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      D1P 2017 Charity Campaign for The Life You Can Save: $1,690 (as of September 8, 2017)   12/12/2016

      I've decided to extend our charity campaign for The Life You Can Save organizations for the entirety of 2017 so feel free to contribute at any time!  Periodically through the year, I'll have game giveaways for those who have donated to the campaign as a "thank you" for supporting this worthy endeavor!

      Welcome former GAFers!   10/21/2017

      I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome any and all "refugees" from NeoGAF who may have discovered our humble little site as a result of the ongoing "situation" over at NeoGAF.   Feel free to check us out and if you like, join our small but interesting community!

      So you're new to DayOnePatch - please read this!   10/21/2017

      First of all, a warm, hearty WELCOME to DayOnePatch - we're REALLY pleased to have you here!   I mean that most sincerely!   Our site was founded in late 2010 when a bunch of people from the IGN forums got sick and tired of IGN being IGN and decided to create a brand new community under the name BadCartridge.  We operated under that name for a few years until there was a change in ownership which resulted in a change to the current name that we have now.  Since then, we've had a couple of owners before I assumed ownership of the site in mid-2016 and here we are today.   I guess I'd better say a word or two about our rules.  Look, here's the deal:  you are probably a sentient human being with a modicum of social skills so you probably have an idea of what is acceptable to say to another sentient human being with a modicum of social skills.  If what you are about to post gives you some pause as to whether you would say in in real life, then you probably shouldn't post it.  In other words, DON'T. BE. AN. ASSHOLE.  It's not that hard!  While we have a damned fine mod team, all disciplinary actions are ultimately my decision as the Supreme High Chancellor (catchy title, eh?  I came up with it myself!) of DayOnePatch.   Now that the unpleasant stuff is over, let's talk about the great things we have.  Well, we have a very semi-regular podcast!   We LOVE having members of our community as guests on the podcast, so if you don't mind having your voice transmitted to DOZENS of people, then let us know if you'd like to be a guest.   We have a Discord server for you to chat in -real-time of if you want to use the voice-chat capabilities for games or just shoot the breeze.  We have two requests: (a) PM me for an invite to the server. (b) If your Discord name is different than your D1P name, then you MUST tell me your Discord name before you receive an invite.   We have a Steam Community Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/day1patch# Yes, I know the title still says "Bad Cartridge" and that's because Valve doesn't allow name changes to Steam groups because Valve is stupid.   But the thing that I'm most proud of is the Announcement that you see at the top of the page.  http://www.dayonepatch.com/index.php?/announcement/40-d1p-2017-charity-campaign-for-the-life-you-can-save-1690-as-of-september-8-2017/ For this year, this community has donated nearly $1,700 to organizations that are trying to improve the lives of people in the developing world.  It is a true testament to the character of the individuals of this community that they've given to this project (as well as many, many others) freely and without expectation of anything in return.  Because of this, I'm honored and humbled to be a part of this community.   In closing, we're really glad you're here (feel free to bring other friends too!) and let's have a helluva lot of fun! 


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  1. Kaepernick files collusion grievance

    It's all an excuse. He's said he won't kneel, is willing to play backup, and is willing to accept backup money. However, everyone seems to ignore that and argue he's going to kneel, only wants to start, and is only willing to accept a huge contract. I don't understand the disconnect.
  2. Kaepernick files collusion grievance

    We've never had a legitimate source that said he was looking for big money and only a starting position. That said, he's better than a bunch of people starting in the NFL and better than either backup Greenbay currently has.
  3. Panamá Papers journalist assassinated in Malta

    Car bombing has to be about the least discreet way to kill someone. We don't even have to worry about the old "robbery gone bad" thing.
  4. Martin Scorsese Re: Rotten Tomatoes

    Yeah, but in what tangible way do we even know that happens? I mean, we have popular YouTube channels like Ever Frame a Painting and even Cinefix. Who are these average Joes that were having in-depth film discussions broke Siskel and Ebert who are led astray somewhere along the way? I don't believe those people ever existed. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  5. Martin Scorsese Re: Rotten Tomatoes

    And what has that done to the industry outside of this gut feeling that it makes the decreases the consumption of in-depth film analysis/criticism? Before all of these things, the only movie reviews people read were those that popped up in your local and national papers.
  6. Martin Scorsese Re: Rotten Tomatoes

    It isn't. There no correlation between a Rotten Tomatoes score and its box office draw. The idea that people are refusing to see a movie because of a rotten score or are chasing after a movie because of a fresh score has no basis in what we can actually count.
  7. Martin Scorsese Re: Rotten Tomatoes

    We've already gone over this. Rotten Tomatoes doesn't seem to have any measurable effect on a film's box office draw. If it did, Transformers The Last Knight wouldn't have opened bigger than Bladerunner 2049. If we're not talking about what these things do to a film's ability to make money, then we're back to the decades old bitching about how two thumbs up or down is too simplistic for film review. Let's be honest here. The film industry is raking in a ton of money and the only real negative hitting the industry is the change to viewing habits. That is, people want to consume their movies in a way that is convenient for them. Oh the tragedy. I have a two month old and haven't been able to catch It in theaters, so I'll catch it streaming whenever it hits Amazon or Google Play.
  8. Oxenfree

    Oxenfree is great. I skipped it on PC and wound up getting it on Android where it's only like $5.
  9. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is shutting down December 15th

    That sounds about right. I mean, I get that this was all before the dot com bubble burst and before the wave of "find an audience now and figure out a way to make money later" business models. I get that for a very long time, AOL was a very conservatively run company. Still. After email, AIM was THE primary form of communication on the web. They should have done everything within their power to hold onto that market share and expand it.
  10. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is shutting down December 15th

    AOL started allowing those statuses before Myspace was even a thing. They could have become Facebook, but they sat on their market share and did nothing with it. When Myspace blew up, they still sat there and did nothing. It's wild to think about how horribly mismanaged AIM was.
  11. Punisher Series Postponed In The Wake of The Vegas Shooting

    Maybe like this...
  12. Stardew Valley Switch, Oct 5th, $14.99

    I'm terrified. I've sank hundreds of hours into the Rune Factory games. This is going to last a while.
  13. Mass shooting at country music fest in Las Vegas

    That's why I suggested you had to be licensed in order to buy ammunition and you had to have at least one registered gun in order to hold a license. I can't believe the market for DIY ammunition will revert be very large. That said, I'm sure we'll be talking about rail guns in the future. At that point, I'm sure we can have other controls in place. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  14. Mass shooting at country music fest in Las Vegas

    You get to a point inn the far future where they're all registered. Every purchase must have accompanying paper. Think of it like selling a car with the title. Yes, that car that never leaves the family and stays in your backyard forever, will likely never be registered. Those aren't the weapons that I think anyone is concerned with. It's getting to a point in the future where every gun has a traceable history and a known owner. Also, you can enforce that anyone with a license must have a least one gun registered to them and ammunition can only be purchased by license holders. That would keep people from being able to get a license and not admit to owning any guns. It's the Chris Rock method of gun control...sort of
  15. Mass shooting at country music fest in Las Vegas

    I guess we shouldn't do things that are difficult or inconvenience people, even if the end goal is worthwhile. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk