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  1. The "Is your PC bottlenecked?" calculator

    7% bottleneck with an 8700k|1080Ti. Need to move to a 3770|970 system apparently.
  2. I don't even have to think about it at this point, whenever something feels off I automatically open Taskmgr and check CPU/Disk usage to see what's using it and if it is legitimate.
  3. I especially like the Microsoft "forums" where the verified answer to every single problem ever is Clean Boot or SFC /SCANNOW.
  4. I don't think it should have been advertised that way when that is only single core performance. A bit misleading, imo and a way to advertise a higher speed when only one core does that speed in pure stock conditions. I consider stock performance of a 4.7Ghz CPU the performance of the CPU as a whole with all cores running at 4.7Ghz. One thing I have always wondered is how are clock for clock IPC levels between the most current CPU's For AMD/Intel? Say if Ryzen had 6 cores running at 4.7Ghz, how would it compare to the 8700k?
  5. No, should be the standard. To me it's an advantage over the gimping of a processor to not be 4.7Ghz, but 4.7Ghz*. An 8700k would have Cores 0-5 starting at 4.7 and sloping down to 4.1Ghz?
  6. PS Now on a Surface 3

    This service would barely be worth it at $20 a year. Looked at their prices again. LOL. At roughly $200 a year +/-, depending on how long you want to be reamed for, the service should be all encompassing including every game streamed to you.
  7. It is for me as well. Due in part to cheap uPlay codes from GPU promotions. Though I have fallen off and didn't get the Syndicate because I just wasn't feeling up to starting another adventure when it came out. AssCreed II/III/IV/Unity were all excellent entries. Also starting with Unity, the game engine could actually scale competently with more powerful hardware. Many harp on Unity as being an unoptimized mess, which it probably was, but you could run it perfectly with high end hardware.
  8. Any day now they will release the tesselation patch for AssCreed Butt Pirate Edition. Can't wait!
  9. It read like it will be between the 1070 and 1080 performance wise. If that turns out to be the case, my comment stands with 100% truth attached to it. Really hope I am wrong though.
  10. Releasing a card in between the power of a 1070 and 1080 is fucking stupid. A 1070 Ti should be a $450-$500 range card that has ~9 GB RAM that is 5-10% over the performance of a 1080. This is trolling of epic proportions to anyone who uses any GPU be it Nvidia/AMD/Intel. Being dicks simply because they can at this point.
  11. Is the NVIDIA Shield Portable worth it?

    It's a discontinued item. I would assume unless the unit is in bad shape, the value of these devices will either stay steady or keep rising long before it drops again. Doubt this thing was overproduced. I had one and it served its purpose well, unless I wanted to remote stream outside of my home. That's when it was a pile of steaming shit. Big, bulky, stinking shit.
  12. The checks were staggered, and should be complete by the end of September according to a response I got when I inquired about my refund in June. I got my check last month.
  13. ~*AMD Radeon RX Vega Launch Thread*~

    This would have been a great $279-$399 lineup of cards. That's about all they are worth considering the timing of them.
  14. Something something, piracy platform. Any other statement that contradicts the above is a blatant falsification.