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  1. http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/25/politics/nsa-radical-islamic-terror-term-unhelpful/index.html
  2. It's not a tax cut either. LEARN WHAT A TAX CREDIT IS, PEOPLE.
  3. It's meant to in a way amortize the cost of the wage increase, so if a company invests an additional $1 million in wages, they realize a portion of the credit moving forward. So let's say the credit de-escalates by 20% yearly over five years: if in one year they raise pay by an additional $1 million, the first year they get a $1 million credit, the next year they get an $800k credit, and so on (assuming they continue to pay the increased wage). That gives the benefits of higher wages (better productivity, less turnover, more revenue) time to catch up with the initial investment, thus avoiding any potential job losses since businesses don't have an upfront cost.
  4. Because this would be more feasible from a political standpoint, and would avoid any hypothetical job losses since the wage increases are amortized (giving both productivity and revenue the time to 'catch up').
  5. I think it was a Keisha Gray video but I can't be certain, I was more focused on my impending Nobel Prize for Economics.
  6. I literally had this idea while masturbating, so keep that in mind while you consider it: What if states enacted a corporate tax credit for businesses to raise employee wages to their defined living wage? The credit would only apply to wage increases for those making under the defined living wage, would work on a dollar for dollar basis, and would deescalate over a set time span less any 'new' hire/beneficiaries (i.e. $3 million in Year One, ($3 million x .80) + ($1 million x 1.0) in Year Two, and so on). The loss in tax revenue would be absorbed through additional revenue from income and sales taxes, plus a decrease in social service spending. The general idea is that, though the credit would eventually run its course, it would be just enough of a 'push' with a long-enough draw down for the natural benefits of higher wages to pan out. WOULD IT WORK, CEB? @Signifyin(g)Monkey @Massdriver @sblfilms @SFLUFAN
  7. Bathroom usage? Leave it to the states! Legalized marijuana? Federal supremacy!
  8. There has been plenty of thoughtful criticism towards Trump's demeanor and policies on this board, you just never engage it. What a bunch of bullshit. 'You guys never make sensible posts', says guy who perpetually ignores sensible posts.
  9. I can't in good faith get one of these without knowing what the VC is going to be like first.
  10. Because cuckservatives have wet dreams thinking about RBG kicking the bucket.
  11. The only times you criticize Trump or assert he is incompetent are when you claim to do so with frequency; otherwise, you bypass every chance you get and opt to make it about 'leftists' instead.
  12. I ALWAYS FORGET TO SAVE IT, then I can never find it when it's needed.
  13. You guys shouldn't bother, his only response will be either (a) playing the victim card as the CEB's only beleaguered conservative, or (2) asking where you were when [insert prominent Jew] said critical things about Obama. There is zero chance he will engage you in an honest fashion.
  14. I have a 2014 Subaru Impreza; it gets me from A to B nicely, which is all I want or need. In other words, I have nothing to suggest to you.