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  1. That quest was never on Xbox though. I think the only cosmetic thing we got was the wiggly head. So it's possible that quest isn't going to be included in the spring thing for Xbox.
  2. A look back at the "fuckload of bloom" era

    I don't think it's to emulate old-school tech, and more of just something that happens more commonly with cheaper hardware. It can give the game a look "self shot" or found footage look, cause your average Joe isn't going to have high end cameras and the know-how to prevent it. Giving it a more realistic and authentic look. I think it fails, but it does it a fuck load better than bloom ever did.
  3. Valve to start making games again

    FPS never had random pickups. Each weapon spawned exactly in the same place. But yeah, I don't know how well classes would be in BR. The game would have to be squad only, and solo play is massively popular among players and streamers.
  4. No, it's boring because most of the match is nothing with gunfights sprinkled in. It's a major reason why every BR game makes for a shitty esport. The dead moments are intense when you are playing, but just dead air when you are watching.
  5. I'll probably learn GL when PC launches.
  6. Valve to start making games again

    It's Valve, so who knows. I might actually get super into this game if it doesn't use traditional TCG payments though. I love the genre, I just can't get behind something that requires spending hundreds a year to be competitive. A 30-60 dollar TCG that has all the cards available from the start would be interesting. It's possible they could use a one time fee for the entire thing. No one would have expected a MOBA that freely gives you all the heroes from the start to work, but it's been incredibly profitable for Valve. Valve has the instant userbase that few other companies have. They can make unusual payment models work.
  7. Highlights are actually pretty entertaining. But yeah, just to watch regular gameplay is hyper boring.
  8. Wait what? It was Sony who was bitching about the accidental cross platform before.
  9. Depends how it was supervised. If they bought them from Apple through a program, that iPad will always be supervised. You might be able to hack it to remove it, but you would be jailbreaking it and I highly doubt your company would be okay with that. You would be making it less secure, and I doubt they would want any corporate information on it. Depending on how tight you are with the higher-ups, that could totally get you fired. If it's a small company and you know the owner, CEO, whatever, they will still probably want you to pay for a new one. However, if you know them that well, you could just have them remove whatever restriction you want lifted, making jailbreaking it pointless. If it was a consumer iPad, you can just format it to remove the supervision, but they will probably find out eventually that you are bypassing their supervision. In this case, less likely to get fired, but would still piss them off. Could easily have an IT guy put supervision back on, so probably wouldn't be considered damaged, but it will look very bad on your part. Unless you are tight with the higher-ups, which again you could just have them remove restrictions if that's the case. So basically, either you are close with your boss and can get the restrictions removed, or you aren't and risk getting in a lot of trouble. I'm guessing that since you are asking about this, you aren't close to people who would let you remove the restrictions, so you really are just better off buying your own iPad. This is legitimately something you could get fired for, and likely something that will put you in deep shit. There are reasons why corporations and schools get supervision put on these. One for security, and two because they don't want to give you free toys. Don't fuck yourself over 350 bucks. Edit: Of course people are dumb enough to try it. Those people are in the unemployment line and school children. It's 100% possible, no security is unbeatable. If you where some kid in school I'd say go for it, but not for work.
  10. Valve to start making games again

    Dota 2 Battle Royale confirmed. I wouldn't be upset if we get a TF3 though. Or a new Day of Defeat. I mean, we can talk about HL3 but we all know that won't ever happen.
  11. Not even that, it would just be more convenient. For FFXIV, for example, that's cross platform for PS4 and PC, so we have a couple people in our guild that have to use discord on something else, meaning they have to use headphones and not hear the game, or send a shitload of echo back to us. I think the built in party chats are always going to be more convenient, but there are reasons why you would want to use discord, and still be able to hear the game you are playing. I'm surprised there is still no discord app even on Xbox where it's even easier to get one up.
  12. Spray more shit at the shooter. It would obviously just make your job easier.
  13. Yes, because all school shootings are just some summer comedy where basic household items become hilarious ways to stop dangerous encounters. What's next on other ways to stop shootings? Buckets filled with marbles? Door handles hooked up to car batteries? Paint cans attached to trip wires? Should we watch Home Alone for some inspiration? Treat it as some educational material? I'm all for supplying schools with things that can help people not get shot, but fuck you have to be dumb to recommend just trying to spray a shooter with a fire extinguisher.