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  1. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I like and enjoy Destiny 2, have the expansion pass. That said, this post is 100% correct. This expansion is bad and not worth the money.
  2. Could also do something based more on myth/legend like Atlantis.
  3. Destiny 2 Discussion

    It's a fun short term fix until the patch the bug. Lets everyone get it cheap and they can use it in Crucible. Tuesdays patch will fix the bug and the meta will return to normal.
  4. What’s your Black Friday hauls ?

    Quite literally nothing. Watching prices on stuff throughout the year nothing really wowed me. There are several games on Steam that I'll likely pick up during the winter sale if my backlog clears up but I exercised some discipline knowing that these games will be on sale again soon at the same or better prices in about 1 month.
  5. To start with, I'm a PC gamer primarily and have been so since the mid 90's. I usually get the consoles too, but I haven't owned a Nintendo product since the N64. I'm getting it because I want to play Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey. Beyond that, I haven't really followed much about what it can do, if there are other games, any accessories I should buy, etc... 1) I've heard it has a virtual console that can play older games. Is there a list of games available? I primarily ask because I'd love to play the Mario/Zelda games that I've missed. Is there a cost? (edit: Yes, I've googled but there hasn't been many clear answers. 2) Are their other games I should look at getting? It would be primarily me playing and then very occasionally my wife. Kart 8 fun with just 2 people? 3) Are their any accessories I should get?
  6. Best Telltale games

    Youtube has you covered.
  7. Best Telltale games

    I liked Batman season 1. They did something new with established characters and because they changed them around I had no idea what to expect. I have not played WD Season 3 yet. I've heard enough mixed reviews that I'll pick it up when it goes on sale at some point. After the various endings that S2 had I am not sure how they pulled off getting Clem into the story.
  8. Best Telltale games

    I enjoyed Wolf and Tales from the Borderlands the most. Walking Dead Season 1 & 2, and Batman I also enjoyed. I didn't care much for Michone or GoT. Jurassic park was OK and had really annoying easy to fail QTE... though it was fun to fail each one the first time to watch the death scenes which were often very funny.
  9. ~Official Destiny 2 PC Thread~

    I think they should. They were decent and offer more to do. Just add some adventure quests to them and call it done.
  10. Looks more janky than the first game when it was originally released.
  11. Horizon and Lost Legacy. Just got Destiny 2 on PC and I think that's my #3. That said I don't have a switch so I haven't played Zelda or Mario.
  12. Destiny 2 Discussion

    PC player that just got to 20 and finished the campaign. Playing a Warlock. Anyone have any post lvl 20 guides for gearing up or have any guns to go after? Trading in the exotic engram for finishing the game got me an exotic auto rifle (more of a chain gun)... which I'm not really crazy about.
  13. I can see what she's saying from a business perspective. Making a single player only game with a long campaign is risky. If the story sucks, it will bomb. If the gameplay has issues, it will bomb. Multiplayer games are a little more fixable, have open beta's/demos, and are easier to sell add-on stuff like map packs and cosmetics. Personally, I think the happy medium is to do something like what Ninja Theory did with Hellblade: Senua's sacrifice. Make shorter games that tell a tight story without much padding and sell it at a lower price. I also think that digital distribution is probably more attractive for them with single player games as well. It's almost a guarantee that with a single player game with physical media that I'll finish it and sell it. All that said, a lot of the top sellers/game of the year winners are single player games... Zelda, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dishonored, Witcher 3, etc...
  14. GTX 1080ti vs Volta?

    As someone who has a 1080ti... I run most things pretty damn close to [email protected] Hardly any reason to go beyond a 1080ti with the monitors that are currently out.
  15. I love shorter (6-12hr) single player games... but at a more reasonable price. Hellblade is a perfect example. I also love my longer 20+ hour games like Horizon, Witcher, Zelda, and have no problem paying full price for those. I play those for the story more than anything so I don't mind if they aren't breaking new grounds or taking risks. In those games, I want gameplay that is fun and controls well more than trying to introduce something totally new... basically I want to just be able to pick up and play them.