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  1. NCAA bracket preview revealed

    Yeah that's pretty great. The complete room just deflates in agony.
  2. @Pent the TCL 6-series coming out in the next couple months is worth waiting for, the 65" should be $1099 or less. if it is higher and not a good fit, their new 5-series will actually be very similar and worth looking into.
  3. What size is the main TV you have in your living room? Is that the one you game on?
  4. Well it came down to sales and people ultimately decided having to wear the special 3D glasses wasn't worth it for them. Most companies ditched 3D completely last year and along with the "Curved TV" models looking to go extinct as well it seems the focus is turning to HDR and OLED.
  5. They compare very well, CNET said this in its review of last year's model. With truly excellent image quality at an affordable price, this TCL is our pick over the Vizio M if you want a 55-inch model. Their picture quality is similar, but TCL's Roku Smart TV system blows away Vizio's. It was only available in 55" last year but it will have a 65" version this year.
  6. I'm just waiting for the TCL 6-Series 65" to release and I'm really happy I waited until 2018. This TV looks to be the best deal in years!
  7. Between the GPU's and RAM I have (3 computers) compared to when I bought them the "current value" has gone up like $2,000. God damn, I like them though no selling!
  8. Open Steam Store, click on the big Steam Awards link at the top.
  9. They just throw so much money to buy development studies that as individuals the owner's simply cannot refuse that kind of cash. I feel bad for the developers who get caught up in it, but I do understand why some studio's just can't pass up the unbelievable paycheck EA is willing to spend to improperly run their company and then claim it's "not working" and shut it down.
  10. Metroid Prime is 15 years old

    It was one of my favorite games of all time to play through when I got it. I was only 14 years old, had just gotten my learner's permit (Kansas allowed 14yr old's to drive back then.)
  11. Brag post about Google Fiber

    I have been able to get this for a while, not sure why I waited. But Charter buying TWC and turning it into "Spectrum" with higher prices and lower speeds/throttling finally pushed me over the edge.
  12. Everbodies Golf Aug 29th

    I'm gonna be playing.
  13. There needs to be a separate place for PC gaming/hardware. It just has so many more elements that aren't relevant to anyone just playing games on consoles. I don't want to try and discuss my system cooling and temperatures when others are talking about an upcoming console release or some esport tournament going on. PC Gaming is and has always been more intricate, it should always be viewed as a slightly different community.
  14. Playstation 5.

    I hope we don't see new consoles for at least 3 more years. Agree with @nacthenud that I need a breather, I have a PS4 Pro and a Switch so I hope those run strongly for a while.
  15. Only 1 of the 6 models that can play 3ds games, not the entire system lineup. This is misinformation really, nothing important or worth worrying over.