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  1. And true! Hunting deer for sport is about the most limp wristed thing someone can do. The chew and cheap beer are only involved to hide everyone's lisps.
  2.   Also, hunting is about the dumbest 'sport' imaginable. Sitting in a tree for 5 hours so you can shoot a dumb, defenseless animal? Give me a break, that only sounds appealing if you are a huge pussy. At least Bear Spear Guy took on something that could plausibly fuck him up. Jim Bob outfitted with $2,000 worth of crap from Cabela's to kill a stupid deer? SO TOUGH.
  3. The D1P GYM.

    Arnold presses will never not be my favorite. That burn!
  4. Gawker is officially done

    I did pay attention to what you said; I chose to ignore it, because the charge that I'm downplaying semantics makes zero sense given this isn't an argument about semantics.
  5. Gawker is officially done

      Where did I say what Gawker did was legal? Or ethical? Drop your 'I AM THE CRUSADER AGAINST ALL THAT IS PC AND SJW AND BS' bullshit and pay attention to what I am actually saying, which is that regardless of Gawker's culpability or fault re: the Hogan sex tape, it is disturbing that a billionaire can influence legal proceedings between two parties or otherwise launch a shadow war against a media outlet. You say 'this wasn't a frivolous suit', and maybe from Hulk Hogan's standpoint you are correct, but by nature it *is* frivolous to Peter Thiel, because he's not a party to it nor is he making a legal claim. He can't claim the Hogan sex tape harmed him, and I highly doubt he really gives a shit if it harmed Hogan; thus, the case was frivolous to him outside of the opportunity to harm Gawker. That is what is disturbing, that a billionaire can leverage the legal system for pure revenge, even if they had it coming.   So yeah, pull your head out of your ass and maybe develop some reading comprehension. 
  6. Gawker is officially done

    And yet as the Mother Jones incident shows, not to mention all of the other lawsuits Thiel was secretly funding, those circumstances don't need to exist as a pretense for aggression. Not to mention that for people like Thiel and VanderSloot, they don't need a verdict to succeed, because they can just bleed the company dry through a prolonged legal battle. That Thiel achieved victory in this instance is a troubling detail, but focusing on it would be missing the forest for the trees, the forest being that a billionaire was able to influence the legal proceedings of a dispute to which he was not a party. 
  7. Gawker is officially done

    You can dislike Gawker, hold the opinion that they dug their own grave, yet still acknowledge the dangerous precedent set by a billionaire successfully attacking a media outlet through indirect/covert means. They aren't exclusive points of view.
  8. Trump has 'pivoted to the message' about six times now, there's zero reason to think it will stick this time.
  9. You gifted me Hitman, so I'm out, but I just wanted to say that I love you, cutiepie. 
  10. Do you believe in God?

    I believe in some kind of higher power/force. I don't have a good reason why, it's just intuition.
  11. Masculinity in Crisis?

    I would argue that's just a function of technological advance; unless you bothered to get a book about a subject and read it, you largely learned how to do tasks through trial and error (or by asking other people, who probably learned through trial and error themselves). Now you can just Google it. The odds of me looking at a random car part and identifying it are slim, but I bet I could find a video instructing me on how to replace a drive train in about 5 seconds. It's not that younger generations don't do spatial tasks, it's just their ability to access information so quickly and easily doesn't necessitate building a knowledge base on the subject.   Moreover, how likely is it that your dad could build a computer? Or program a microwave to play Doom? Or build a laser bazooka? Sure, those tasks all take considerable less physical input, but you'd be hard pressed to argue how those take any less knowledge or skill to do than changing break pads or building a deck. So I don't see how the comparative weakness of millennial men is particularly indicative of whether or not we are 'raising men', outside of making an equivalence between physicality and masculinity.
  12. Masculinity in Crisis?

    I'm calling shenanigans on this. There's no difference between playing D&D for four hours and playing Call of Duty for four hours, kids still mow lawns and do odd jobs around the neighborhood for extra cash, being privileged has always meant you could afford to delegate manual labor (it's not like mechanics and plumbers didn't exist before the 1950s), and internet porn isn't too far removed from the rite of passage where you found Dad's Playboys. If someone wants to argue that technology has driven a decline in physical fitness for society as a whole, I can see that case being made, but to insinuate that 'grrr we don't teach boys to be men anymore' is ludicrous. Teenage boys have always found ways to waste time and jerk off too much, and they always will.
  13. Mostly for the past month or so. I'm trying to clean up my diet a bit while still getting the protein I need for lifting (not that I'm kab or anything). On weekends I'll cook up a full breakfast (bacon and eggs, breakfast burritos, etc), or I'll throw in a taco night with some lean ground beef. Cheat days are usually pizza. But I'm trying to get some consistency going so that things become a bit more predictable.
  14. Breakfast: Coffee with cream, fruit Lunch: Turkey wrap, salad, granola bar Afternoon snack: Unsalted nuts Dinner: Pan-fried chicken, brown rice, steamed vegetables Evening snack: Banana with peanut butter, glass of milk   Protein bar and shake on the days I lift.