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  1. The Founder

    I saw this in a theater here in Germany and enjoyed it quite a bit. Great performances, interesting story, etc. It's one of those movies that I'm glad I watched but not one I would necessarily ever need/want to see again, or rave to family and friends about. But I also wouldn't discourage anyone from watching it if they wanted to.
  2. @Derek it sounds like you have quite a bit of pull with Trump, if you were able to convince him to view the eclipse without glasses just from this thread. Maybe you could convince him of other things? Also, are you having some trust issues?
  3. Now that Trump "won", nothing matters anymore.
  4. Of those, I've only seen 8 and 10 and I didn't recognize either. A complete failure.
  5. Looking good! I'm already impressed at how quickly it's going.
  6. Is this a real criticism that you or others are making or made? I didn't really hear anything about this at the time.
  7. Panic in street as Moon eats Sun

    My parents live near the band in Idaho with totality. There is a town not too far away (Stanley, ID) that normally has about 100 people which is expected to get something like 30,000 visitors. Hoooly sheet. Meanwhile I'm in Germany and won't see a thing.
  8. Trump is a Nazi, confirmed! As much as it would be nice if this would cause Trump to stop taking so many vacations to his various properties, I suppose more likely it will just result in temporarily increasing the allowances, eh?
  9. @SFLUFAN @Emblazon @Jason It's not a huge deal and if I'm the only one who is mildly bothered by this, I'll kindly STFU but... Is there any way we could find a plugin or something that allows users to hide the announcements once they've seen them, if they wish? At the moment they only disappear when an admin manually clears them, right? I find it somewhat annoying to see the same announcements at the top of the page every time one changes boards via the board index page. The way things are now I tend to just ignore the announcement block anyway, because I assume that it's just the same announcements I've seen a million times. Sometimes it's days or weeks later before I realize that one or more of the announcements at the top is actually a new one. It seems to me then it might actually be more effective if the announcements only popped up when they're new, or something similar. Any thoughts?
  10. Ergo, they are anti-Trump, because he is clearly a bullshit-magnet. Do you think we might see some sparks fly between the two groups? AFAIK juggalos are not especially known for their level of restraint or rationality.
  11. Agreed, it's really interesting to see a house being built from scratch, to see the slow progression. Congrats again on the upgrade!
  12. What are you reading right now?

    I'm reading Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It's essentially her biography of growing up in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and Ethiopia and living under Islam, her eventual disillusionment with the religion, and her journey into and out of Dutch parliament. I'd heard of her before because of her work with Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris, and Dennett, but hadn't yet read anything of hers. I'm about 25% through the book and it's very engrossing; whether being shocked by all of the adversity she has gone through (female genital mutilation, abandonment by her father, etc.) or just learning more about the culture of various African countries, this book is very eye-opening. @Rev didn't you read this one? @Boyle5150 , @legend ? Someone else I thought had mentioned this one before...
  13. If they have to sell it via the novelty of having a cobra in it, it probably isn't good booze, right?