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  1. Happy to be the 20,818th backer on @BackerKit for Yooka-Laylee - A 3D Platforme... | Thx @PlaytonicGames!
  2. Yes! The first act was great. Been looking forward to the second act since I finished it.
  3. Bloodborne Discussion Thread

    So this is my first time playing a From game. Never played any of the souls games so I've basically gone into this game completely blind. That said. My gawd. Having a great time so far. It's difficult. I was expecting that. I took down my first boss last night and I think I'm hooked now. Took me a while to get there. I need to go back into the sewer area to look around for some loot. I was down there but I know I missed something. Those crows make the most horrific sound while attacking. First time that happened I about shit myself. Glad I picked this up! Also side note thanks for putting the spoiler tags in your posts.
  4. I think from this point forward I will........

    Just got my PS4 last week and installed a 2TB drive immediately. Plan to do the same with mine.
  5. Valve just announced Steam Link hardware.

    Score. Looking forward to getting more details on this and some impressions. For $50, I'm just about sold.
  6. Looking to buy a new HD for my ps4. Any recommendations?

    I was looking for something like this. Glad to see how easy it is. Thanks for posting that video Mass. I'm getting my PS4 next month and will do this right away. I assume I can do this right out of the box before starting it up for the very first time? edit: I am planning to go full digital with my PS4, 2TB should be enough for awhile right?
  7. Finally getting around to Uncharted 3. Hope to finish that up this weekend, but probably won't have the time. If I get any other spare time it will be Picross e5 and Diablo 3.
  8. I'm still surprised that modern controllers aren't using the Gamecube style triggers. Those were amazing.
  9. Whose been to PAX?

    Been to all the east shows so far. They are a great time. As for the free play areas you wait in line to get either a console game or a seat at at a PC. They will give you about 30 mins of game time. Rinse and repeat. I wouldn't recommend trying to getting into anything too deep. The PC selection of games is fairly limited as well in free play. This past year some friends and I played NBA Jam for a few sessions on the SNES, which was a ton of fun.
  10. PS3 PSN Purchases on PS4?

    Hmm, I was considering going all digital with the PS4, not sure how that will play out in the future.
  11. PS3 PSN Purchases on PS4?

    Can I download and play the games I bought on PSN for my PS3 on a PS4?
  12. Let's catch up on Jonathan Blow's The Witness

    I have been highly anticipating this since it was announced. Do we have a release date for it yet?
  13. Who's getting themselves Shovel Knight?

    Beat this last night, ended up with 80% item completion first time through. I think its all missing music sheets, but I didn't go back and look to see how many I was missing. It was a fantastic game though, no complaints at all. It was said before, but I think its because of how true the game was at face value. You know exactly what you are getting when you buy it/load it up. What's everyone's score on Mona's mini game? I had 278 one time, after playing it a few times in a row.
  14. Mario Maker for the love of GOD

    So I wonder if the level creation will be similar to pushmo where you need to be able to complete it yourself before publishing it?