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  1. One of my favorite 3D Printing youtube channels (Abuzz designs) makes her entire living selling her designs on etsy, I intend to do it once I have more original stuff worth selling. Once I get better at finishing prints (my biggest issue is I'm not patient, I need to spend days priming, sanding etc but I just rush it because I want a finished piece so bad) I intend to start making silicon molds and doing some cold casting and intend to sell some of those designs.
  2. I've seen plenty of people do it, honestly the copyright holders are less of a threat to you doing so than the 3D printing community when they find out you're making money on someone elses sculpt.
  3. RUMOR: Suicide Squad 2 To Be Affleck's Last Outing as Batman

    I think Ben has been a damned good batman that has the misfortune of being in some of the worst batman movies ever made.
  4. My fwb

  5. Was just putting a coat of paint on this as I read it.. Printed this a few months back Just got my paints in today, so primered and sanded (needed to sand a LOT more but I really need to learn patience) and then one coat of rustoleum chrome, waiting for it to dry enough for a second coat, then will do some weathering to make it look better.
  6. Yea it's pretty much become my primary hobby since I first got my mini a year or so ago. Mini is the perfect starting machine IMO, the only issue I had with it was the V2 came with an all metal hotend and the cura profiles had retraction set for the older hot ends (if you retract too much the hot plastic gets pulled back too far into cold metal and clogs constantly).. I didn't actually figure out what was wrong until long after I'd moved on to my Prusa MK2S. I'm big into modeling in blender, so I mostly make my own designs and finish them, I had been handpainting them but I just today got in an airbrush kit from Amazon for like $45 which is rated well so I'm looking forward to doing some better finished models. If you aren't afraid of routing that Octopi and have an android phone I suggest an app called Printoid, with that I'm keeping an eye on my prints almost anywhere I go and it's pretty spectacular. Cura does a pretty good job of making supports, but if you find they are wrecking your prints try MeshMixer, it's free and generates a more pillar like support that comes off more easily and leaves less scarring. Thingiverse is loaded with janky models and cura is better than most at fixing issues, if you find some that are missing layers when loaded in cura 3d Builder (free Microsoft app for Windows 10) is amazing at repairing meshes quickly with zero effort on your part (the way Microsofts 3D suite is shaping up, they are going to rule the 3D printing space soon) For printing I almost always use a .2mm layer height unless I'm doing something with very fine detail, the actual layer heights that are optimal for the minis nozzle are 0.0875 0.13125 0.175 0.21875 0.2625 0.30625 It can go lower but I would not suggest doing so, .0875 should be pretty rocking for mini figures and such. And lastly I have a few designs up https://www.thingiverse.com/Misfit410/designs the early models were all designed specifically for the Mini since it was my printer at the time.
  7. My fwb

    Female with balls?
  8. I still have my WiiU but I don't have it hooked up to the TV (my son plays games that can be handheld only) I will buy any great game from the system over again TBH, hoping Pikmin 3 is next.
  9. Anyone else back Grim Dawn long long ago?

    No clue, I mean they delivered on everything else earlier, the only thing they hadn't given me was the physical copy of the game, so these other extras are more than welcome as they were never promised.
  10. Anyone else back Grim Dawn long long ago?

    I did it then as well, when I pledged to the kickstarter I contacted them and they let me add the total of my two pledges.. I'd contact them as the may be using the kickstarter as a database for shipping and it's possible they forgot you.
  11. The Marxist case for the Nintendo Switch

    I'd click it but I'm afraid by doing so the author may get ad revenue.
  12. Physical goodies finally arrived yesterday, very oldschool box inside a bigger box inside an even bigger box.. but the one thing they gave me which I'm in love with is the bottle opener. Another Kickstart in which I have no regrets.
  13. They simply have the better exclusives, just wish they would get their head out of their ass when it comes to cross platform multiplayer games.