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  1. Let’s not forget the only reason DACA is on the table and needs to be resolved is Trump removed protections in place for recipients and created an arbitrary deadline of 6 months that now Congress has to deal with.
  2. The president needs his safe spaces. Betting now he does an interview with Fox News.
  3. I’m glad there is finally data behind it, because it’s been clear for a few years fake news is dissent, and has nothing to do with truth.
  4. We just need for stupid old people to die.
  5. Obviously because they’re too big for him.
  6. The #1 “fake news” award wasn’t even fake news. It was an opinion based economic prediction article that did not come to fruition.
  7. Hey remember when Donald Trump last year paid a pornstar 130k to keep quiet about the affair he had while his third wife was raising their 4 month old child in a Manhattan sky rise with his name on it. Literally nothing matters anymore.