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  1.   That doesn't address any of the points; good shitty non-sequitir, though. 
  2. Not sure how I slept before this

    I always fall asleep to a podcast (the Giant Bombcast is a favorite) or Spotify's sleep playlists.
  3.   Pretty simple, besides the fact that driver's licenses don't indicate citizenship. So it wouldn't have done anything in this case. Derrrrrrrrp.
  4.     That doesn't answer the question though. How did those things become symbols of hate?
  5. Weeks and months is a fad, not an entire shift in meaning. 
  6.   This is the first I've heard of Pepe being used to promulgate white nationalism, and I spend probably too much time on the internet. So saying it is highly correlated seems like a stretch, to say the least.
  7. Well hi thar

    What do civil proceedings look like in Canada? Because it seems like she could easily take care of this through a civil suit. 
  8. One could easily make the case that appropriated symbols can adopt new, hateful meanings; the swastika was a revered symbol for centuries, but that certainly isn't the case any more. That doesn't mean the ADL is right (I don't think they are), but their underlying logic isn't insane.
  9.   You're right, idiots in cars are dangerous; you also can't choose to avoid idiots in cars. You can choose to not ride a motorcycle, which are unequivocally more dangerous than riding in a car.
  10. If you provide for a family, riding a motorcycle is needlessly reckless and selfish.
  11.   Who's the house for, your dad? Are you really that set on leaving a paid-off house to someone? I don't really get your aim here.
  12. Well hi thar

    Obviously I can't speak for Canadian law, but in America the situation would probably play out with either a wage garnish (which it sounds like he can easily afford) and/or a lien against his half of the house (so if turned a profit, his share would be diminished, and if it sold at a loss, he would bear more of the discrepancy).
  13. Well hi thar

    You said it yourself: Canadian law is clear on financial liability in common law separations. He is the one who owes $10,000, and though it may be a mess to sort out in the courts, ultimately he will have to pay it.