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  1. Do you make good threads?

    No I do not.     I make fucking GREAT threads.
  2. The mourned loss of a trusted companion is one of the most alph things a man can do. My condolences, good sir.
  3. Post your OLDEST game

      I'm pretty sure stepee means oldest game that you still own. Probably. I don't know, he has a big dick.
  4.   Clinton lead, and always lead, in bound delegates. So that's not interesting whatsoever. 
  5. Wine is an interesting beverage

      Spoken like a true member of the proletariat.
  6. Holy Shit Cops need to get a fucken grip.

      Is it really that crazy?
  7.   Considering Republicans have fought or continue to fight gay marriage, adoption, and employment/housing anti-discrimination, routinely advocate for shit like conversation therapy, and loose their minds when JC Pennys has a commercial with two dads, yes, Republicans hate gay people.
  8. Justice League: official Comic-Con trailer

    I like it on its own, but what the fuck is DC doing? It strikes a markedly different tone compared to MoS, BvS, and what we've seen of Wonder Woman. They're trying to replicate the MCU and failing at every damn turn.
  9. The D1P gym.

    I roughly track where I am in my head, but that's about it. Constantly going back to my notebook just made it feel like a chore, where as now I feel much more focused. If I get to the point where I want to put on serious mass, I'll probably go back to it, but for the time being I'm not too concerned about it.
  10. The D1P gym.

    I've gotten back into a good routine after a far-too-long time away from the gym...Basically all I do now is listen to my body; sets of 8-10 as I warm up, then once I feel like I've reached a good load sets of 8-12 until fail. No tracking reps/sets, not even documenting where I am weight-wise, just lifting until fail. I really got tired of micromanaging my routine, especially since it is not necessary for my goals.
  11. American Gods: first teaser trailer

    Looks great. Wish McShane had a beard though, that's how I always imagined Wednesday.
  12. Wine is an interesting beverage

    Chianti is good.
  13. Hillary picks Kaine for VP

    I like it.