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  1. Fucking rad. I'm in the midst of building up a cyberpunk website, and over the past couple of months I've really overdone it with close readings of Gibson and Sterling's books, mock up essays on Japanese cyberpunk anime films, and wayyyy too much studying of the Japanese bubble economy in the 1980s. So I'm totally in on this: I'm wide open for sale on anything cyberpunk these days, especially any cyberpunk which is genre-oriented rather than relevant (I'm more interested in zaibatsus controlling the world than hypothethizing on social media technology, thank you very much), so let's have it!
  2. Right, I did too for thirteen years. But I really can't stand dying for even one more hour under flourescents in a large retail chain, doing the same bullshit work of blocking aisles and dragging pallet jacks around and imitating being busy during down time just because the manager is near, feeling as though some misbehaving child. I went to college, I graduated with Latin honors, and I'm utterly starved for more creative work that demands high personal responsibility. So even if I did find a new but ultimately same job, it doesn't matter at this point. In this one I might be genuinely afraid of the work environment, but it's actually hardly any different if I was standing behind a register or stacking u-boats; these jobs are devastating mentally, and I want out. And I earned out, and I'm proud of my college education, and I want to use whatever entries to higher professions that diploma makes possible. So no! No no no no! I did that for too long. Just went back to retail, again and again, and then it gets to this point where I'm nearly 30, I have no experience doing anything other than pulling boxed goods forward on shelves and hating myself, and I start to worry not only that I will I never escape unskilled work, but that I'm not cut out for skilled work either. And it's bullshit, and I know that, so fuck that; not going back. This is the last one, the last unskilled job, for me. I won't do it again.
  3. Zero I "knew" the John Wick, as I did indeed actually see that one, but I couldn't remember from the screencap. 1/2 point? Please????
  4. Fear Effect Reinvented Coming To Switch

    I have had the original Fear Effect game ready to go on my PSP for more than 2 years now... and never booted it up For some reason whenever I look at it it just reminds me of Dino Crisis, and it doesn't take much for me to drop everything I'm doing and do a couple playthroughs of Dino Crisis 2 instead. Fucking love DC2; awesome game, and--- Ah. Right. Fear Effect. Not Dino Crisis. Got to work on that still, it seems.
  5. Holy shit I want out of unskilled minimum wage work, and I've got a chance. 2nd interview for a writing job out of, approximately, 700 job applications since graduating last year. The problem is that, like with the first job interview I had, the company is hiring a writer who understands SEO. I don't. I wasn't taught SEO in college, nor given a platform to experiment with SEO on the college's dime. Look, I've done my best to learn about SEO, but I just do not understand how there is anyway to practice SEO on your own. Largely it's buying keywords, and if I'm doing that for a blog (which I guess I would have to buy/upgrade to a .com to really use) which has no readership--- I mean, how can I gauge that it's even working?! So I know what it "is." It's labels/tags/keywords, and you want to use those that are scoring high on places like Google Trends. You load up each article and try to reach the largest viewership possible. But with the 1st interview I had, which I of course lost, the interviewer was skeptical. He mentioned how it involves writing algorithms.... and I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, and it obviously showed as I didn't get the job. It was a good interview though, really feel I got nosed out by someone with SEO experience, but still; I didn't get the job. But I want to get this job! God damn it I'm so tired of working in a job where I have a weekly fright that somebody is going to fucking kill me. No matter what I have an aggressive encounter 3/5 days, I've had to physically restrain someone from attacking me, I call the police once a week at least, and twice now I've dealt with such lunatic, furious people that I was so afraid and certain they were going to pull a handgun or knife or something out of their glove compartment. I have a Bachelor's degree, damn it! I shouldn't be stuck in this shitty place anymore. So help me out, D1P! What's a way that I approach this interview and at least sound confident that I know the finer points of SEO? What are some things I can mention? I'm not worried about sounding enthused because I am enthused to learn SEO; every single writing job requires SEO knowledge anymore, and as I want to write I most definitely want to learn SEO, and would be super appreciative if I at last found an entry level job that actually accepts my being an entry level candidate excited as hell to learn the profession.
  6. I still have my boxed copy of AoEIII. I spent a fortune on it when it released, or all the money I made from my shitty 8-hour a week, under-minimum wage job because I was 15 y/o. And I didn't regret it; AoE was utterly huge when I was growing up, and while none of us really got into AoEII 3's colonial ideas, and especially inclusion ofthose sneaky Redcoats and their guns(!), had me fired up. Well it didn't work. Computer wasn't strong enough to run it, and I couldn't return it. Then it happened again with Giants: Citizen Kabuto. And this is why PC gaming sucks balls and I buy dedicated systems instead
  7. Official Nintendo Community Thread

