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  1. that's not said in the article, every quote they list is based on the video, which is of the friend arguing with the cops, and one customer speaks up saying they did nothing that warrants being arrested (and while I agree that does not warrant being arrested) the fact is they were told to buy something or leave, and they chose to do neither, nowhere does it say that other people were in there for hours having purchased nothing at all. It's shitty, it's assholish, but just assuming it's 100% based on race is leaping. This sort of thing has happened to me several times when I was a teenager and my white privilege allowed me to realize the manager who did it was just an asshole. When you're black every asshole is a racist.
  2. They don't sit there for hours having purchased nothing
  3. I dunno, it's always been common for businesses to press on the "No Loitering" rules in my experience.
  4. I'm most saddened that I'll never get Hidden and Dangerous 3
  5. Dr. Smith feels more like Ally Sheedy from the Breakfast Club, I am enjoying it and while I like the actress playing Judy, I'm quite far in and I can't help but want them to address why a white couple has two white kids and one black one (You think John Robinson is dumb about Dr. Smith, what if he never questioned it)
  6. Maybe they are hiring his team, but I'm pretty sure they don't just walk in and take them, they put in a resume intending to get out.
  7. Is Overwatch still worth a buy?

    Necro to say the new Retribution PVE event is oh so worthy of your time. Great story based coop event that actually has a touch of a L4D feel to it, play it on hard to get a feel for it and then attempt legendary, it's challenging as hell and is a blast.
  8. Love it when great games get the attention they deserve.
  9. That's a fail, makes me more sad about Unreal Tourney stopping development.
  10. Any "Flat Earthers" here?

    The earth has no boobs whatsoever.
  11. There is seriously something wrong with you if you're getting angry over "let's be sure before we start another huge war"
  12. I'm with you, it makes no sense whatsoever, paired with what Mattis has to say back in Feb it's far more likely a more radical group of rebels did it purely to get US intervention on their side. I think an investigation before action is warranted just so we are sure.
  13. Solo: A Star Wars Story - New trailer (8 April)

    Man I hope the characters we know exist in the future beyond this movie survive, I'm on the edge of my seat wondering if Chewie makes it.
  14. Yea I'll be buying that on day one.