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  1. ARMS Ver. 3 - New Char. Lola Pop

    I was loving the hell out of ARMS before Splatoon 2 hit, I REALLY need to get back to it.
  2. I'm inclined to believe their explanation, but I had contacted them offering to fill in for Lee in Charlottesville and have yet to hear back from them..
  3. Digital Foundry - Skyrim on Switch Hands-on Look

    I can't wait for a release date because this is absolutely a Day one purchase
  4. Any Game you bought on Switch that you regret?

    So far NBA playgrounds is the only game I don't really care much for, I do keep hoping with the patches and changes they will improve it to the point where it becomes more fun.
  5. Nice, I already thought it was a good purchase, now moreso.
  6. The GOP will win 2018

    Trump can do a lot of dumb shit between now and then... his reaction to Cville lost a LOT of people who were still hanging in there.
  7. Future SWITCH games you're going to buy/download

    Day One Purchase, I feel really good knowing they will also bring a mainstream Pokemon, it always bothered me how they would only release such games on Handhelds.. best of both worlds for us now.. bring on a new advanced wars and my life will be complete.
  8. Future SWITCH games you're going to buy/download

    Sadly I'm hoping they announce new games soon as Mario is pretty much it (aside from ports like Skyrim) If they gave me a real Fire Emblem I'd be all over it but *Warriors games are dogshit.
  9. Not sure as I had it for the Wii https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenchu:_Shadow_Assassins
  10. There was one on PSP and Wii, odd choices.. it was actually a damned good game though.
  11. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    I will say this, I'm not sure if I told the story here but I had been telling people that there were two other Jason Kesslers here because I used to always get asked if I wrote these super left wing articles in the Daily Progress, and I'd read them and be like "fuckkkkk no"... And then I had assumed this Alt right guy was a whole other person. Turns out I work with a girl who used to date him and she was on the anti-fascist side of the events and she confirmed to me that he was super liberal up until about mid 2016, Obama support and Occupy Wallstreet member.. I don't think that means the story is true as he could have just snapped, but many now think he's just a dude who likes to stir shit up and little else.
  12. Gripcase for Switch

    Now fill all that extra space with extended battery and I'll be all over it.
  13. Stunt driver killed on set of Deadpool 2

    I guess I'm just thinking of the Deadpool breakdowns and forget you are right and that is what I loved about Mad Max Fury road.. it does make for better movies, hopefully we can minimize the danger.