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  1. Where's CNut?

    Keyser has her tied up in his basement.
  2. That's a false equivalence though, because you are comparing two different substances with two different sets of effects. Moreover, losing your job over opioid abuse is not simply a function of their illegality.
  3. If you have anecdotes of opioid addicts who are highly functioning, or better yet studies that quantify them, by all means post them. 
  4.   It sounds like you need to smoke a lot of weed, the cotton mouth and munchies should balance it out nicely.
  5. Holy shit, I cannot fucking wait for all of the rustled jimmies. I'm so excited.
  6. I'll just leave this here for everyone...
  7.   Clean needles and pure heroin of known strength certainly mitigate some of the risks, but the risk of addiction in and of itself is its effect on a person's ability to function on a day-to-day basis. Heroin addiction is so strong that it is very easy for addicts to lose their job, ignore other aspects of their health, and ignore other responsibilities they have. Not to mention the withdrawals they have if they try to quit or go without for awhile (I watched an episode of Drugs Inc where an addict say it only takes 4 hours between hits for him to start feeling sick). Legal heroin may lead to fewer overdoses and disease transmission, but there are still a lot of social costs.
  8.   There was a video highlighting some of the changes they've made to the console version, with one being that turrets do slightly less damage to account for the small difference in speed. It sounds like most people who have played both think Blizzard did a fantastic job balancing and tweaking the game for PS4 and XBO.
  9. The first half hour I played lived up to the hype. I only hope it sells well enough on the PS4 to grow/sustain a decent community.
  10.   Does Portland have a dental school? Pretty much every dental school has a 'pay what you can' clinic so students can get hands-on experience (with proper supervision). 
  11. I just put about a half hour in, really digging Mercy and Torbjorn (especially since no one seems to play them). Anyone else playing on PS4? We should get a party together tomorrow night (I'll be free after like 8:30EST).
  12. I didn't even know about UHD content until the PS4k rumors came about. There's already a new media format standard? Christ.
  13. What is dead may never die.