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  1. PSN Flash sale, ends 1/22 at 8am PST

    So many good games on that list. But I already own most of the ones I'm interested in. The store interface keeps being glitched when I try to look at it. I'll have to try again later, I guess.
  2. New Jumanji actually ....good??? is that possible?

    Never saw it. Looked pretty bad. But since it was a different board game, wouldn't it be like a spinoff where this is a direct sequel?
  3. 2018 Films to Anticipate and Predictions

    I still see it as a problem. Big movies like that can have long tails. One may well end up clipping the tail of the other.
  4. 2018 Films to Anticipate and Predictions

    Wait, Disney is putting a Star Wars movie and an Avengers movie in the same month??? Why would they compete with their own ticket sales that way?
  5. New Jumanji actually ....good??? is that possible?

    Sure it is. Not in any important way, but the opening scene in this one pulls directly from the closing scene in the first one to tie them together. I saw it with my kids. It was a fun movie.
  6. So....Street Figher 5 comes out today

    Assuming we already have S1 and S2 purchased.
  7. So....Street Figher 5 comes out today

    I fully intended on getting this updated when I got home last night. Just didn't have time. How is it?
  8. So....Street Figher 5 comes out today

    I think that's because the Arcade Mode adds a world map. And, y'know, the world... I mean... it's a big place...
  9. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    I getcha. That makes sense. Very considerate.
  10. I only ever got to play this game in arcades. My first home game in the vs series was MvC2 on Dreamcast, which I played to death.
  11. Microsoft discontinues Xbox One Kinect Adaptor

    This actually really pissed me off. When I picked up the X, I always intended to get one. Everywhere online (in Canada) was sold out. Now I find out they will never be restocked. Trying to purchase one on eBay, they keep going for over $200. Ridiculous. I really miss the Xbox seeing me and signing me in automatically. I miss when my kids are playing a game and I walk into the room and the Xbox says "Hi, Duncan" and I say, "Hi, Xbox" back... I miss turning the Xbox off with a voice command when I'm nowhere near a controller. I want an adapter, dammit.
  12. Christmas NiGHTS - Nostalgic Pixel

    Truth. Plus, it keeps those NiGHTS skills fresh... for the day when that becomes a necessary thing... and stuff... There is one track in Christmas NiGHTS that you can keep an infinite combo going if you play it right. I notice in the video, boost is almost never being used. I kept watching the footage thinking, "Why isn't he holding boost almost constantly??" I was happy to watch the video though.
  13. Christmas NiGHTS - Nostalgic Pixel

    I go back and play Christmas NiGHTS every year. No joke.
  14. For Christmas, I wanted to get my 19-yo son some headphones he can use for listening to music from his iPod, but also for playing games on his laptop with friends. (Right now he is propping up an old Band Hero Mic to talk to his friends while playing, which is less than ideal). There is currently a good deal on Sony Over-Ear Sound Isolating Wireless Headphones with Mic (MDRXB650BT/B) These are not marketed as a PC gaming headset, but I'm assuming they should work none-the-less. I never use headsets, so I don't know if there's any oddities I'm missing. Is there anything wrong with this plan? Thx gang.