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  1. FWIW, those jobs will lead to job growth in other sectors (service, hospitality, entertainment, etc.) Whether that type of growth is worth the investment is the question.
  2. It's also worth noting that Whole Foods HQ is based in Austin, which would make for as seamless of a build-up as imaginable.
  3. And given that they've narrowed their list, they've determined these cities are good enough in those regards. They aren't going to look at this list and say, 'But which of these cities is the coolest?', they are going to look at the list and determine which location is the most advantageous. They need to be near talent and scout new tech before their competitors, and the costs of operating in those cities presents the best return.
  4. It's going to be Atlanta, Austin, or Pittsburgh. They'll need to hire engineers hand over fist, recruiting from schools that churn out a prodigal amount of start-ups; Georgia Tech, UT Austin, and Carnegie Mellon fit the bill. Development will also be cheaper as opposed to most of the other cities on the list. They don't need a cool location with a nice airport, they need to be somewhere where they can beat their competition in finding talent.
  5. I'm sure TB12 has an organic plant-based supplement to help with that. Could probably help you grow a couple inches too!
  6. Right? Whispering it and biting their ear afterwards is like a slant to Edelman, it's the easiest play in the book.
  7. If a woman starts blowing you, that is assuredly consent on her part to blow you; that does not mean she consents to penatrative sex. Personally? Yes, because I would consider those equivalent actions.
  8. I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, but I think the clear line is initiation: if you are going to initiate then ask for consent, and if you are initiated upon (as a man) then consent is already affirmed.
  9. I'm not in your corner on that one, Well Done Wade.
  10. Oh come the fuck on, no one is saying you need to get consent for something your partner has actively engaged in.
  11. There's a difference between saying 'I don't think that's necessary' or 'That's not what I do' versus characterizing it as some absurd and inane action. For anyone who would do the latter, yes, I wholeheartedly would argue they are socially inept. Edit ~ Moreover, consider what Kal pointed out; you wouldn't go bare or put it in her ass without asking first, so how are those escalations different from any other escalation that allegedly doesn't require active consent?
  12. If you think saying 'Tell me what you want...' is anything like what you just posted, that speaks to how much of a sexless dweeb you are.
  13. How is it ridiculous? It's a stupidly quick gesture that, if she does have any reservations or discomfort, gives her an easy out. Failing to ask doesn't make a man untoward or predatory, but there's also no reason not to ask; it's a simple courtesy and a benefit of everyone involved. What's the problem with being considerate?
  14. As an aside, I will reiterate that this position is nonsense. Asking before every act is simple; it is how all of my initial sexual encounters have gone (before a deeper report had been established).