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  1. IGN isn't going down - they laid off two people on the product side.
  2. I would venture to guess that the type of gamer that comes and posts on Day One Patch is not the type of gamer that would be subscribing to PS Now - particularly not one that subscribes to PS Now and doesn't have a PS4 or PC that they game on.
  3. As one of several determining factors perhaps. Not likely to be solely based on that, of course.
  4. seriously? Oh wow, that's going to piss a lot of people off. Especially people that selected a TV or BD player because of that functionality. Here comes Sony's next class action law suit.
  5. Two staff from the product side of IGN were let go. Tal's post on Twitter really caused an internet reaction over nothing.
  6. It is snowing like crazy where I am
  7. Hmm... I like the concept, but that video really looked kind of boring. Maybe it will be one of those games that's more fun to play than to watch.
  8. in my office, lamenting the continued snowfall... Shovelled twice last night. Shovelled for 40 minutes before work this morning. Turn around in my office just now, and it's snowing again... grumble grumblehttp://i.imgur.com/Hlz01qa.gifv
  9. I am elated!
  10. I noticed with the PS3 that it always needed double the file size to download a game. If it was a 5GB file, it needed 10GB. 5GB was for the downloaded file, then 5GB for PS3 to install that file, then it deletes the downloaded file and only the installed file remains. And I agree. I have a 2TB HDD on my PS4, but I can't put everything on it. I'd love to have external HDD expansion capability like in my Xbone where I have an extra 6TB of storage plugged in.
  11. Don't worry. After the cliffhanger is resolved in the opening of season 4, Berman and Bragga step aside as showrunners and you will see a sharp uptick in quality.
  12. If I agreed with you any more, we'd be the same person.
  13. Season 1-3 was a lot of wasted potential. Then showrunners Berman and Bragga handed over the reins to Manny Coto for season 4 and he produced one of the best seasons of Trek ever made. Unfortunately Berman and Bragga felt the need to step back in for the Series Finale and took a dump all over the wonderful season 4 Coto had made. Seriously - just pretend the final episode doesn't exist and you'll be happier for it.
  14. It's sad when my backlog is so big that I don't remember what games I already own or not (on PS4/Xbone physical/digital)
  15. Oh, phew. I came in expecting that in the OP and then thought... maybe he's serious??? Is the "killing it" comment meant to be sarcasm? I don't know WTF is going on!!