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  1. What does AA need $4,000 for?

    I've been with Bad Cartridge so long, I'm actually a bit surprised that this is the common opinion of me. Especially Vic Twenty, who is solely the earnest optimist I'd consider of this web group. I'll just do a quick highlight real quick of the negative things I've shared with this page, accentuated by my own own ability to conquer them, and then maybe leave for a bit again? 1) Highschool dropout who has now graduated college summa cum laude. 2) Juvenile criminal who got slammed with a 13k fine at the age of 15 who has paid and overcome that severe hurdle (save that it affected my credit, which I'm still ameliorating). 3) Had personal dreams of living in Japan and having my fiction published, and I've accomplished both at the age of 26. Publishing fiction (which is a real publication, I add; I know that on D1P there is a self-publish community, and I'm not judging you, but that is not how I ever thought of writing and so being paid to have my stories published in a national magazine is indeed my basic criteria for a successful fiction-writing beginning and yes; I've hit that, not self-published or anything at all like that). 4) I discovered I was a severe alcoholic at the age of 23 (which, to point out to moronic assholes here, no addict starts out seeking or knowing that they will be an addict so no, this is not a "choice" I made), and I have since recovered and beaten that significant personal problem indeed on my own. Just shitty. I know I'm a negative person, and that's sort-of what I "offer" to the D1P community; a bit of madness to crowd about and be happy you don't experience yourself. But to have nobody here have even a pinch of faith in me, particularly Vic 20 who is a generally positive representative of this page---- man, that feels like shit, and also makes this place look like shit. I'm going to close with this. In comparison to many people on this board, I have accomplished more, and I will continue to accomplish more, than most people on here. So it might be time to take a breath and actually gauge where my posting began and what narrative it actually tells here on D1P.
  2. Describe me in 5 words

    Another person on the internet.
  3. PS+ for October 2017: MGSV Phantom Pain, Amnesia: Collection

    Played a bit of Hue and Sky Force on my Vita; Hue just feels like another indie game that thinks slow pacing, a woman narrator, and soft music makes it meaningful and interesting, so deleted after an hour. Sky Force, though, is really pretty rad. Like NuBlood said, it's a polished arcade shmup that is fun if you're looking for that sort of game. Worth downloading and trying out, definitely. MGSV just finished downloading. I am one of those gamers that do not get the MGS world. I have tried to play every single one, but I just find them incrediblyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy boring. But as always, I will give it another go! I really respect this series and want to love it so much; how Kojima utilizes his inspirations (projects which I also love) and incorporates them always thrills me. But jeez; just do not enjoy playing these games for some reason! But should be cool. Friday night, no work tomorrow, so going to strap in and try realllllllllliy really hard to play this game.
  4. Not sure if there will be lots of info for this, but the same thing happened for the Sandy Hook incident. I'm pretty sure there were some thorough answers regarding back then, so maybe looking up "Sandy Hoax," as it was called, would lead to more thorough sources elaborating why Google Dates do what they do.
  5. Blade Runner 2049 RT Watch

