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  1. By some do you mean Sean Spicer, who said today in the presser that this was them "aggressively pushing back" on "false narratives." http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/321137-spicer-suggests-barring-media-was-a-response-to-false-narratives
  2. Sean Spicer says in Dec 2016 than banning media outlets is something only dictatorships do.
  3. I have never typed this world in my life, nor have I ever used it in describing Trump and his policies, but it's hard to read this and describe it as something other than fascism. Here's a pic from the presser.
  4. Need to get some guns up in there and fight off those grizzlies.
  5. If it's not already, this will be your new favorite YouTube series.
  6. Has anyone else watched the piece Tucker Carlson aired? It doesn't cite any statistics, and the only clip of the documentary is the filmmaker interviewing what appears to be 2 average citizens. The filmmaker says the overwhelming sentiment in Sweden among citizens is the refugee program is working and they are a humanitarian superpower.
  7. Ah we've gone from, I was talking about a nonexistent event last night in Sweden, to I was actually talking about this expose I saw last night on Fox News with Tucker Carlson. That is much more reassuring.
  8. Another example of what does he mean when he says words.
  9. It might be overly simplistic, but I always felt like I was using Android. With my iPhone, it just feels like a canvas for my apps.
  10. The first biggest turn off was complaining on social media, and the second, being too active on social media. So basically Donald Trump himself or his supporters are the least desirable humans in America.
  11. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/trump-leaked-audio-clubs-guests-235161 Literally everything Donald Trump said about Hillary Clinton is a projection of his own actions.
  12. Let's discuss whether Don deleted the original tweet because he felt SICK! was going too far, or he is so petty he needed to edit and call out ABC and CBS.
  13. You're projecting again Donnie.