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  1. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/01/24/511425523/israel-says-it-will-build-2-500-new-settlement-homes-in-the-west-bank
  2. I don't think Nazis should be punched; I also don't really shed any sympathy for those that are punched.
  3. Apply for a fully-funded PhD program, then when they make you move on to the doctoral studies, test out and take the MA. Boom, free degree.
  4. I actually have gotten a damage gold with Hanzo tbh. Kings Row Point B is like shooting fish in a barrel.
  5. I actually have gotten a damage gold with Hanzo tbh. Kings Row Point B is like shooting fish in a barrel.
  6. There is no doubt in my mind that heyyou disappoints any pussy he happens to luck himself into.
  7. If I was really trying to show how much better than BA I think I am, our respective jobs are just about the last thing I would need to cite. Moreover, nothing about the differences between white collar and blue collars jobs inherently makes one more important than the other. But hey, if you want to project intentions and read tea leaves, knock yourself out. Interesting to see how one small qualifier can trigger you so hard. Edit ~ Also worth noting that this entire argument stemmed from the notion that the protestors don't have jobs, because that definitely isn't judgmental. No sir, not at all!
  8. Ah yes, because merely mentioning that one works a white collar job is utterly sanctimonious. Never mind the fact that white collar workers tend to have stable working schedules with paid time off, giving them the opportunity to, oh I don't know, take off work and protest, which is a pretty relevant fact to bring up when someone implies that protestors have no jobs.
  9. Fantastic! That's very nice to hear. Given that little fact nugget, maybe you should stop and think for a second before you open your mouth and say something stupid about others' work situations.
  10. Yes, they are teachers; teaching is a white collar profession. I work in marketing, also in a white collar profession. Your point being...?
  11. So you want me to somehow relay that they are my co-workers without referring to myself? Ok, chief.
  12. It reminds me of people who make snide comments during video game launches. 'lol you're calling off work? I can't imagine calling off work for a video game'.
  13. I know three people who went to protest today: one was a collegiate athlete, another is working on her PhD part-time, and the third attended the University of Chicago before going to Harvard Divinity School and joining Teach for America. Oh, and all three are my white-collar, full-time employed, co-workers. But you're right, those fucking lazy liberals with too much time on their hands. Edit ~ Oh and one of them is a white woman engaged to an Asian man. Thought you'd appreciate that little tidbit.
  14. I'm glad someone got the joke.