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  1. From a review of this disc: "It will be interesting to see how the UHD enthusiast community reacts to Warner's 2160p, HEVC/H.265-encoded UHD of Unforgiven, because the differences between the 4K treatment and its accompanying 1080p rendition don't immediately leap off the screen. In the film's darker sequences—and Unforgiven has many of them—the high-resolution scan of the negative provides little or no increase in visible detail, because it simply isn't there in the original photography... ... The sticker prominently affixed to every UHD disc touts the "brighter, deeper, more lifelike colors" of HDR, but the HDR treatment of Unforgiven demonstrates that these descriptions may be at odds. The colors of this UHD are "more lifelike", but they certainly are not "brighter" or "deeper". I would describe them as more refined. Perhaps most noticeably, the UHD's fleshtones lack the consistently ruddy cast that is evident even on the remastered Blu-ray, presumably a product of that format's less expansive color space. On the UHD, faces are reddened by the glow of candles, lamplight and campfires, but in natural light they lose a slight red "push" that is visible on the Blu-ray (and was even more pronounced in the previous Blu-ray). It's a subtle but effective adjustment, enhancing the realism of characters even as the story elevates them into myth. (The reds and oranges of the sunsets that open and close the film remain as intense as ever.)The 4K/HDR rendition of Unforgiven may not be the disc you drop into the player to wow your friends, but it fulfills the format's promise of bringing classic cinema into the home with new levels of accuracy and intensity. It's the first UHD I've reviewed that deserves highest marks for its treatment of a 4K source—not only for what it does, but also for what it does not do." http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Unforgiven-4K-Blu-ray/165822/ It sounds like a good image that faithfully reproduces the original intent of the director. But it is also totally not sounding like the type of movie I'm talking about in this thread.
  2. I love the quality of my 2017 LG OLED TV regardless of what I’m watching, but I’m always looking for those titles that really show what it can do, for when someone asks why OLED TVs are worth the price. I play my 4K UHD HDR BD's off of a Panasonic DMP-UB900. In particular, I'm posting this thread to find out what people have found to be the most striking use of HDR. HDR can really add a lot of subtle depth to an image and because many movies are shot with the stylistic choice to have a muted colour palette, the differences between a standard blu-ray and the HDR version can be subtle and almost need a side-by-side comparison. Those movies are not what this thread is about. I'm looking for the bold, beautiful, jaw-dropping titles y'all have found that someone will look at and instantly be aware of the benefits. Currently, my go-to is Pacific Rim. Nearly every scene on the 4K UHD HDR Pacific Rim disc serves as justification for the format. Derived and upscaled from a 2K digital intermediate, it isn’t the sharpest 4K disc out there, with the occasional scene or visual effect looking a tad soft, but the colours and specular highlights just pop off the screen. Bright neon lights against inky black night time settings abound. Frequent bold use of colour. Glinting lights off glass and metal. Pure eye candy. Prior to watching this, I would have given the nod to Kong Skull Island and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as runners up for wowing the masses. What titles have the rest of you found that blow you away?
  3. What's been your favorite Enhanced game for the 1X?

    Ninja Gaiden Black is my favourite X enhanced game. It was already my favourite game. Now it's just had a fresh lease on life.
  4. As SimpleG said there are differences. Generally, in terms of picture quality, you will lose some fine details in the background and often a loss of the film grain texture - some people that don't like film grain actually prefer digital streams instead, for that reason. Sometimes you can get more macroblocking with digital. Personally, I prefer the Blu Ray's for movies that are a visual spectacle, but I'm happy to go digital or disc for other movies. Do I notice a difference? Yes. Does anyone else in my family? No. Wasn't on my radar. I own all of these, but have only watched the original Blade Runner to date. It has it's moments and is a clear step up from the old Blu-ray version I have, but I wasn't particularly blown away by it overall. The best moments, visually are when you get shots of the cityscape, with each tiny lit window perfectly defined.
  5. I have that disc. Can confirm - it is stunning. Most CG animated movies are, actually. Moana's standard Blu-ray is a jaw-dropper with the TV on a slightly more vivid picture setting than I normally watch movies on. Planet Earth II is also a good showpiece at times, but not everything is of the same consistent quality. Some scenes were definitely not filmed in 4K. When it hits, it hits hard though. Haven't picked up Blue Planet II yet.
  6. "They should have kept Farrell?" They revealed at the end of the first that Farrell was just a disguise. Keeping him would have made no sense. Either they go with his true form (played by Johnny Depp at the end of the first film), or they go with a new actor as a new disguise.
  7. LTTP: The Last Jedi

    That's a bit of a shame because, for me personally, I enjoyed the movie a lot more upon second viewing. Some earlier scenes are viewed differently with foreknowledge of what's to come. And early lines like Kylo saying, "You can't be doing this, the effort would kill you" (or something to that effect) I didn't even pay any attention to the first time around and then noticed that was clear foreshadowing when watched a second time.
  8. Emblazon and Triage dilemma

    @Triage It's not a matter of whether you believe @Emblazon should feel that this wouldn't be taking away from your special event. If you know that he would feel that way, you should want to avoid it. It wouldn't bother you in reverse... ok, great... but you know it would bother him. That's the thing about emotions and feelings - they are not rational. Why would you want to push for something that you know would take away from his wedding to you? Why would you debate it or argue it? You've got a man who is being open and honest about his feelings here - don't invalidate his feelings or you won't have that for long.
  9. I believe you can earn the currency by playing the game as well, so after you've played for a time, you could create another character without having to spend real money. The question is: how long would it take to earn enough? I have no idea.
  10. Neat! Wonder if that was a deliberate marketing attempt to try to appease the Kojima-supporters, though.... then, less neat.
  11. Good external hard drive?

    I have 3 of those model/line in different sizes. Never had any issues with them.
  12. Burnout 3 is my favourite in the series, for fun with friends, but I spent way more time overall with Paradise.
  13. Well, nothing I saw in that OP suggests that they're doing a reboot of anything. Just changing creative teams and trying to create a fresh easy jumping on point for potential new readers.
  14. Played the hell out of this game on PS3, as did my kids. Actually, my kids still play it periodically. Not sure I can justify $40 to rebuy though.
  15. I think the takeaway is that it's great for some games and not great for others. The option, however, is great to finally have available at a system level.
  16. I got one! I don't actually own the game, but a friend was frustrated after hours of trying to get the second moon for jump rope, so asked if I'd give it a go. Took a good half hour, but I got it for him.
  17. Since my 4K consoles are hooked up to my 4K TV, I'm really not concerned, but it is a nice option to have for those playing on a 1080p set and catches it up to one big advantage the Xbox One X offers.
  18. Sony Surveying Users on Potential PSN Name Changes

    speaking of trolls...
  19. Sony Surveying Users on Potential PSN Name Changes

    They seriously have to ask??? How tone deaf do you have to be to not know this has been the most requested feature for YEARS!?
  20. I'd give it a shot. Used to love these types of games. Streets of Rage 2, in particular.
  21. Post your pic!

    This is me every other night. Half the time I eventually just get up and go sleep in her bed.
  22. I disagree, the new Tomb Raider very much fits the mold, but not until later in the game. It starts off linear, but then changes its skin after a while. As you acquire things like the pick axe and rope arrows and other abilities, the world opens up, and going back to old areas suddenly has areas you can reach that you could not before.
  23. How much do you pay for rent?

    $2,135/mo. mortgage
  24. NBA Live 18 is $7.50 for PS+

    The question is... is it worth it?
  25. New Platinum Games Action RPG

    My character's sense of urgency is irrelevant to me, generally. I have real-life limited time!