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  1. I was expecting a package yesterday through USPS, and early in the morning the tracking number indicated it was on the truck and would be delivered that day...Flash forward to early that afternoon, I get my normal mail, but no package. 'No big deal', I think to myself. Sometimes the carrier will do parcels separately, and even if they don't, mistakes happen. Of course, then the bullshit starts. I check the tracking this morning and it claims delivery was attempted at 7:18 p.m. that night (not true), that 'no authorized recipient was available' (not true, nor does the package need a signature), that 'no secure location was available' (not true), and that 'notice was left' (not true). Reading between the lines, the carrier got back to the office, realized the mistake, and decided to bullshit a bunch of excuses rather than own up to it. I've ordered dozens of things from this website and have never had to sign for them, nor have I ever run into not having 'a secure location' (I have a box, storm dorm, and pillar to hide things behind; there are plenty of 'secure locations'). The cover up is always worse than the crime.
  2. There is only one Transformers movie.
  3. Remember, you are talking to someone who subverted his values and voted for a grotesque human being because of a SCOTUS seat. You honestly think he'd buy the trade-off you are proposing?
  4. Given all of the grandstanding when the press has asked if he recorded the conversations, there is no way to interpret it other than as intimidation.
  5. Why should I pay for the disabled? If they want adequate care, they should have joined the Upgrade Program so they could trade in for the new model in a year.
  6. Congress isn't controlled by Republicans because people think Nancy Pelosi a shrill woman from California, it's controlled by Republicans because the GOP gerrymandered the districts to hell and back. The DNC royally fucked up at the state level and are now paying the price (and I've seen no indication that Perez/Ellison are actually making it a priority).
  7. All of this lawyerception would make for a really good Pynchon novel.
  8. Ah yes, internet ire toward the magazine 'written by teens for teens'. Don't bite off more than you can chew!
  9. Despite not liking David Lynch's films, I decided to give Twin Peaks a shot, and surprisingly I really like it. That all changed in the 11th episode (I think? Maybe the 12th?) of the second season when... And it has thoroughly killed my interest in watching the remainder of the season; all of the random twists and non-sequiturs up to this point were easy to stomach, because they were clearly hinted at and/or leading up to something, but this one seems like the writers just needed shit to throw at the wall. Is the rest of the season worth it? I've heard the second half has a nose dive in quality, but I love the characters so much, I'd be willing to stick it out if their narratives are worth it.
  10. Also gives them the ability to do same-day pickup for Whole Foods near distribution centers; order your books before noon, pick them up when you go grocery shopping after work.
  11. I'd say the network and supply chain is even more significant; they basically just expanded Fresh to ever major metropolitan area in the country.
  12. Holy shit.
  13. Wow, what an awful article title.