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      D1P 2017 Charity Campaign for The Life You Can Save: $1,690 (as of September 8, 2017)   12/12/2016

      I've decided to extend our charity campaign for The Life You Can Save organizations for the entirety of 2017 so feel free to contribute at any time!  Periodically through the year, I'll have game giveaways for those who have donated to the campaign as a "thank you" for supporting this worthy endeavor!

      Welcome former GAFers!   10/21/2017

      I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome any and all "refugees" from NeoGAF who may have discovered our humble little site as a result of the ongoing "situation" over at NeoGAF.   Feel free to check us out and if you like, join our small but interesting community!

      So you're new to DayOnePatch - please read this!   10/21/2017

      First of all, a warm, hearty WELCOME to DayOnePatch - we're REALLY pleased to have you here!   I mean that most sincerely!   Our site was founded in late 2010 when a bunch of people from the IGN forums got sick and tired of IGN being IGN and decided to create a brand new community under the name BadCartridge.  We operated under that name for a few years until there was a change in ownership which resulted in a change to the current name that we have now.  Since then, we've had a couple of owners before I assumed ownership of the site in mid-2016 and here we are today.   I guess I'd better say a word or two about our rules.  Look, here's the deal:  you are probably a sentient human being with a modicum of social skills so you probably have an idea of what is acceptable to say to another sentient human being with a modicum of social skills.  If what you are about to post gives you some pause as to whether you would say in in real life, then you probably shouldn't post it.  In other words, DON'T. BE. AN. ASSHOLE.  It's not that hard!  While we have a damned fine mod team, all disciplinary actions are ultimately my decision as the Supreme High Chancellor (catchy title, eh?  I came up with it myself!) of DayOnePatch.   Now that the unpleasant stuff is over, let's talk about the great things we have.  Well, we have a very semi-regular podcast!   We LOVE having members of our community as guests on the podcast, so if you don't mind having your voice transmitted to DOZENS of people, then let us know if you'd like to be a guest.   We have a Discord server for you to chat in -real-time of if you want to use the voice-chat capabilities for games! https://discord.gg/HB8C2w3   We have a Steam Community Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/day1patch# Yes, I know the title still says "Bad Cartridge" and that's because Valve doesn't allow name changes to Steam groups because Valve is stupid.   But the thing that I'm most proud of is the Announcement that you see at the top of the page.  http://www.dayonepatch.com/index.php?/announcement/40-d1p-2017-charity-campaign-for-the-life-you-can-save-1690-as-of-september-8-2017/ For this year, this community has donated nearly $1,700 to organizations that are trying to improve the lives of people in the developing world.  It is a true testament to the character of the individuals of this community that they've given to this project (as well as many, many others) freely and without expectation of anything in return.  Because of this, I'm honored and humbled to be a part of this community.   In closing, we're really glad you're here (feel free to bring other friends too!) and let's have a helluva lot of fun! 


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  1. Destiny 2 Discussion - The Definitive Edition

    Holy crap, I don't know how I missed this. Not in the D1P clan, gotta stick around the nephew's clan.
  2. Destiny 2 Discussion - The Definitive Edition

    Anybody willing to guide this nub through the raid? Been playing with my family mostly (raid and trials) and it's been a major challenge. Also up for some trials. It's freaking tough this go around but it's satisfying to say the least.
  3. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    I'm out of the loop also. What's coming later this month?
  4. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    Complaining streamers can suck a D. Somewhat unrelated, I played against luckyy and banned wipe yesterday. I wasn't watching their stream while playing but sounds like they were talking shit throughout. One thing that's been consistent is my inconsistency. Lmao. I can't manage to control my sidearm at all. I'm liking this meta, looking forward to next weekend.
  5. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    Lessssssgo. They nerfed my CD/Grasp but they can cash me outside how bow dah.
  6. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    When do you guys normally run it? I'd be down if timing is good and gagoza cant do it. This past week was tough, got a new puppy and the other half was out of town.
  7. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    Too good. I keep trying to leave but I always come back. And that laugh, oh lawdy...
  8. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    I still need to run normal mode on my titan. If I'm not in a fireteam, I'm down to help any way I can.
  9. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    So Trials has been more fun than I thought it would be, given the map. Was doing pretty well running shotguns and using the inside of the buildings for cover and movement. If anybody wants to run it later, let me know. Wanting to get armor pieces for all my characters before the reset.
  10. NFL Week 8 - Jags vs Titans Ratings Spectacular

    I was MIA from D1P as a whole, had a ton going on. I'm (mostly) back now.
  11. NFL Week 8 - Jags vs Titans Ratings Spectacular

    Sorry guys. I didn't know I was re-signed into the league until it was way too late. I'll try to be more involved, ie play spoiler.
  12. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    Whoo hoo! D1P, work has officially lightened up (a tad) and I should have more time for Destiny... haven't gotten past the Seige portion of the raid and only six wins in Trials. If anyone wants to help run the raid or farm a passage or two (aiming for Blind Perdition), I'm game. @eggydoo, I'm down. Hit me up if you see me online.
  13. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    Deal. (well, no promises, but I'll put on sweat pants on at least)
  14. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    Going to miss the launch of RoI (away for two weeks starting next tuesday).... This scrub will need help with what's new when I get back.
  15. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    Nice comeback @bladimir2k! IB is so hit or miss. My playstyle has definitely switched over the past few weeks and now main Bladedancer, Stormcaller, and Defender. I'll still O,O as if to shadestep.