    Has there been any word yet on whether the DQ Heroes collection is going to be localized? Looked about, but wondering if I missed anything, maybe S-E saying somewhere that they were at least considering it or something? The game has some performance issues I've heard, with the most notable being that the game has significant slowdown when the screen gets busy--- which is all the time in a musou game. I'm wondering if they decided to not bother with the localization due to this, avoid the lousy publicity and what-not, as it doesn't seem likely they're going to go about patching it anytime soon (which seems doubly hard on account of it being a collection). Still though; in terms of what's available for the Switch, the DQH collection is a big contender for attention. It's also a pretty unique collection because both games are new, so bonus attraction points there. I had fun with the demo, anyway; performance issues aside, it's still a fun game(s), and would certainly appreciate avoiding the astronomical Japanese cost of the game. I still am really annoyed they didn't localize the Vita versions of either. This is just about the only Musou game I care about, and it would be a hell of an awesome game on a portable/lazy-ass-in-bed machine. So this Switch version not getting the western treatment feels like a double kick in the teeth.
  8. The only people who would do something so asinine as give up their degrees majored in the humanities, in which case it really doesn't matter anyway as Bachelors in that field are utterly worthless anymore. Also; they fucking graduated, so they're not going to be living in a sheltered little world of Safe Spaces where races and genders are separated and nobody has to acknowledge anything at all that doesn't make them feel like special little astronauts who can be they anything they want to be, so it's past time these people grew the hell up. First step would be maybe possibly realizing that getting a college diploma should be a big deal, and is not something you just throw away because of the political fashion on social media currently.
  9. (gameplay starts at hour and 7) Shows off the world, some battles and a boss. Great visual style, but some doubts are still out on the gameplay; seems pretty typical cheap anime-license title. But it is pretty, so--- forgiven
  10. Sonic Mania reviews are coming in

    I'm in agreement with you. It was really neat when we first started getting these retro-stylized games on digital marketplaces, but at this point it's both already well overdone and soaked up all the nostalgia in terms of presentation, as well as starting to become so normal/common that it's boring, if not a turn-off. That latest Double Dragon game I think really nailed back home the limitations of these old games as well. I was also shocked recently by playing the Demo of Blaster Master Zero. I honestly thought the demo began with me playing the original NES version, and I was so turned off by the game when I realized that that is the updated, 2016 take on the game. Didn't buy it for that reason; it's not a remake of a retro game but a retro take on an already retro game--- what's the fucking point?! So yeah; stuff like Monster Boy, Cuphead, and the newest Shantae are much more interesting to me as well. Fucking loved Shantae Half-Genie Hero almost solely for its beautiful animation; just a bonus that the game itself is excellent too.
  11. Future SWITCH games you're going to buy/download

