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  1. That's funny, my friend and I where saying the same exact thing when the crash started to happen. People who bought early build hype. The people they hype buy in, build hype for others. So on and so forth. While the concept is crypto is fundamentally different from a pyramid scheme, the way you make money from it is fairly close.
  2. To an extent yeah. But you can also more wisely choose when to invest, and with what company. With crypto it's 100% feeling based. You feel like this is as low as the price will go. You feel like it's going to rise. Your can't really accurately predict when it's going to go up in value, and you can't predict when it's going to crash hard. And that's ultimately why crypto will fail for the near future. We don't have a need. It's just trendy and hip right now, so people are buying the hype. Once more companies like Valve stop accepting it because of its instability everyone is going to understand that it's a mostly pointless currency for most people. In America right now, it's really only useful for shady shit. Yes you got lucky twice, and bought in early. It can just as easily never raise in price again. It can drop down to post Silkroad prices again. You literally don't know. Again, if you have spare money you can afford to lose, then do what you want. It is a stupid investment though. There's a chance for big money to be made like with the Silkroad bubble and the recent "omgblokchainzz" bubble we just saw, but you can't predict when that will happen it again. Could be in a couple months, could be never again. It's tied to literally nothing. It's worth what people think it's worth, and that changes drastically day to day. I can go to a store and buy every new toy with the hope that in 30 years it will be a collector's item, but no one is going to agree that it's a smart investment just cause sometimes I get lucky and resell a doll for 3k. Yeah I get you already have a shitload of crypto. I get that you bought early and bought cheap. Playing the game where you are right now isn't stupid, there isn't exactly much risk when you already own it all and bought early. However for most of the planet who didn't buy early, it's a plain stupid investment.
  3. That's the thing. It is mostly stupid. It was pure luck that you made money. That's it. You can't predict how it will be valued, cause it's based entirely off how people feel about it. This isn't like investing in a startup that has a crazy idea. This is investing in something that could be entirely worthless next week just because. All the people who got in early need to stop acting like that an experience that will ever happen again. You got lucky. You got it when it was cheap, and then it had a massive bubble. It very well could have gone the other way. That very well could happen now that everyone sees that crypto has zero use and zero value for most people. It's like investing in the lottery. Yeah, it will be worth selling your house for the cash if you hit the jackpot, but you have no idea if you are going to. If you have the money to spare it doesn't hurt, but it's flat out stupid to depend on this for your sole way of investing.
  4. Lol what? You are trying to start shit with me, and are just agreeing that you don't need to be hipster about coffee to have good coffee. You are starting shit for the sake of starting shit, yet I'm the fucking asshole. Fuck you.
  5. No fucking shit. The average person isn't a hipster. You are so bad at this game.
  6. Yeah no. That's not how the coffee hipsters are making coffee. That's how us normal people are.
  7. Uhm....yeah? I don't get it, do you think I disagree or something?
  8. What? Did you hit your head or something? Should I call an ambulance?
  9. I dunno what third wave coffee is, but yeah, I said I don't need 400 dollar equipment and rare beans. Thanks for repeating what I just said.
  10. I mean it is really great. No self respecting New Englander will tell you different. However, I'm fine with my 15 dollar coffee maker. Don't need some 400 dollar thing, with rare beans, and special grinders, and a neck scarf to enjoy it.
  11. I've never seen it used in a way that isn't consistent with the way everyone else is using it.
  12. I'm telling you, it's still way worse when it comes to coffee. There's arguments of what's the best pizza, but it never really gets hipster. It's like arguments between CoD and BF1, it's just fighting. The arrogance behind coffee is more mutually agreed on when it comes to hipster coffee. They aren't arguing over what bean is best, they are just calling everything that doesn't take 2 hours to make, using exclusively exotic equipment and ingredients, trash. I do love how salty people get when the word hipster comes up though. It's like they are afraid of being one, so they compensate by trashing the word every time they can. Anyways, it's pretty easy to define. It's basically anyone with an arrogance about something, that does said thing in an overly complicated or time consuming way, which results in a very minor to no better results. Think of the people who squirt for vinyl records. Most songs are mastered digitally, so there is literally zero difference between a digital and analog format (assuming the digital is lossless). Yet look at how many hipsters will argue till they are blue in the face that their mid-range turntable is the only true way to listen to music. They take the act of listening music, and make it more expensive than it needs to be, make it multiple times less convenient, and then get all snooty about it. That's being a hipster. Music and coffee is breeding grounds for hipster attitudes, but just cause you like good coffee and good music doesn't make you one. Don't get all uppity about it.
  13. It's cause you can be very very hipster about coffee. There isn't the hipster underbelly in pizza. There's good pizza, and there's bad pizza. With coffee it goes so much deeper with the infinite ways to roast it. The multitudes of different types of coffee drinks. All the different types of beans. All the different ways to grind it. All the different shit you can put in it. The average person just cares if it was roasted properly. That's comparable to the bad pizza good pizza thing. When you start making this exact science, based on all these things that make coffee a massive pain in the ass for the everyday person, then calling it "the only way to drink coffee" and having these people act like coffee is gods gift to man and you are actively spitting in their face because you went to dunks, that's when you went too far into hipster territory.
  14. Nah, that won't be the authentic experience though. That's kinda what I want to see. Would she be as animated as she is on her TV shows? Would make watching all the presidential shit entertaining, that's for sure.
  15. People don't trust politicians. I don't really think this is the fault of the people, but just our politicians have been mostly shit for just so long. So much corruption and backroom deals. Treating their position as a way to get rich and more power, not unlike the leaders of shady companies. The problem is the person they elected is a shady leader of shady corporations.