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  1. Annual series you buy, um, annually

    I've bought all CoDs since '07, but after MW3, I think I'm done.
  2. Aww you beat me to it. Seriously, all of there console titles from Kotor 2 to Alpha Protocol have been mediocre attempts at creating something compelling. Out of 10 I'd rate them a 5 or 6.
  3. Starting Uncharted 2 again, then Uncharted 3 *spoilers*

    I platted both, and as phenomenal as U3 is, U2 is definitely closer to my heart.
  4. What's your favorite game trailer?

    This is an easy one. The E3 2000 Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer. 'Nuff said.

    I would love for it to star The Boss. What an awesome character that needs her own game. One can only hoe, plus he owes me for that abomination of a game that they called MGS4. That ending needed to be changed more than ME3's by a long shot.
  6. Not even a platform specific GOTY contender. But I'm glad you enjoyed your purchase.
  7. Handy game reminder for iOS and web

    The app game vault pulls this concept off pretty well.
  8. Games you wish were good but turned out too terrible in some way

    I wish Alpha Protocol had lived up to its potential.
  9. Yeah, calling Jason Rubin anything other than a visionary just shows a lack of knowledge when it comes to the gaming industry. No one would call Warren Spector, Hideo Kojima, Cliffy B, or Shinji Mikami a fucking idiot. He's up there with those guys.
  10. I respect everyone's opinion in this thread, however I just can't see MP3 being game of the year.
  11. Are you buying a Wii U?

    The Wii U, much like the Wii, isn't geared toward gamers like me. So, much like the Wii, no, I will not be supporting the Wii U.
  12. Who is your favorite game developer of all time?

    I'd probably have to go with KojimaPro, followed by Bioware and Naughty Dog
  13. What is she mouthing? I can tell she's saying "I'm leaving you...", but ate as far as I get, lol Oh and I think Watch Dogs will be the majority Game of the Show winner.
  14. I'd rather go full price on day 1. One less monthly bill I'd have to worry about.
  15. the 12 free PS+ games expire july 3rd...

    I'm interested to know what the games will be for next month.