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  1.   Don't get me wrong, In-n-Out is good...It's just that Five Guys is better. It seems like a fair concession given that the West Coast has hotter women. 
  2. We walked by legitimate tent cities on the way to Mission Brewery, it was honestly slightly impressive. It's like a city inside a city!
  3. I'm not being negative, I'm pointing out a basic fucking logistical issue you should consider before you blow through ten thousand dollars. I received Pell Grants, state grants, and both types of federal loans, and my award amount was routinely adjusted to be neutral to my COA (to the point that one year I had to take out a private loan to cover my actual living expenses, which were higher than their calculated COA). Rally against the man and their ludicrous system all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that the most prudent thing you can do is pick up the phone tomorrow morning and ask someone, 'Hey, is it certain I will be receiving all of this?'    Being sure about something isn't 'bursting bubbles', it's real life. 
  4. Drunk Andrea returns THIS WEEKEND

    I'm drunk right now. How hot is your cousin?
  5. brb moving to Sweden (NSFW?)

    whoa holy shit, women wear bikinis in Sweden? Totally need to move there ASAP.
  6. lol if you have extra money that's just being deposited into your account to be freely spent, then you are being over-rewarded. Very often, financial aid offices will make a re-adjustment, because the 'extra' $10k you're getting could go to someone who actually needs it for tuition. Especially at that amount; a couple grand over your COA might not warrant extra scrutiny, but ten thousand? Someone will notice that, and you could easily get a letter/e-mail in October stating, 'We aren't actually giving you all of that, so either pay it back or we'll readjust next semester's distribution'.
  7. 12.) I forgot I also had 'breakfast hot dogs', hot dogs topped with bacon, home fries, and eggs. 
  8. How sure are you that you can keep it? Because it is very common for financial aid offices to readjust when students are over-rewarded. Also, any monies over your tuition and room/board are taxable.
  9. 1.) Had In-n-Out (Five Guys is better) 2.) Biked downtown (the trails here are dope) 3.) Ate at some burger place downtown (OK) 4.) Drank at Mission Brewery (delicious) 5.) Drank at the Stone taproom (delicious) 6.) Went to Pacific Beach (good shit) 7.) Ate tacos at Pacific Beach (good shit) 8.) Went to Ocean Beach (eh) 9.) Ate tacos at Ocean Beach (eh) 10.) Saw the most objectively beautiful woman in my entire life (Latina, though probably not dark enough for @kaberle) 11.) Fornicated with every female [email protected]_Soze's family   And I still have four days to go! My next goal is to eat/drink at Pizza Port, as well as fornicate with every male in @Keyser_Soze's family. If other D1PSHITS are in the SD area, I welcome fornicating with your family members as well.
  10. Nicer. Get her flowers or make her a card. 
  11. Your aunt sounds like a total sweetheart, you better do something nice for her, otherwise I'm gonna slap your ass up.
  12. Do you make good threads?

    No I do not.     I make fucking GREAT threads.
  13. The mourned loss of a trusted companion is one of the most alph things a man can do. My condolences, good sir.