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  1. Resistance 3 Review Thread

    Sold. Gonna return to gaming after a monthlong hiatus due to school restarting with this title, and those were the words I needed to hear to fill my heart with joy.
  2. Listening to Thriller (album) for the first time

    Yeah, even though I love the approach/concept Arcade Fire went with on Suburbs, I think Neon Bible remains their best. They set a mood and sound and ran with it, full-on. It's such a deliberate and focused effort without sounding like one, and that's what makes it perfect to me, too. I honestly wouldn't skip a single note of that album.
  3. Is SOCOM 4 really that bad?

    Yeah, the PSN could not have gone down at a worse time for this game. It's kinda tragic actually.
  4. considering selling my PS3

    Cannot relate. I'd never sell mine.
  5. Listening to Thriller (album) for the first time

    Yeah, I think that's a bit of a stretch. If I HAD to pick a Green Day album to consider masterful and scene-changing, it would be Dookie. Talk about an album with near-perfect flow and momentum. If we're talking more modern masterpieces, I think Radiohead's OK Computer and Kid A probably will be looked back upon as a perfectly produced album masterpieces. Not everyone agreed with Kid A's overall approach at its time of release, but as time goes on it's getting clearer to realize that as a focused work of art, it is almost undeniably perfect.
  6. SwiftKey X free on Amazon Appstore!

    You need to have it set to "Precise" or whatever to get it to stop doing this.
  7. What are you listening to right now??

    Allegaeon - Fragments of Form and Function Specifically, "The Renewal"
  8. Truer words have seldom been spoken.
  9. Death Metal

    I've never been super accurate with death metal subgenres, but I've recently really gotten into this band Allegaeon. I just love every single aspect of their sound. I don't know if you'd call them real death metal, deathcore, melodic death or what, but whatever it is, it rocks, and is my current obsession. Their whole album Fragments of Form and Function is nearly flawless, except for this one song "Biomech" which goes a little bit too much into metalcorey territory for my liking but still manages to be a very good song. I love the chorus of this song "The God Particle." These guys never forget that even death metal can be catchy! Just spreading the word...
  10. I LOL'd. Seriously, what's Pluto got to do to get a little respect around here?
  11. Yeah I used to play hockey but not so much anymore. It seems we were skating about the same time! I think it's taken a bit of a nosedive in popularity, at least in my area, which sucks because it's still a great and healthful activity. There used to be more shops around here. Even the skateboard shops around here used to have inline skates, but now it seems none of them do. I'm really just looking at them for general fitness, so I would mainly be using them for skating through parks and neighborhoods. I know what a good skate feels like, though, so I would want something at least as good as what I had. I tried a couple of the skates that are available at the big box stores like Academy or Sports Authority and they're just not it. I've done a little more research though, and it seems like Rollerblade is what I'll stick with. I'll probably just give these New Jack 2's a try, and if not I'll just return them and try something else. Don't worry, I appreciate any help or insight I can get!
  12. I haven't shopped for these in ages because I've owned a pair of Rollerblade Lightning TRS from the late 90s all these years and they finally broke on me for good three days ago. Sucks but the damn things were built like a tank so I can't complain. What are good skates to buy these days? I'm thinking of sticking with Rollerblade, and I've got my eye on the New Jack 2's (seem to be a descendent of the Lightning TRS I have) but I wanted to know if there are any other good brands out there, maybe newer brands? Any help would be appreciated...
  13. This week's ad. Deals and new arrivals inside.

    I completely agree with this. There was SO much going on in gaming, and an unprecedented and still unmatched number of active consoles existing simultaneously. I think it partly has to do with the age we were at though. I mean, I was still a young teenager and actually had the time for all these games. Gaming is so different now. It's still fun, but man it still had an innocence to it, even then at this point in time. I teach 2nd grade. I had kids this past year who basically played Black Ops and that was IT. Competitive online gaming, at least to me, has made it less necessary to seek out fresh game experiences as often, especially with DLC now. These ads were awesome. Thanks! I especially loved the colored outlines around the consoles. That's so extreme! "64 BITS OF PURE POWER". whoa! I'm actually in the process of scanning some old Next Generation mags I have and posting them on here. One of them has this great article about where your money goes when you buy a game that uses old examples but is still pretty relevant today.
  14. I got a fungal thing going in my crotch when I played a roller hockey double header once and then went home and fell asleep without takin a shower. SUCKED. It took six weeks to get it fully cleared up, but a combo of Lotrimin Ultra and good ol' J&J baby powder cleared it up. To this day I use baby powder any time I do anything sports related and also showered immediately, and I've never had a problem since.