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  1. I've played up to meeting Brok's brother (whose name escapes me)...How much longer until things open up a bit more?
  2. Only to a point though; Shapiro is still solidly in 'liberal tears' territory.
  3. Best PS4 Console exclusive?

    Few things are more riveting than message board arguments about what constitutes 'exclusive'.
  4. Any photos of them crying? I love watching racists cry.
  5. Come on Wade, you already ice our balls when it comes to the Trump Administration. Let us have this one.
  6. Really hope you didn't drive afterwards.
  7. I hope @Kal-El814 has some Tums handy, because that cookie is going to be glazed thicker than a Krispy Kreme; his feeble Masshole stomach may reject anything that isn't running on Dunkin.
  8. How are the other Tolkien works? I've read The Hobbit (good!) and LOTR (ranging from 'good!' to 'oh my fucking god how are you still writing this shit please STOP!'). Anything else worth getting?
  9. Amazon lists pre-orders as 'Currently Unavailable'.
  10. I'm going to go ahead and guess you work for a mid sized bank.
  11. Fixed that for you.
  12. The dismantling of the CFPB is one of the most gutless, revolting things the Trump Administration has accomplished.
  13. Deer meat snack sticks

    Vocelli's uses the best pepperoni, shit is so good.