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  1. Bloodborne, The Last of Us, Ratchet & Clank, Horizon...PS4 the bestest, loool @ XBONE and PC dweebs.
  2. It must be hard living with an obsession for others that is so strong, that no matter what the issue, your singular focus is on them. Definitely portends a well-balanced psyche.
  3. Do you use Spotify? It caches data like crazy.
  4. LOL @ someone who compares a political ideology to mental illness playing the victim, that's Cirque du Soleil level mental gymnastics.
  5. Interesting, your argument rather plainly lays out the fact that 'societies change'....Where have I read that assertion recently?
  6. A 'cultural' Jew citing holy sites, lol.
  7. Right, you support innate rights, which are absolute; you are also arguing that the founding fathers' participation in slavery must be viewed relative to the moral sentiment of their era. Those are contradictory arguments; morality is not selectively absolute or relative.
  8. I understand exactly what it means, especially how it is at odds with the concept of innate, universal rights. Shame you don't!
  9. An argument for moral relativity from someone who argues for innate rights... @SFLUFAN, please excuse me.
  10. Aw man, I really wish I could've read this response.
  11. I enjoy how the board's most ardent Trump critic has adopted his favorite mannerism. Sad!