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  1. Countering ults is orgasm-level satisfying. I was just in a match where I shot down like four Junkrat ults.
  2.   How the hell does someone get e.coli twice? Do you shit right into your hands before eating?
  3. Nope it from orbit.

    Dawwww, the big massy muscle man is scared of a widdle snake. 
  4. Minnesota drunk sucker punches man to death

    The burrito story was funny, as is any Florida Man story. There's nothing funny about this story, and no one cares about Minnesota.
  5.   It's really ironic that you'd cite one meta-analysis of studies that include one where more than half of participants dropped out, and another that was just seven prostitutes being interviewed, meanwhile, you've disregarded dozens of studies with bigger sample sizes and better methodology. Talk about cherry picking.
  6.   It's a bitch realizing who you hopped into bed with, eh?
  7. I enjoy the faux concern from betamax; you couldn't give two shits about transgendered people, so don't act like your views are born of compassion.
  8.   The most amazing thing about this post is that you could swap 'transgenders' with 'homosexuals' and none of the underlying logic would change. 
  9.   Stunningly insightful retort, well done.  
  10.   That's great! Now you can understand how it's ignorant and/or arrogant to make blanket assumptions about a group of people. Millennials work construction, fast food, build pools, and learn how to work with their hands too. The narrative that the latest generation suddenly lost the willingness or ability to work hard is a false one.
  11.   Surely you understand how some of the criticisms sound from someone who works IT.