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  1. You could always ask for more evidence, and maybe she would actually dive more into the "truth". Also water is only important when you're thirsty. Consuming large amounts of water is also very bad.
  2. The first one was proven to be fake.
  3. This could be great news if they actually do the due diligence with the research and technology.
  4. 15 new Exoplanets discovered!

    lol, 200 light years is not close by. We have already found exoplanets that are about 70 light years away, which is still ridiculous. Hell lets say we can travel at the speed of light, over 3000 years on earth would pass by just going there and back. Any person that did go would be long forgotten.
  5. AMAZING TIP: go to bed 1 hour early tonight

    What if you were scheduled to work at 3am?
  6. Have you ever jizzed in a sink?

    Ah so you and Blake are doing well again!
  7. Damnit! When is someone going to make a good shooter again.
  8. Is this sexual harassment?

    Was he touching them before he was asked to suck on them?
  9. Cherry Coke is disgusting!

    You didnt go dark.
  10. The worried for my life thread

    This is Blakes special way of saying he cares ALOT.
  11. Today is my birthday

    No problem! This is the response I get when informing people it's my birthday. You're a lucky guy.
  12. Today is my birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  13. When will all of this go away? https://www.orbitaldebris.jsc.nasa.gov/