    Yo, fuck this movie. I'm so confused about this shit. I saw it with a pal who was pretty jacked up at the end of it, whereas I, within the first half hour, was hugely disappointed. "Visually Stunning" bothers the hell out of me here. With the first one, beyond the set-piece stuff, the main effect was lights, 99% of the time horizontal cuts of shadow. It was awesome; it was cool. But what was actually happening during those scenes was actually meaningful; you had poignant, developed bits of debate that were/remain interesting to listen to/grow pensive over. In 2049, nothing is interesting that is said; and further, there is even less said. Most of the movie is just "Visually Stunning," which is to say nothing is fucking happening save Ryan Gosling being handsome and walking, or lonnnnnnnnnnnnng ass stills of buildings where the architect jizzed himself over right angles. The movie is called Blade Runner, and only one person gets Blade Run-ned. Further, where the original had this great, eccentric take (and lengthy showcases of) futuristic street society, in this movie you have one really obvious Hollywood set-design that is a bistro where Gosling gets tickled by hookers, and then no more. The rest of the movie is utterly passive landscapes, grey/brown landscapes (which us 80's/90's gamers fucking hate and are so bored by), and art-deco/right-angle buildings that are supposed to be interesting shown over and over again? My main complaint is the lack of activity, which isn't normally a problem for me; I majorly watch indie/auteur director films, so that's not something which is anyway an inherent negative for me. But this is Blade Runner; there needs to be a tension, and you don't get in this. The debates/discussions aren't compelling/unique, the action is overwhelmingly minimal, and this whole "visual showcase" compliment, which I find really stupid because the common moviegoer is looking for either plot or activity and I don't understand why seemingly everyone is pretending they are amateur cinemtaographers these days, doesn't reflect anything actually happening (what very little is) in the movie. Anyone who appreciates quieted, minimalist design I don't think will like this if they have any experience with quality films. If you've seen even one Jim Jarmusch or Sofia Coppola movie, then you'll spot how pretentious, ostentatious and presumptuous this shitty movie actually is right from the first couple of minutes; it isn't following through on anything save visual, and I don't get how that is seemingly enough to trick reviewers and the average movie goer into thinking that they are Pinky-Out Fuckwads of High Class Interests, or that they don't give a fuck that there is no story save a very basic detective story, nor any exciting or original action (let alone sequences, which there are none) whatsoever, which is why we see movies 99.9% of the time, and no, this is not the exception (nor was Neon Demon or whatever the fuck that was called; anyone ready to start talking honestly about that yet?). Retarded and a waste of money/time. Wait for a rental/stream/pirate, and enjoy watching this over a week as you fall asleep within 10 minutes each night.
  6. It does look good--- but I'm dumping my Switch. I always forgive/forget how shitty Nintendo is. I kicked out my Wii U when their censorship practices hit hard and fast with Tokyo Mirage and Fatal Frame 5--- but then here I am with the Switch. And now with the Switch, all of the same shitty practices are still there. You don't actually own your digital purchases, Nintendo is still viciously anti-consumer, and it's such an extremely unfriendly company/platform for us "hardcore" crowd who unfortuntely read/look into all of the shitty decisions Nintendo makes concerning its consumers. Just can't stand behind that without turning cynical. Fuck 'em. I'll be taking my Mario/Xenoblade money and using it for Persona 5 and Yakuza 0. Moving on!
  7. If you're going to go this route, then just join a Nintendo-specific community, AD. Otherwise, you're basically the next Orbital of this community, and nobody liked that fucking guy.
  8. Just one more ingredient disintegrating the American standard of life value. I don't get it. These actions are not fuel for discussion on guns, mental health, race or anything; they're showcases of loss of life appreciation, and the reaction towards this should be the opposite, with American government, politicians and key figures putting directly into place measures and practices which say "America does value the life of its individuals, and we will not allow this to happen again. Individual lives are the most important thing, your being is special and utmost irreplacable, and any action which minimizes this will be severely and immediately cut." To me this is the scariest thing about this country, and also the saddest. It's not just mass-shootings that we discover this same problem; we see it with drug usage in this country as well, especially where I live where there is a severe heroin problem. Americans don't equate these atrocious robberies of life as being antithetical to their own values, because we increasingly do not have a concept of life-value in this country due not only to these repeated happenings, but also the repeated dismissal of action to not only ensure they don't happen again, but also that their effects don't take normative shape in common lives. When murder, addiction, suicide, and anything which devalues the meaning of lives is not addressed, then you find that places become increasingly distanced from life value, and atrocious actions like this will continue to happen and people will increasingly become cold not only towards these heinous events, but even the victims of them. "Thank god it wasn't me," or "Thank god it wasn't immediate people I cared about." And this is a problem, because we at least need to hold an equal standard of life as the utmost valuable thing we each have for us to push forward, to be able to make those strong and considered actions which will maintain the value of life while also minimizing the scope of damage these events can cause, both physically and sociologically to a country. Americans