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  1. That isn't bad at all time wise. This will be my first time through, FYI.
  2. Damn, that's late, I am eastern. Who needs sleep when there is phat loot to be had though.
  3. What time do you guys raid? I might be interested this evening.
  4. Skyrim Switch Discussion

    Any fun character build ideas?
  5. New Stardew Valley Single Player content coming

    I am having trouble picking between Leah and Penny myself. I think Penny would make the better wife. She seems like a people pleaser.
  6. New Stardew Valley Single Player content coming

    I just got quality sprinklers, now I have so much free time to schmooze all the ladies.
  7. Skyrim Switch Discussion

    Can't decide what class I am going to make. Pretty sure I was a warrior with healing magic the first time I played it eons ago.
  8. Rocket League Switch

    I was happy just to give Psyionic my money. I got the ps4 version for free so long ago, it was nice to finally pay them for something I have played for over 100 hours.
  9. Rocket League Switch

    Played a couple games this morning. It runs great.
  10. Yeah, I will probably try that sometime this week. Was hoping just to play the fun way first.
  11. Man, turned in 8 packages and no faction armour yet. Only reason I picked New Monarchy.