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  1. I get up around 6:30 AM and on weekends it is one of the only times I'll have time to myself (kid didn't get up till 9 today, wife will sleep to noon if I let her(and believe me I'll let her). it was 7AM here, man I wish they would leave it live the rest of the time so you can adjust settings and do the tutorial even if the servers aren't live.
  2. Their track record since the Dark Knight has been turd after turd, I have hopes they get it together but I'm not holding my breath on this one either. I can't get past what a perfect Flash they have given us on TV and they have throw it all away for this shit.
  3. What's odd is I fought one out in the wild and it took everything I had to bring it down, then not long after I'm (potential spoiler)
  4. Played a bit this morning, first time trying splatoon and while I like it, I think I'm going to need to switch to a non motion control scheme pronto.
  5. So now is probably as good a time as any to bring it up, is there some sort of running joke in Japan where construction workers are all gay? Maybe this discussion has happened but I've never witnessed it and I'm genuinely curious as to what is up with it, I recall OOT all of the Construction workers ran around in a very odd, oh let me cut the shit... "Gay" way, and now in the new game we have I'm just curious what the deal is with that, and has it ever been discussed?
  6. that's my situations, it's a great game but on digital which is how I'm buying, that price is a bit much.
  7. My Switch is Grey, so Grey I don't like the mismatched look of the colored ones, it feels like a car where someone had to replace a door or hood and never painted it.
  8. Yup, the boat get off of it early, drop your favorite weapon on the shore line before touching the sand and you'll be glad you did.
  9. I'm thinking he may be talking about the Red Lynel as it has a black body?
  10. There were a lot of similar tweets, you just aren't going to include more than a handful in an article.
  11. I'm glad, I love this thing like mad, I want to see third parties to have a reason to support it.
  12. The only thing I had ever stolen prior to that was we had just purchased a new dot matrix printer and labels, so I printed up a magazine subscription clone for my friends brother and we stole a playgirl magazine and put it in the mailbox for him, I imagine had I been caught with that it would have been a more interesting story to tell.
  13. They don't let you leave the store, most states have added new laws where they can just bust you with unlawful concealment because typically once a shoplifter exits the store (which is what is required to happen to be actual theft) it's too late to really bust them. I learned about this the hard way when I was 17 as I contemplated stealing some beer, I put it down my pants and started toward the front, about 10 steps later I was like.. no fuck this, I can't do this.. put it back , voice over the intercom says "too late sir, already saw that"
  14. I honestly don't want room sensors, I much prefer to just sit in a chair and have an immersive experience. I've only seen two reviews on the pimax but both were high praise, especially in that the image quality was vastly superior to vive/OR (mostly due to resolution) it's not the one I want either, but I expect more SteamVR options that have quality and leave out the fluff (full room scale) that I don't desire for a lower price.