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  1. Left the office at 11pm last night. Considered playing a little bit anyway, but still needed to eat dinner, so I skipped it.
  2. Yeah, I'm on the verge of getting a PS4 Pro to go with my new 65" LG 4K HDR OLED. The base PS4 looks sooo good on it already, particularly with HDR in Horizon... I've been debating if it's worth the cash when it already looks so stunning.
  3. ummmm.... $20K? Pfft. Please... $500,000 4K Widescreen 262" TV
  4. Lol. Well, I'll let you know. I've kind of stopped playing it with arrows and moved into playing it like a melee combat game since it seems to be faster and easier and uses no resources up. Probably not going to work as well when up against something the size of a house.
  5. I started on Normal. I generally assume that "Normal" is the intended experience the developers had in mind. Maybe I should have started on a harder difficulty to get a challenge, but now that I'm in to it, I'm fine with feeling powerful and having fun Oh, yeah, I assume the enemies will get harder. Like I said, the last thing I did last night before turning it off was that "dramatic" battle. I think there's only been 4 enemy types I've encountered prior to that? There was a pack of 4 something-or-others that was tougher than the Watchers and Grazers of the world, but nothing unmanageable with the same techniques so far.
  6. Well, maybe I just got lucky then. Generally speaking, though, I've found combat to be pretty easy so far. Initially, I was playing everything all stealthy because they told me to. I was taking robots out from stealth and running if spotted. After a couple hours of that, I realized that it really wasn't necessary. I can just charge into a group of enemies and be fine as long as I play it like an action game like Ninja Gaiden Black - defend and counter. I wait for someone to attack and roll to the side and then counter with the R2 attack that stuns them, then kill them with R1 on the ground - keep moving and attack when the opening comes. Add the slow-mo arrow abilities in there and it becomes simple enough to take out the herd without much difficulty. They seem to want me to play stealthily, but they've made her a capable enough warrior that it hasn't been required so far.
  7. So I have about 4 1/2 hours in now and just finished the Point of the Spear mission. I have to say, after all the buildup to fighting that the actual fight was ridiculously easy. I mean, Rost made me go make some and then I didn't even need any. Just used the tripcaster to knock him down and then R1 while he's lying there. Repeat a couple more times and that was that. No muss, no fuss. I was expecting some big challenge
  8. Got the game for my birthday. Started it up last night and played an hour. Strong start for sure. The game looks great on a standard PS4 in HDR on my new 4K OLED. I'm considering picking up a PS4 Pro, but the game already looks so damn good, I'm not sure I need one now...
  9. I picked up 5 games
  10. Yeah, this has been the E3 game I've been most stoked about so far.
  11. Backwards compatibility with the original Xbox was the biggest thing for me as my original Xbox broke down a couple years ago and I have a bunch of discs I can't use anymore without replacing old hardware. Other than that Ori got me pumped. Looks gorgeous.
  12. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that's not what the reviewer was trying to imply...
  13. That's how you can tell I'm not the same person as the one in the original pic - I hold my cards at a different angle than that imposter!
  14. I, for one, love the backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. I love having access to my wider Xbox library all in one place. Hell, i was just playing some Boom Boom Rocket with my daughter last week! Going forward, I hope that the Xbox and Playstation libraries will both roll forward to the next generation of hardware seamlessly