don't care though. This is a country where robbery, assault and pathways to homelessness are innumerable and longstanding, and so it doesn't surprise me that this has come to develop to mass-murder and apathy just like in other incredibly sad and violent places in the world. Whatever. This is why I'm going back to Japan, where one person being knifed can send the country into tears, which it fucking should! Life is irreplacable; it is the most important thing for us, and this needs to be sent home by authorities, by media, and by our neighbors too. But Americans don't give a fuck, and it is goddamn horrifying to live in a place like this, where not only can your attending a crowded place be the target of some mass murder, but also just walking down the street in every other area can result in your being mugged, attacked, murdered, and everyone just goes, "Well he shouldn't have been there" or make a joke or something about it. It's a sad place, but really a scary one. Excited to get the fuck out of here next year. For anyone who sees these events and goes about defending guns or blaming liberals/republicans or something completely innane like that, I really advise you save up some money and go to somewhere in the world where violent crime isn't tolerated and pay attention to how much more joy and appreciation is considered of life. Every place has problems, yes, but in America it's the absolute dismissal of mortality that is fucking crazy for us as citizens; experiencing a place where this is not the case is highly rejuvenating, and deeply motivating to not allow yourself to mold into the black-comedy apathetic that everyone increasingly is in this place.
  9. I want to give it another shot too. I think it was free on PS+ back on PS3 at some time, but at that point I couldn't fathom playing a console game that required more than 20 hours. But I've been on a Capcom kick, and I think this and the Bionic Commando reboot are the only PS3/360 games I never played from them. Wouldn't mind clearing that up! ...but not for $30 $20, yes; so I'll be waiting.
  10. AndrewDean making excuses for shitty Nintendo practices; that's rare. It's shitty. Basically Nintendo is forcing themselves to appear as the middleman between Youtube content creators and their means of income, the advertisers. Because you're using a Nintendo product, we want X amount of revenue (seemingly a creator can earn up to 70% of their own generated revenue, but it sways and bobs it seems). It's only fair, right? Next time there's a Nintendo direct or one of those videos where two people do a silly contest, I hope Ikea blasts them with a lawsuit for using their couches and tables in the video. Because that's all Nintendo is doing here, stating that you don't own anything of Nintendo's, not even the game's you bought, and that if you want to do anything creative with their products then you need to shell out the pimp cut to Nintendo themselves first. Garbage company is garbage. Fuck them.
  11. Trailer Gameplay Video Gematsu Description This game looks surprisingly good; didn't think it was going to come out being this nicely developed. No talk of localization yet, which is sort-of problematic as there will probably be a good bit of chatter going on here what with the light-novel tie-in, but hey; still a Virtual-On game, so import-friendly in that way at least. I've got fingers crossed that the Vita version is handled diligently. Seems like that hasn't been the case for a while now, but who knows!
  12. Woke up bad; eyes shot open and all the angst I'd fallen asleep with was right there waiting for me. Realized I forgot to brush my teeth last night too so I brushed away the 30-something cigarettes that had pasted on my teeth overnight and spit up lots and lots of gum blood, then grabbed a cup of coffee and lit a cigarette. Went to the computer and reupped my current offering of gigs on Craigslist, then set about collecting things to prepare to sell to hit my goal of 4k by December. So far, it seems I've about $1200 of stuff to sell, which isn't too good. Then went through Indeed/Monster for part-time positions but as usual there's nothing in my area that looks like I'll get. Shot out two applications for minimum wage, overnight desk attendent jobs, but I've never been called back for those kinds of jobs so don't have much hope. Head is a mess today, and I'm already getting cravings for old habits and that's a damn hard thing to deal with for an entire day. Just going to lay off and keep myself out of trouble today, I think; after I finish up this last pot of coffee probably going to spend the day beneath the pier at the beach, cooling in the shade and rereading Salinger's short stories and journaling a bit. Bit hot today, but by evening it cools down and you can comfortably be on the beach with coat and scarf and be all wound up in the salt spray alone and all that; rejuvenating, like.
  13. How would you come up with $4000 in two months?

    I'm tall, a college graduate (with honors), white (because most people using this service are indeed white), healthy, good weight (maybe a bit underweight, but only a little) and my family history is free of problematic/sudden medical issues. So no; I'm pretty sure I do meet them. The real issue is that donating sperm is something you do over a long period of time before you get paid; it's not sploop! into a cup and here's $20 bucks. You have to keep going and then get paid anywhere from some number of months to more than a year later, which obviously won't work. And yeah; already getting that stuff prepped
  14. What is your favorite type of pie?

    Pumpkin. I don't like sweets though, so I almost never have any. Just one pumpkin pie near Halloween for me
  15. How would you come up with $4000 in two months?

    I think it's about $800 a month from the job currently? I don't know; just started. I took the position with the idea that later I'll acquire more hours (which isn't a fantasy; it'll happen in relative time; January, it seems?). I'm currently only working 12 hours a week, but if I can scoop more time slots then this could really pay pretty handsomely. But that won't happen within 2 months time!