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  1. Did they though? What deals does Nvidia have with them? Maybe they are reducing licensing fees for Nvidia tech for all we know. Even if they are putting down a lump sum of cash, there's no way Nvidia is paying 60 dollars per code.
  2. No shit? He's going to get impeached even if he does nothing wrong. The party is going to want Pence to take over.
  3. At least we are one step closer to GM not being a thing in this world.
  4. Maybe it's just nature's way of telling us we need to stop breeding.
  5. I set to offline a lot, I think I should get message on my phone still.
  6. I think you just don't like MMOs.
  7. Hahaha you say that like it's an important feature. NES carts are actually bigger than they need to be so Westerners would think they are higher quality.
  8. I so badly want to get into this game, there is just seemingly nothing at all to do.
  9. They can't take damage worth shit, and dodging is limited. I dunno, maybe they changed it since I last played, but you take a couple hits and are flat out dead. You can't just keep dodging, because dodge isn't something you can just spam. You have to take damage, and thief can't take any. Hell, I was just reading a thread on the GW2 Reddit about thief in PvP, and everyone was saying to make a build that's all about ganking because they flat out can't 1v1 anyone who isn't total shit. Looking up what class to play for solo content, I didn't see one person mention thief, so it's safe to say they still really are a bad choice for solo. You might like it, and that's fine. Keep on keeping on. However, throughout playing to cap on my thief, was nothing but frustration as fucking every hit would demolish my thief. If this was MH or Dark Souls or something where every hit is telegraphed, and you had a good stamina pool that let you spam dodge, sure, you'd have a point. But it's not. You just can't dodge enough to escape all the attacks coming your way, and even less so when it's something that involves fighting multiple mobs at once.
  10. I just started this back up yesterday. I dunno how much time I'll put into it, but I started a new character, plan to hit 80 then buy the expansion rather than one of the billion jump potions the game has given me. I've always wanted to get into this game, but I just couldn't. I think a lot of it was just because thief sucks at solo content, but I've always liked the idea behind GW2.
  11. Maybe, I'm not gonna be home until late tonight.
  12. I'm all about ICEs, and turbos, and actually shifting, but if you really had to pick... Well any Tesla really, or that kit car, as a daily driver... You damn well know you would pick the Tesla.
  13. I mean, you could make an electric car like that.