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  1. All I know about Hope is that she has the grossest vaginal lips I've ever seen...shame for such a cutie.
  2. PlayStation Plus soon to be $60

    I would heckle, but who am I to throw stones when I've been paying for XBL since 2002... Then again though, I've never paid more than $40 for a yearly sub, 'cause I'm bout dem online deals.
  3. Russia is releasing a superhero movie

    Hopefully they team up with him at some point...film of the year if it happens.
  4. You're poopy. The thought of potentially only getting one Titan per match in a game called Titanfall does not sound appealing to me. It only does to the "Git Gud" contingent.
  5. Russia is releasing a superhero movie

    I think I want to see it...
  6. Not a fan of hunting in general (although no real issue with it if the hunting is for food), but when one has easy access to firearms (I guarantee this dude owns at least one hunting rifle), spearing an animal is some BS, and is quite cruel. Shoot that fucker in the boiler room and take him right down. "Proving a point" with a spear is just lookin' for that 15 min.
  7. Turkish troops launch anti-ISIS offensive into northern Syria

    Prob the only real reason they're doing it...fuck Turkey. Shit, Erdogan may try to sue me now.
  8. Senility sets in... The game is yours, Breh. You can DL it to any Xbone on the planet as long as you're signed in to that physical machine when you want to play it. I've got 25 digital games, and they're all also DL'd to my son's Xbone so he doesn't have to buy a copy too when we play online.
  9. Fuck these idiots. I haven't tried the "beta" yet, but everything I've read so far is dispppointing. They slowed the game down...you have to "earn" Titans now, the maps shown so far are shit for parkour-ing, lack of AI Grunts, Bounty Hunt replacing Attrition, etc. My son and I have been playing a lot of Titanfall on the Bone lately, its such a fucking classic. Respawn are dicks if they don't listen to the audience after these beta tests.
  10. Would you rather see my penis or my wifes tits?

    LOL...why does this stupidity make me laugh?? You fuckers are weirdos. But since I responded, gotta go with boobs. I'll take your word that your penis is impressive.
  11. I don't believe the slim will have a UHD drive, that will be a bullet point for Neo.
  12. What a lazy ass bitch...

    Tell me about it... She knows she's not allowed on the bed too.
  13. Anyone expecting VR to ever appear on the OG Bone is high...the PS4 has "middle-quality" VR as it is, who would even want VR on the OG Bone? Any VR titles for an MS box will most definitely be Scorpio-exclusive.