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  1. Describe me in 5 words

    Not really, all of those descriptions fit you well.
  2. Describe me in 5 words

    Disturbing, hairy, wrong, lukewarm, girl.
  3. It's not my birthday!

    *fixed Thank you for your heart warming thoughts!
  4. It's not my birthday!

    It's no longer my birthday.
  5. It's not my birthday!

    I made an informative post that it was my birthday today, I dont expect things like some people do. Also, what are these parts you speak of?
  6. It's not my birthday!

    What specifically is sad about me telling everyone it's my birthday? It's a fact about me I chose to inform everyone of.
  7. I just got a small promotion

    I got employee of the month, but no financial gain.
  8. A solid deodorant, undershirt, and only white or black dress shirts.
  9. Been around since 03-04 and still no one knows me!
  10. Carmelo Anthony Traded To OKC Thunder

    Having 3 players that need to be doubled when they get touches really limits what the defense can do. Plus these guys arnt surrounded by bums now so it should ease the pain of passing.
  11. Carmelo Anthony Traded To OKC Thunder

    On defense, yes.
  12. Four Halo Games Finally Added to BC

    MCC was probably the biggest let down I've ever had with a game. The only reason I was excited for the game was multiplayer, which didnt work for the first month or longer, and by that time it couldnt gain any traction since everyone knew it was broken. So yeah, fuck 343.