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      All,   Saturday night, February 6th from 8pm EST - Midnight, we will be updating the site once again. Our tech support guru's claim this will fix the interminable  scourge that is the double, triple, and yes even sometimes quadruple posting (well done @Lucian04 ) issues that have threatened to end lives and kill babies! No, I am not excited to roll the dice again ,but yes we are doing so any way! Strap in, beer up, and we'll take this pile to 11!


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  1. ~*SFLUFAN's Witness Weekend Giveaway*~

      COPY CAT   I think he already has it too
  2. Well hi thar

    I think we should have one thread for newspaper readers, another for TV watchers, and a third for TV watchers who want to discuss the newspaper articles. 
  3. ~*SFLUFAN's Witness Weekend Giveaway*~

    I'm in! Normally I'd jump in for someone else's sake, but I'm one of those awful people who has a mental block about dropping $40 on a puzzle game, so PLEASE REWARD MY IRRATIONALITY. 
  4. So, given the recent developments, how is this still shitty news? Is digitally touching them really that appealing?
  5. Who was it that told women 'if he doesn't have books, don't fuck him'? Maybe that should be spun to be 'if he has guns, don't fuck him'? Given the overcompensation that coincides with a gun case full of rifles, we could probably save women a lot of disappointment...
  6. Bernie Sanders is a scrub

    Part of me wants Sanders to win just because of the Clintonati's schadenfreude. 
  7. Bernie Sanders is a scrub

      Ana's starting to get angry fellas, better not be dissin HIS GIRL.
  8.   Exactly, you are bitching...Which is completely pointless.   Having unprotected sex when you have neither the desire, nor the means, to raise a child is a stupid decision. It's definitely and obviously a stupid decision! But wringing your hands over the issue and bitching about how people need to be more responsible just makes you look cantankerous. If you want to get on a soap box and moralize, then OK, but it doesn't amount to much more than blowing hot air.
  9.   Being an 'excellent debater' and 'highly principled guy' doesn't make someone a 'great candidate'; you're basically just asserting a redressed beer test.
  10.   Closing your eyes and hoping people won't make stupid choices is terrible public policy. 
  11.   You can point out their culpability all you want, but what does that really accomplish? Closing your eyes and willing a certain outcome is fruitless, which is why we have systemic solutions like Planned Parenthood (and the same logic applies to almost any situation where people will not act rationally).
  12.   Only you could take some tongue-in-cheek story and go on a bizarre rant about entitled college students.
  13. Leave your kid at home and let him fend for himself, grrrrrr fucking PC liberals and their bullshit pussification. 
  14. @foosh, did you survive?