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  1. Because 'this is a clear cut case' has never been used as rhetoric in cases where it wasn't clear cut...
  2. TRIGGERED: Air shows are too scary for refugees

      No, I do not think a full ban on fireworks is appropriate. I am just curious as to where the line is, because though I see many articles on trigger warnings for college kids and refugees and liberal pussies, I've never seen the same logic applied to veterans with PTSD (which is different in degree, not kind).
  3. TRIGGERED: Air shows are too scary for refugees

    So is this OK?    
  4. Tips for calibrating an LCD TV?

    Ugh, I think I'm going to return the set; it doesn't have motion blur control (50" Vizio M Series), and watching football is actually making me queasy. I can't handle the blur.
  5. I just upgraded from a 40" plasma to a 50" LCD, and I'm struggling to calibrate it in a way that feels 'right'. By no means am I a videophile, but I feel like the plasma had an inherent richness to the picture that is lacking on the LCD, and I can't seem to recreate it without compromising brightness or contrast. Any general tips? For reference, my new screen is a Vizio M series.
  6.   You know it's good if even we can agree on it.
  7. KFC's recipe is incredibly overrated. Popeye's is the best fast food fried chicken.
  8. Depends. If I'm really into a game, I can easily put 30+ into it in one week (like I did with Overwatch, Fallout 4, and The Witcher 3). But normally no, I'd say I usually play around 5-6 hours a week.
  9.   Yeah, sure...Assuming one values marginally 'better' games over the convenience factor. If someone does, that's fine (I clearly do not), but in that case I would again argue that a PC is the better option. 
  10. I don't understand how any console-only owner could like it; if I wanted to upgrade every four years, I'd buy a PC and be done with it. I play games on consoles for the convenience involved, and having a long product life cycle is incredibly convenient.
  11.   Quoted for posterity since you just called Triage a slut.
  12. I literally cannot think of a single post I've made in that thread. Also, Triage also upvoted all of my posts in this thread but not your's! She likes me more.