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  1. The main difference is Bioware was going for awkward, but landed up with cringe instead. They basically made this:
  2. Looks like they got 2 or 3 animations working correctly.
  3. Right but it's still a Mass Effect game. Some people aren't letting it change their opinion, but others are thinking "It's Mass Effect! 10/10!" While others think "A bad Mass Effect is still good! 8.5-9/10!” I haven't played it. It doesn't look awful, but everyone is pretty much agreeing that the quests suck, the story sucks, and the characters suck. Even without the God awful animations and terrifying faces, it sounds like the game just has massive problems from it's very concept. While it might still be enjoyable for a play through, it sounds like the type of game people will only play once and forget all about. The type of game that if it wasn't made by Bioware and had a big name on the box, it would be averaging a lot lower than almost 80 on metacritic. Look at all the issues everyone had with 3. That's almost 90 on metacritic, and while I think 3 was pretty good, I still wouldn't give it a 9. If people are giving an average score of what I'd give 3, that means Andromeda must be more about like a 5 or 6. Sure, the internet is doing all it can to make fun of Andromeda right now, but even ignoring that, nothing about this game looks that interesting to someone who was in love with the series. So much cringe in the interactions, all the characters look boring, so many boring interactions. My high from the series was talking to Legion. Learning all this new shit about the Geth. Their history, the origin of the war, how they work, all that shit. I have a very strong feeling there is nothing even remotely close to that interaction in Andromeda.
  4. Because it's a game that is getting better reviews simply because it's Mass Effect. If this was a new IP from a new company it would be lower than 70s.
  5. Where do you live?
  6. This is going to be basically how all big VR releases work. A tacked on subpar experience. Don't expect anything to really take advantage of what VR offers until basically everyone has some type of VR set up.
  7. I don't have facts to back this up, but I'm feeling like they aren't more targeted than Muslims.
  8. I mean if you actively tried to avoid the song by all means possible, I'm sure you could have. I'm not boring enough to only have two presets though.
  9. Yeah I had to search for it by one lyric I could remember. It's a shame both of those didn't exist back when this song was new.
  10. Then that's just weird that you can know of Fergie, know enough about her music to know you don't like it, and then not have heard one of her most popular songs at the peak of her popularity.
  11. Then you must not own a radio or TV.
  12. You don't need to listen to Fergie to hear a song that was all over the place when it was new.
  13. All I can think of while watching that demo.
  14. Did they though? What deals does Nvidia have with them? Maybe they are reducing licensing fees for Nvidia tech for all we know. Even if they are putting down a lump sum of cash, there's no way Nvidia is paying 60 dollars per code.