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  1. If they market it right, it will be a success, you have a 3DS replacement that can play better than WiiU Quality games on the go and work on the TV as a console.. if that is how people see it, it will do wel.
  2. I smoked in the 90's, I wish I could say there was a bigger trick to how I managed to quit cold turkey and never look back but it mostly revolved around the ability to pay for gas at the pump, not going inside made it easier to not buy cigarettes.
  3. This looks terrible but the reason I'm posting it is.. in the first 30 seconds you hear about three distinct sound effects, am I crazy or are they ripped right out of the original game Half-Life?
  4. I've really disliked the majority of X-men movies, but this one gives me goose bumps.
  5. It was way more honest than the original reveal as it acknowledges the only game you will be playing is Zelda (but I am OK with that)
  6. I played it a good bit when it first came out and my impressions were that it by far is the best of the genre, I don't dislike the genre I just do feel like most rely on being a grindfest with no end game. I tend to give these games a break for a few months and return, The Forest and Savage Lands are highest on my list.
  7. I feel like it's an interesting mechanic that Devs simply don't know where to go from.
  8. I know several people who do cardboard with a 720P moto X and they are happy, it's an experience well worth an $80 addon.
  9. Watching this waiting for the album to Drop
  10. They look better than most, the daydream has nothing but a motion controlled wand, and it's fun (keep in mind it's not like consoles/PC where any game can just be ported.. phone VR games are made only for VR, If it happens on Switch, that's how I imagine it would be too, more simplified graphics, etc.
  11. I didn't say they could match Vive or Rift, I said they could match phone based VR, which is where the majority of users currently exists due to the low cost of entry.. it's not even close to Vive level, but it's still a good experience (I was being snobby towards it but got the daydream just for the hell of it, ended up liking it way more than I thought I would).
  12. Google Daydream with a Google Pixel is what I use daily, it's 1080P
  13. Games like GUnjack 2 looks great in VR, they just play like shit because they are shooting galleries due to being made for a simple control scheme. I don't think you're going to see that huge of a disparity between 1080P and 720P on a 6 inch device even when blown up, I expect the screen door effect would be the same either way.
  14. http://www.theverge.com/2016/12/15/13969176/nintendo-switch-vr-headset-accessory-patent It's as capable as any other smart phone that does VR, we are talking Daydream/Galaxy Gear level, not Vive.