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  1. Everyone quick!!! Cull the herd!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Who's got a GPU to sell me?

    Yeppers..plan on dropping into Micro center Today and just double checking it....hell..I'm such a good customer they may cover the warranty and just give me a replacement assuming this one doesn't work.
  3. Please abolish them all. As a Federal IT contractor I get none of these off while my compatriots on the government side of our 24/7 oeration get them all off and then some. When they come back into the office after their 4 day weekends and go "Alright,,,everyone nice and rested...time to get crackin and some work done" (After I've had to pick up the slack on their side while they've been out enjoying their holidays) I think assault should be forgiven. Contracting....the greatest cuck job of all.
  4. We had something like that.....we're about to do the IVF route after 2 years of trying and then she got pregnant......the next kid took about the same time before we figured it out.....I can't recall the medical term for it, but we needed to actually try a couple days before her cycle rather than during the cycle. The 3rd and last kid happened almost immediately after we tried it that way.
  5. Not one of Disney's greatest as a whole, but it nailed the idea of family better than most and this scene just a real punch to the emotional gut because like the ending in Coco..it felt earned.
  6. Canning, prepping, and saving money.

    If our house ever gets finished and I finally get a proper pantry.....top of my list activity
  7. Think Hilary Clinton and you're close.... Also...I think this type of liberal thinking is a bad bad idea https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/30/opinions/trump-likes-roseanne-barr-of-course-he-does-obeidallah/index.html
  8. I know it's April Fools and all, but.....well CBS wanted a counter to NBC's Will & Grace and ABC's Roseanne....but hey...CBS is giving us Magnum PI back and Cagny and Lacey..although those are more remake...it's a full on dumpster dive at the Big 3 Networks.
  9. Not far off considering Boomers are the Boob tube Generation. And I don't mean that negatively. They literally hit retirement and have extra time to sit around and watch TV so it makes sense to invest a decade into revivals like this. I don't think it neccessarily means the will skew to conservatives.... in fact I think Roseanne plays it almost perfectly in regards to what the reality is. Then again....look at some of the the recent revivals we've gotten X-Files Will & Grace Twin Peaks Duck Tales Hawaii 5-0 Roseanne TheTick Lost in Space Already in Production Rocko's Modern Life Murphy Brown The Greatest American Hero Miami Vice
  10. The House with a Clock in the Walls - Trailer

    RL STine wishes he could be half the story teller Bellairs was Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. The House with a Clock in the Walls - Trailer

    Wait.....is this based on the books??? because if it is.....HOLY SHIT!!! I LOVED JOHN BELLAIRS!!! One of the first writers I ever met...and he died a couple years later EDIT: It is!!!! I just made my 9 year old read this book to start the series....... What's next lol The Wolves of the Willoubghy Chase
  12. Who's got a GPU to sell me?

    Give me a week. I have 1080, but it might be fragged. Last summer MY PSU blew and I thought it was the video card ..but it was the PSU...I needed a card qucik and all they had was 1080TI and so I got it and a new PSU and a new CPU as part of a deal......I boxed up the old one and since it was less than 4 months old was gonna send it back to the manufacturer, but we had a home renovation nightmare come up that pretty much disrupted my last 10 months so I was gonna drop by Microcenter since its past the year of the manufacturer but still under two years and have them test it out. If they say it works I'll send it to ya and you can test it out and make sure everything is alright and you can just paypal me the shipping... if it doesn't work..you can just trash it.
  13. Some fine painting....love the gold troopers....I saw way too many Death Troopers last night. I mean..it's an alright look....but they don't stand out in particular. One guy had Chrome troopers...really shiny BTW..it's crazy how easy it is to get to 800pts on the Imperial side...
  14. Hello Neighbor - has anyone here played it?

    I think its more of a game where they get the most fun out of it by just trying to avoid the neighbor...it gives them good jump scares. There's completely illogical puzzles in it...but it really is mostly a fun creepy sandbox to avoid getting caught
  15. Hello Neighbor - has anyone here played it?

    Two of my three kids like it a lot. 8 and 10 year olds. Also with the whole watching FGTV thing...yeesh. The game is fine...maybe not as polished as most, but then again..have you seen any of those Roblox games....I am just so WTF at Roblox