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  1. Agreed, so far I've only had positive experiences. It's quite nice to have a home experience when traveling, rather than going to a sterile-looking (but probably not sterile ) hotel. You potentially meet some nice people, too. So far it's been about 50/50 whether we actually ever even met the hosts, but those I've met have been pretty chill people.
  2. I finished Breaking the Spell by Daniel Dennett. It was OK, but I found his writing style somewhat off-putting somehow. It didn't seem to me to be the clearest or most straightforward writing style, with lots of fluff surrounding the core ideas. After seeing some videos of him talking, I can see why he maybe writes this way too.
  3. I actually loved watching Flying Circus as a kid. I had the complete 14 DVD set. But yeah it was not always very consistent, and sometimes it seems they were just being random for the sake of being random.
  4. Have you also looked at options like AirBnB and the like, @FTM ? No idea what prices are like there in Chicago but I think there are usually much cheaper options than many hotels.
  5. Out of curiosity I looked it up and apparently the German title was "Der wilde wilde Westen." Boring as shit.
  6. Agreed re: LotR on Blu-ray. What struck me the first time I watched the Blu-ray version was the detailed costume and set designs. Even the cloth of the costumes has fine patterns on it (check out Boromir's cloak for instance) which I really did not notice either in theaters or on the DVD version. Likewise there are carvings and other small details throughout the sets which just give it so much more life and character. It's so cool to me that those things were there all along, they were just waiting to be discovered. It gives the movies even more depth, and longer legs, as I expect to continue to expect to find little details like that..
  7. ^ I'll almost always upvote a Blazing Saddles reference!
  8. I also unfortunately have not seen Tree of Life, but Cloud Atlas was also my favorite movie the year it came out. I recall that at the time the main criticisms were that the makeup was sometimes inconsistent (from ridiculously good to laughably bad) and that the connections weren't always so clear (jumping between six different timelines), but I think that its ambition and central message more than make up for any shortcomings. The book is also definitely worth a read and is, predictably, better than the movie. Despite the amount of time necessary to do so, I think Cloud Atlas definitely benefits from multiple viewings as well, in order to catch many of the connections.
  9. I guess the cost of a new toilet has to come out of that $1,000, eh?
  10. This seems to me like just more "us vs them" thinking which has really not been helpful up to this point, and I doubt it would be helpful going forward, either. Generalizing "the Left" or "the Right" based on the actions of the few is foolish, regardless of which "side" does it, as is resorting to violence, again regardless of the "side".
  11. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/chrome-57-permanently-enabled-drm,33527.html Basically this has to do with how content like Netflix is streamed to browsers, but the newest version of Chrome will also not allow disabling the built-in PDF viewer, either. :/ As the article states, both Firefox and Microsoft Edge also have always-on DRM, it was only in Chrome that it could still be disabled. Not anymore, it seems.
  12. LotR and it isn't even close.
  13. I've really missed @Shannon From HR . We need her guidance in these tough times, now more than ever, to be our beacon through the morass of modern life.