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  1. Anyone own one of these micro computers?

    What i'm trying to do is get a bunch of neogeo games working since NeoRAGEx 5.0 is a fully set up neogeo emulator + roms, I figured I could drag and drop the neo geo games into PiPlay and then have them run on FBA or the neo geo emulator. I have problems with either the roms aren't recognized or they launch to a black screen. I tried a few different neo geo bioses with not much luck...
  2. Anyone own one of these micro computers?

    I'm trying to do a raspberry pie mame cabinet now. I've always generally had trouble let with emulators, but emulators and linux is killer
  3. Summer sale starts today

    I got Shovel Knight! I'm considering the goat simulator DLC but dont think Ill ever play them...
  4. I used a $10 wireless mouse for gaming for like 5 years lol While I use a wired mouse now, it's mostly because i don't want to worry about batteries. I can't tell the difference between the two
  5. So this is a PS2 game or what? It looks awful in multiple ways
  6. What's the best MB brand?

    Gigabyte is always my first choice. They always have nice features and include lots of cables and have been reliable 
  7. Is your PC really VR-ready?

    I just bought a new PC and am not lol. I meet/surpass all except for the video card. Should be an easy enough upgrade when the time is right
  8. They do that but it's only for overclocking competitions. They also do like the phase change Coolers (or whatever) which cool the CPU down to -30c for home use but it's not at all worth the money 
  9. I mean decent liquid cooling setups start at around $200, so at $250 this isn't bad
  10. Doom: new screenshots

    I'm excited.  Id hasn't let me down yet, but we'll see how they fare without Carmack on this one
  11. For emergency savings, Ally Bank has a savings account with a 1% interest rate.  It's truly emergency too because you can pull money from it any time but it takes 3 days to receive.  This would be good for those looking to totally separate their emergency savings and make it truly emergency.     I have 6 months worth of bills saved in my emergency account, it's awful having that much money more or less just sitting around but necessary
  12.   Have you looked into coding camps? It seems to me a lot of places are caring less about a degree and more about what you can do. A quick example that I know of is Quicken Loans in Detroit working with Grand Circus.  The coding boot camp is like a 60 hour workweek for 6 weeks where all you do is code.  Quicken loans has some program where they'll send you through Grand Circus for free, but you pay them back as you're working.
  13. Steam Winter sale to start December 22nd

    I'm on the edge. I LOVED Borderlands 2. Is the pre-sequel worthwhile? I feel like I played Borderlands 2 to death though so i may not actually enjoy it regardless >_>
  14. Steam Winter sale to start December 22nd

    I just got a new system. What games can I use to showcase my new GPU?
  15. Star Wars is called The Galaxy Wars in Spanish

    How did she end up in AMERICA? I'm down here working for Ford and Hermosillo is a pretty nice city! Im not sure how life will go on without Caffenio and steak tacos every day