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  1. 2.5 XBox One X consoles stuck together may be able to achieve 4k60fps with reduced settings. That's what I am going to be building.
  2. Update 6/18: The Store page now has an actual important blemish with just 15% of recent reviews being positive and more importantly, the overall rating has been changed to Mixed: User reviews: RECENT: Overwhelmingly Negative (34,306 reviews) OVERALL: Mixed (223,817 reviews)
  3. Mirrored for you - https://www.mediafire.com/?gh6ege19d4psogn Also did my part and gave an appropriate Steam review. Currently only 22% of recent reviews are positive. Would be hilarious if we could get Valve to take the actual game down temporarily. Worked to get WB's ass in gear and fix Batman.
  4. Fuck off Take-Two. Maybe instead of compiling this cease and desist order you could maybe put forth a little effort to clean up and improve GTA Online and allow an awesome single player modding scene to thrive.
  5. What do your CPU/GPU graphs and temps look like when the FPS drops occur? You can try running some common benchmarks 3DMark/RealBench/Cinebench, etc. to see if your scores are lining up with what you should be getting. Also have you tried using previous Nvidia driver releases to see if its something new that cropped up?
  6. Agreed. Mindblowing that Intel is fucking bold enough to continue to ream the consumer, business as usual, even when faced with actual competition. AMD has a real chance to gain some serious ground with that pridefully decrepit move.
  7. I don't think it's a scam, but it certainly proves that throwing more money at something isn't always the answer. Hope those involved with the games development aren't starting to see the long term financial benefits of milking the situation. It's hard not to notice the insane funding that has already happened.
  8. I already make some questionable purchases...But if I was rich, I would make a shit ton of stupid fucking purchasing decisions. Wish I had 2 of those...
  9. Have you disabled Fast Startup in BIOS/Windows and configured Hibernation/Sleep settings so that when you shut down the PC it fully shuts down instead of going into a deep sleep type of state? I think Windows 10 Update can power the computer on if in a semi-off state, but I am not 100% positive. If you have done all of that try and disconnect the power lead from your case and monitor it for a few days power cycling manually when you need to to see if it still persists.
  10. Does it immediately turn back on after a full shutdown, or at random times after? If it's immediate it could be a problem I had with my ASRock x99m Fatal1ty board, where if RAM timings are set too tightly the computer wouldn't ever shutdown and would immediately restart.
  11. I have the white dust around the sticks from use, just use a Q-Tip if it bothers you. I like it except it feels like it is easier to click the left stick in than it is on the Joycons w/ grip. Definitely not good for BOTW Lynel fights. Probably pressing the sticks too hard, but I rarely accidentally crouch with the Joycons. Also it seems that when I flick one of the analog sticks, the game will sometimes register the intended direction and then the opposite direction immediately after, like it is springing back too much in the other direction.
  12. Docked and undocked about 20 times before getting an amFilm tempered glass protector, never saw a scratch. I think the scratches are coming from people that have a slightly bent dock from all the reports I've read. Most won't see any damage unless they are very rough with the process.
  13. Game should be MSRP $50 and offer incentives to upgrade for owners of MK8 and/or any of the DLC digitally. Say $40 for previous Complete DLC owners, and $20-$25 for anyone that owns the Base Game+DLC Packs on the Wii U eShop. It's really nothing more than a bump in resolution and a 3rd DLC pack added for anyone that played on the Wii U. Would also be a nice way of redeeming the owners of the Wii U which was an undersupported, clunky and terriblly unportable alpha version of the Switch.
  14. That is really odd. Have you done synthetic CPU and Memory benchmarks to make sure everything else is running as it should in your system?
  15. I also am going with a tempered glass screen protector, I have never had luck with the flexible protectors, they always look terrible after I get them on. Have put one of the glass ones on my wifes Note 5, and it looks alright, without much degradation in screen quality. Went with this one on Amazon. I forsee the inclusion of RGB range settings making a lot of people turn on full range without correctly enabling it on a normal television and getting that vivid pop of the XBox 360. In the video his system menu has some serious black crush going on, hope it's just a result of how he encoded his video and not a representation of how one thinks the system menu should look.