    Azure Striker Gunvolt Collection (trying to rush the funds currently to buy the LE version) Mario Odyssey (Duh; everyone is) And maybe: Mario + Rabbids. This is definitely an inevitable purchase, but whether it's day one or not depends on some things. Mostly money But I also really don't know if this will be the exception to my general disinterest in strategy/tactical games. Xenoblade 2 - Like everyone I loved the first Xeno on Wii; it was a big deal and very very cool. But nowadays--- I dunno. I'm not too into the series. Totally skipped the Wii U game, and will likely wait for this to go on sale at $30-range. I'm not making a comment on the quality of the series or anything; it's a fine member of the JRPG crowd, outstandingly so in many person's opinion. But for me it never felt like a series; great Wii game, but I could have lived without any more.
  12. It was a fine game on the Wii U, but it's significantly stronger in the arcades and, presumably, in this DX version as well. The amount of update changes that went into this game are highly represented and nearly overhauled the entire experience. So this is definitely a very exciting and undoubtedly day-1 purchase for anyone who played and enjoyed the original Pokken Tournament. But for those who held off, it's worth a rental first. It's definitely a very unique fighting game with highly original mechanics exclusive to this title, particularly the plane style of 3D fighting crashing into 2D following certain attacks, but it's definitely both 1) a fighting game that you requires as much patience and skill development as any other, and 2) original mechanics that may very well make cleaving the distance from total rookie to competent player even further.
  13. Played a ton of this game in the arcade while over in Japan last year. I sure do suck at fighters as usual, but as is always the case these days I am lured to it by its usage of colors and general upbeat tonality. Anyone know if there's any story mode or meaningful 1-player collectibles or anything?
  14. Any Game you bought on Switch that you regret?

    It's definitely divisive. I was looking over some old reviews and early impressions of Arms the other day, and there was this pretty funny oversight shared by a lot of media as well as gamers. Namely, Arms kept getting this comparison as becoming Nintendo's "Party Fighter," that it would be the Party-game option for Fighters the way Mario Kart is for Racers and Splatoon is for shooters. The oversight here is that this is what Smash Brothers already is. And despite that series having been pretty thickly established and increasingly noted as a "Core Fighter" with the super serious fighting game crowd--- I mean, it's a silly Nintendo crossover that has lots of goofy items and trophies and is really just this great celebration of Nintendo's legacy. Simple controls and lots of characters and just good, approachable fun. Smash is a party fighter, maybe the only one left until Powerstone returns someday (...yeah, "Keep dreaming," I know), and seemingly much of the gamer crowd have forgotten this from watching tournaments and things. I don't think Arms was an attempt by Nintendo to reach a more serious audience either. It's definitely designed to fit the standard Nintendo mold of being this approachable, simple design that has a lot of option for mastery, both gradual and studied, and to reach as wide an audience as possible. This is definitely most notable in the great online Party Mode, which makes for playing even with multiple persons on one console easy and fun. The match variety also intentionally models it so that consistent losses/disappointment with the game is borderline impossible. whether you're getting paired with a strong player or doing the almost impossible to lose 3 vs Hedlok matches. That said--- it's 90% a 1vs1 fighter, and this, I think against Nintendo's hopes, has resulted in the same disintegration of casual player interest that is increasingly the norm for the genre these days. Even the match variety doesn't really address this all that well, or can't really; the Hoops and Hedlok Accessory matches will be dominated by a skilled player just like a 1 vs 1, and this results in the general awareness of, I believe this is the technical term, suckage unique to fighting games, the kind of awareness that makes you drop the game, if not genre, for something else. I don't agree with you on it being shallow, though. It might be minimal, but that works to the game's favor. The unique character powers totally model the game infinitely more complex than it first appears, and this really comes out when you get the shit kicked out of you by varying users online. Whether Ribbon Girl's infinite jumps or Twintelle's slow-punch mechanic, these powers entirely alter the way each match plays out. The problem though is that you need to have the patience and understanding of playing the basic fighting game first to then start learning how to account for player powers, which is, presumably, a challenge for most gamers with this genre, one most can't be bothered with.
  15. Any Game you bought on Switch that you regret?

    Gamestop; they have a 7 day return policy for Used titles. Definitely recommend taking advantage of it for anyone who is ever on the fence about a game.While I've heard some GS stores can be aggressive about that policy, and run you through a quiz when you return anything, at the GS by me it's not like that; no need to be sneaky about buying a game so to trial it, which really comes in handy. And yeah; I'll definitely be buying Splatoon 2 first, no doubt about it. Kind of on the fence between Zelda and MK8 Deluxe---- and, gotta admit, even Mario&Rabbids a little. Interested in the latter solely because of how utterly strange that project is, but not too into strategy/tactics games. But we'll see; that's down the road for me anyway.