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  1. I remember some documentary I'd watched about the realities of ambulances, which are majorly independent/private businesses. One of the most consistent complaints was that, to maintain their business, they were required to purchase/have readily available some large amount of epipens. The reality of this situation though was that more than 90% of those pens went bad/had to be replaced, never used, and just a cost multiplier. Because of this (among other reasons, of course), ambulance costs have risen. So if this product has the entirety of western ambulance business by the neck, the price increase is no surprise. Yes, it saves people. But this is capitalism, unfortunately; 'fuck you, fuck them; make money.'
  2. First ever smartphone! I owned an ipod touch a while back, but the battery went bad and as a lot of the games I liked were F2P/internet dependent, I didnt stick around for long. But here I am! At least 3-4 years out of the loop entirely with mobile gaming. What are some hits? Must haves?
  3. Leaving for a long travel abroad soon, and I'm trying to do some damage control before I go. What are some things you need for travel abroad, but either do/almost forget? Or need to buy, but don't/forget.
  4. Who seriously gives a shit about this game anymore?
  5. I finally played through TEW this Summer, and while I wasn't all that crazy about it there is certainly enough to get some hooks in, if only narratively speaking. But there are a lot of holes with the plot, a lot that isn't answered, and I'm wondering if the two DLC where you play as the secret agent are worthwhile from a narrative stance? I'm asking because I initially threw the game off once I finished it, but just recently I found out that the DLC where you play as the Keeper is $5, so I'm downloading it this instant and am very excited it for it. But are the others worth it? The Keeper one is a weird off-shot, which is what I love most from DLC, but maybe I should go exploring those canon-oriented ones as well?
  6. I've missed talking with you, you know This damn season and all of its heat! I could've used a Canadian babe to get me through it--- alas, you've neglected me so thoroughly.
  7. I fucking loved Bioshock, and am in that party which thought Bioshock2 was fine and in no way a dampening on the series. But I didn't buy Infinite, and in fact didn't even play Infinite until last semester because my roommate had it installed on his hard drive. And I swear it's because of the box art. I knew the game would be good and all of that, but man; just could never buy it. Such a thrill-kill. Who cares?
  8. I do, but then I make the effort for certain things and, if they pay off, I feel better about it all. I don't think it ever ends, for some people. Some of us are just necessarily fucked up, and that's the single drive to do things. And if it's not horrendous, you'll make it horrendous, then go toeing that line of either repairing and exceeding, or suicide. One or the other, but those extreme options are certainly always available. It can always be worse though, because chances are that it already has been worse. So whatever the dilemma, just find a route, and then figure out how to get walking along it.
  9. FF13 pretty much killed console gaming for me for the large sum of PS3/360 gen, so definitely that. It worked out; handhelds are way more my thing as the games are much more daring, but still; that game ruined everything for me for a little while Lost Planet 3 is another big one. I really wanted to love it, because while LP2 lost me there was a Japan-exclusive spin-off, EX Troopers, that really made me fall back in love with the series. But LP3 is one of those final takes where Japanese companies hired Western developers, and it just doesn't have fun with itself like the other ones. Typical maturity and overt-seriousness and all of that; but the big problem is that the game is a standard 3rd-person shooter, and nothing like the core series. Just dissappointing in every way. Kingdom Hearts 2, and then every other entry in the series after that. The gameplay remains solid--- but man, it was just such an interesting and amazing game, and then every entry after that has been utterly flat, or, even worse, utterly, and so typically, square-enix bonkers. They can still be fun, but once I played 2 I knew that what the series did so well with the first one was a magic between being a solid action-rpg and also an intensely considerate story. But the rest don't have that; great gameplay, but increasingly lost *like every S-E series*
  10. You should go replay The Bouncer right now, because it's still fucking awesome! But I agree; older games definitely have a surprisingly sudden cut-off where the qualities of what made them special are either soured through time or are just simply outdated. All of its personal though, such as me still being on #teamBouncer I feel this way about FF7 in particular. Loved it like everyone--- but playing it now, it's a very slow battle system, the graphics are a sore, and those text boxes sure take forever. Dreamcast games I still enjoy for the most part, as well as Gamecube. Surprisingly, PS2 is where I've most fallen away from, maybe because of how many remasters are out there and have just spoiled me from enjoying the originals. But Dreamcast--- the games are just so weird, so they remain original and very much exclusive. Some stuff, like Blue Stinger and the House of Dead titles, showcase outdated designs, but for the most part I'm still very much in love with that system, especially for multiplayer nights with pals. Although, thinking of it, I'm really in the mood to replay HotD: Overkill now. That game was too awesome!
  11. I dunno; MH is a pretty long-running series at this point: a spin-off helps keeps things fresh, and sometimes can really surprise also. I always think of EX Troopers and how it ended up being not only the best entry in the Lost Planet series, but one of the best PS3/3DS games period. Could happen here, also; this is Capcom again, and they really do tend to put the effort into making their spinoffs both really unique and solid titles.
  12. Bit of a strange top 5, but these are the 5 which definitely stand the test of time in my mind. i really like every Suda51 character, but Mondo and Travis are the two most inspiring to me. Travis is just this great take on modernity and too fun in that his idiocy is definitely a part of our each lives, and Mondo is just a strangely dedicated character who you can't really get a grip on, but all the same remains very interesting, and certainly very cool too. Sam Gideon is just fun, plain and simple. It also helps that he's the star of one of the best games ever made. Neku is my boy, plain and simple. I get Neku, and I constantly undergo the same thing that Neku conquers in TWEWY. I think we all do, in some way. Sometimes you've got to shut down, and then sometimes you've got to open up. Things don't stop, but at the same time you might just need them to, even if it costs you a little. But yeah; love this character, and TWEWY is also in my all-time top 5 along with Vanquish as well. And Luigi is just a mess, and I absolutely love him. Panicky goofball who is always a delight to play as, whether in the Mansion titles or others. Nintendo always make him a standout, and every one of his titles is rich with personality and genuine comedy.
  13. You do know this has turn-based combat, right? It might be a Monster Hunter with a story, but it's not a Monster Hunter in the way that's important. It looks good though; it's just not an MH game (which is great for people like me, who don't like MH ). I'll be in Japan when this releases, and I'll be picking it up just because every other person in the country will be also; gives me something to talk about with others, anyway
  14. I was talking with a buddy the other day, who isn't a gamer by any means, and somehow we got going into games. He doesn't follow modern gaming, but we started talking about older stuff from the Gamecube. Thing is, he'd played 'em all. He knew his Prime, his Luigi's Mansion, Smash series, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, each Zelda, yadda yadda. So it got me thinking; when you buy a Nintendo system, you're going to play Nintendo games. No matter what, those are the games you're going to move towards. So for Nintendo, it's not a matter of which games you've played, it seems, but which you haven't. Across all platforms, all time; which have you missed?