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  1. PlayStation Experience 2017 VR

    Sony has stated they have some announcements this week. I'm not sure what they have planned, but here is hoping for some cool stuff. The number 1 thing with a bullet is they need new hand controllers with analog sticks. I doubt that will get shown until e3 at the earliest.
  2. X1X Enhanced Games

    I'm very impressed with BC on the XB1X. Fallout 3 looked as good as it'll get without a complete remaster. I also tried Crimson Skies since it was an OG Xbox game, and it looked great for a 15 year old game. 4K on both BTW. I wrote off the Xbox for this generation until the Xbox One X came out. It has changed my mind.
  3. Neat. I think I need one of those hoodies.
  4. ~Official Destiny 2 PC Thread~

    I'm on as LaXDragon#1297 I'm usually available in the evenings after 8pm CST, and sometimes I login over lunch weekdays at around 12pm CST. If you see me in, feel free to ask me to group up.
  5. The Kinect is Dead

    Kinnect was sorta fun on the 360 where there were titles that used it. On the Xbox One, it was pointless, and was one of the main reasons why the Xbox One flopped out of the gate.
  6. Hello? Are we back? Is this on?!

    OH YEAH! I sorta forgot that D1P had forums. I need to get back into checking here. Been busy adulting as of late.
  7. Another Bubsy is coming. Here's the launch trailer

    Amazing. Amazing someone greenlit this. I actually played Bubsy back in the Genesis days. Never cared for it. It was missing something... oh yeah.... FUN!
  8. Does anyone ever struggle with their retro hobby?

    I've slowed my collecting down dramatically. I think I'm there for all the games I want. I never got in this to be a completionist anyway. I just wanted to collect the games and systems that I actually would play. I may still buy a game here and there if the deal is right. That said, I'm not disappointed with the lack of hunting. I'm satisfied, and now will simply enjoy it for what it is. Fun.
  9. These were MS-DOS ports back in the day. Luckily, the DOS developers (Virgin/Westwood) used the superior Genesis versions to port from not SNES. 9 bucks is a bit steep IMO. But, wait, and they will be cheaper, if you don't already have the Genesis carts or ROMs laying around. Oh, and the music in Alladdin is by Tommy Tallarico, so there is that.
  10. Nice! Ordered it up to add to my collection.
  11. Revive experience!

    Oculus certainly does have the better lineup at the moment. Good to hear Revive is working so well for you. Like so much reverse engineered software, I'm sure there will be bugs, but this is a smaller amount of work than say a console emulator.
  12. I love that feature. Oculus store does not need to be running, the headset will launch it when you put it on. Fantastic. Overall the experience of launching, and playing games is much better on Oculus. Now, they just need to fix having to go to the desktop app to finish the install of some games. Also, I really want the ability to see game trailers in VR, and even better, give us full VR trailers, in 3D.
  13. Yeah, still loving it. I've had the DK2 to play with for a few months, and I finally got my CV1 this weekend. Every time I jump in the VR world, I'm all smiles and giddiness. Even playing old games converted to VR is fun. Played some Quake 1, and while familiar, it feels new.
  14. Which VR device to buy?

    And everything you played worked without any issues or additional tweaks whatsoever? That seems unlikely based off of that bug list.
  15. Which VR device to buy?

    IMO Oculus has the best designed hardware, a larger lineup of titles, and good plan for the future. Once the Touch controllers hit this fall, I think the decision will be even easier. In the meantime, there are plenty of controller based VR titles to hold you over. While Revive seems like a good plan, it has bugs, and will add to the hassle of the already complicated Vive setup process. https://github.com/LibreVR/Revive/issues Side note: Did you know that Vive requires 3 AC adaptors, while the Rift requires zero?