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  1. Dude don't get mad, get even. It's Anathema. He's said much more damning things about his own life than anyone else here ever could.
  2. One day when I was driving in NH, my friends and I accidentally took a wrong turn. We followed the road for a bit to see if it would lead to somewhere familiar, and it took us to a gate with a guard station. Immediately the guards went into alarm mode, approaching the car (I'm guessing it was a time of day that workers wouldn't be going in?) demanding to know why we dare go down this road (we had no idea a nuclear powerplant was at the end of this road). Upon explaining our mistake, the guard says sternly "Turn around right now! AND NEVER LOOK BACK!" So yeah, I'm assuming it's fairly hard to just walk into a nuclear powerplant. That being said, there is always bombs, and malware that can destroy powerplants. However, the result wouldn't be so much a nuclear bomb going off, and more of radiation just spilling into the surrounding area. So, in summary, any attack from the air or whatever, probably is going to result in your death without the powerplant. Malware designed to cause the reactor to go into meltdown, would probably be caught early, and lead to an evacuation well before there was any danger to you. The possibility for a terrorist attack on a powerplant exists, but it would be unlikely to be an effective way at killing a large amount of people. Make the surrounding area inhabitable for awhile maybe, but that's about it.
  3. Are you trying to find logic in racism?
  4. No, that shouldn't be a "mistake". It was a legal firearm, it's his right to have it. That should be doing the right thing, informing the officer that you have a firearm on you, so they don't see it and freak out. I have no fucking clue how this guy got off at all. The video of the shooting seems like pretty damning evidence that this cop shot him for zero fucking reason.
  5. I don't know how to feel about this one. On one hand, what she said was super fucked up, but on the other, she didn't tie a noose around his neck. I think she should be charged with something, but I don't think manslaughter should be it.
  6. I'm rocking a 1060 now, so PC.
  7. Sure, if they went toe to toe with their opposition. They don't though. They wear masks, hide in crowds, and cheap shot people in the head with bike locks then run away.
  8. Dpad is the only option for controller.
  9. Things like this is why I just can't support Sony. Every smart decision is followed by a sea of shit decisions.
  10. Playing the piano isn't complicated, yet you still can't just jump on one and play good music. This is why people like it. You don't need to fight with the game to understand it, but there is plenty to master. It's straightforward, but that doesn't mean you can just load it up and destroy the hardest monsters.
  11. http://store.steampowered.com/app/218620/PAYDAY_2/ Ends the 21st.
  12. Good it can be their turn to play world police.
  13. No no, Paladins is a blatant Overwatch ripoff. It just has a few relics from the game it was going to be before they saw Overwatch and thought "Let's just make that game instead". Anyways maybe people will play this now. Probably not, but I'd like the chance to actually play this game.
  14. Wait, what does the travel ban have to do with our rights? What's his logic for this tweet?