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  1. Thoughts on going back to 1080p? Update

    im still happy playing at 1080p and close to 60fps as i can get. You rich bastards
  2. @ cusideabelincoln what was your pevious gpu? I've got a gtx760 looking to upgrade.
  3. Diablo III patch 2.3 now live; Season 4 Aug 28th

    No. Not now. No. No.
  4. Any game out with really good stories

    If you really want to play a game to be engrossed in a strong story, I too highly recommend Life Is Strange. It's not about graphics or gameplay. It's ALL story, and the choices you make actually have consequences. Unlike Tell Tale games, even though they are amazing in their own right.
  5. Diablo 3 patch 2.2 is now live

    I log in from time to time when i just want to wind down before bed or relax. I pretty much fucked everything there is content wise. Beat a lvl 56 grift and stopped caring about seasons. Tons of new additions in 2.3 are gonna have me playing this shit again. The cube is back, Torment 10, and lots more. Horadric cube is coming back. Horadric cube. Is coming back. Horadric cube. Is. Coming. Back. Fucking Heck.
  6. My dad needs a new GPU, what you selling for $100'ish?

    I am ready whenever you are
  7. SLTTP: Shadow Warrior (2013)

    I too have owned this for awhile. Will probably install it sometime this week.
  8. Donate as low as $1 and get Deus Ex: Human Revolution for free

    Game was awesome.
  9. My dad needs a new GPU, what you selling for $100'ish?

    I will trade you a ASUS 760 2GB - will seem factory new in mint box and pamphlets unopened!
  10. At least you're not this guy

    Nope, not at all. The alcohol gets all the old paste off and almost immediately evaporates. Best way to do it is buy those little cotton pads that cost a dollar for a huge bag. Lightly soak a pad, then just gently wipe off the old paste. Easy as shit. I do it to just about every GPU I get.
  11. FURY X causing Nvidia to lower prices on Maxwell chips

    That's uh, going across the line a little bit there. Anyway, I'm just glad AMD seems to be doing good!
  12. Is this an optimal setup?

    whew shit, thought I had my side fan used as exhaust, but I just checked and it's on right. Built this case so long ago. Thank you though.
  13. How are Corsair PSU's?

    I recommend EVGA for price/permormance.
  14. Gameworks strikes again! (Batman: AK)

    very well said
  15. Is this an optimal setup?

    what if i only have 3 120mm fans, on the front, side, and back? should the side fan be an intake?