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  1.   And why should children bear the burden of their parents' decisions? If a kid has awful parents who don't bother with the paperwork/process, the school should say 'Tough shit' and withhold their lunch?
  2.   Except for the fact that, you know, college campuses aren't bastions of anti-Semitism.
  3. The program does need tweaking though. Case in point: it works on reimbursement according to individual meals served, even if you are a school that is above the percentage threshold. So in order to recoup all of the food costs, schools are incentivized to make every kid take a tray, even if they packed and will just throw it out. 100% of the lunches prepared could be eaten, but if only 75% of kids took a tray, you will only be reimbursed for 75% of your cost. Maybe it works differently on a larger scale (our school is only 90 kids), but at least in my school's case, it potentially leads to a lot of waste (though our kids are good at sharing and giving away food they won't eat).
  4. The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans

    It really speaks to the horrific state of financial literacy education in this country. Writing/balancing checks was something I learned in like 2nd or 3rd grade, but besides that, I can't think of any financial literacy classes I took in school...Nothing on filing taxes, understanding student loans (!!!), budgeting for a household, mortgages, credit, etc. I'm in a really good financial position right now (I could definitely cover an unanticipated $400, and I have over 6 months of net income saved up), but I don't think I could attribute that to anything other than dumb luck and a little personal ambition. 
  5. Warren for VP not that crazy after all?

      What's Bill Richardson up to these days?
  6.   Brudda, I voted for her. I appreciate her policies and experience, and I think her on-going demonization is absurd; but that doesn't mean I'm doing to disparage Sanders, nor does it mean I look at her with rose-colored glasses. 
  7.   Steel and midrange watches are not going to get killed; they look just as nice (if not better, since some high end brands get ostentatious), and they still convey a certain message (namely, that you are the type of guy that would bother with a watch). No one who is interested in dropping $3,000 on a Seamaster is going to see the Apple Watch and think, 'I've changed my mind.'   There are two types of watch consumers: people who get a cheap watch because they need the basic convenience of having the time readily accessible (e.g. a plumber or handyman buying a $10 Timex for work), or the aforementioned aficionado who buys a nicer piece for fashion purposes. The smartwatch market may overlap with both of those groups, but it doesn't replace any portion of them outright. 
  8. Maybe that means it will have an MMO component? Play the campaign, join a match, or jump into the MMO 'infinite' war.
  9. Well hi thar

    Yeaaaahhhh, my man got LAID! Woo!
  10.   If Apple is trying to 'redefine' and 'replace' standard time pieces, then they've already lost the fight. Watch aficionados do not buy watches for utility, they buy watches to accessorize and convey status, neither of which is achieved by wearing something extremely derivative (even with different bands and casings, all Apple Watches look similar; plus you have to like the design to begin with) that is on millions of other wrists. Apple is never going to take business from Rolex, Omega, Citizen, Cartier, Patek Phillippe, Tissot, etc, because to the people buying those watches, they are not the same product.
  11. The Apple/Rolex comparison is a false equivalence given that the Apple Watch isn't a 'real' watch and Rolex is a real watch company. The better comparison would be to Fitbit and Jawbone.  
  12.   Perhaps! But for what it's worth, I dislike the feverish opposition to Hillary as much as I dislike the feverish support.
  13.   I'm not sure what Apple's dividend is right now, but assuming it's decent, I wouldn't describe it as 'not worth owning'. It is just, like you said, not growing at the rate analysts want or hope. Hence why a quarter with $11 billion in profit could be deemed a failure. 
  14. My man, I couldn't possibly keep track of all of Hildawg's cucks.