back to it one day...
  4. I think I was more interested in the game from the gameplay demos I've seen than from this cinematic trailer.
  5. Deep thoughts kab: Is it better to look like relative garbage and be happy with how you look... or is it better to look relatively amazing and hate the way you look?
  6. Awesome. Americans taste great!
  7. 204
  8. Gems of War on my iPhone!
  9. That one sounds less fun. I don't want that one.
  10. the "Fucking Flu"... is that the sickness that compells one to have lots of sex? I want that...
  11. Lol, no, just my house. The downstairs washroom is all nice wood panelling with a clawfoot tub though.
  12. Outside shovelling snow Inside, afterwards, snow packed into my hair taking longer to melt... Gotta love winter...
  13. Well that will teach you for buying a used one off of Craigslist.
  14. You never posted impressions...
  15. Thousands of pieces of paper glued together with a stretchy glue and then carved. http://sploid.gizmodo.com/you-can-actually-stretch-these-fake-marble-sculptures-l-1517189833
  16. If you're still able to play the games you want on PC, I would keep the PS4 Pro and expand your access to a wider selection of games. There will always be a newer, shinier graphics card. I was more on the fence until you mentioned the kids factor. Having an alternate destination when one device is tied up tips the scales for me.
  17. To be fair, Marvel did not act that way until after they were acquired by Disney. The Disney overlords are the ones responsible for this sort of behaviour.
  18. Right but rumours still abound that Marvel may either have reacquired movie right to the FF or they may have struck a deal with Fox to include them in upcoming MCU films, so...
  19. No, but Marvel has stopped trying to promote characters that are not part of their movie rights. They want to reinvest that cross-character-promotion effort into properties they have the theatrical rights too. Same reason they stopped doing Fantastic Four comics and killed off Wolverine in the comics and scaled back X-Men comics dramatically, etc.
  20. Read through the topic. Thread title is a lie (mostly).
  21. I always get at least 4 controllers for each system. Sure, there aren't as many couch co-op games as there used to be, but there's still lots out there and I have 4 kids and friends that like to play social games.
  22. I wouldn't sell hardware personally. At some point I always want to go back and play an old game again and I need the hardware to do that. I also feel like you never really get a great value for the old hardware. It's never worth it for me, but that's a personal decision.
  23. Sorry, I'm married