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  1. It's so cool to see this coming along. Thank you again for sharing the pictures, it's fascinating!
  2. For pregnancy, yes, but I'm not sure that's the way STDs work.
  3. Yeah sorry, I see I'm not being so clear. I guess it's a bit of both: worries about pregnancy and STDs. At this point I guess the damage is more or less done for the STDs, right? So from that side I guess we might as well keep going without condoms since it's 1000% better for us both. I don't see how I could have picked up something myself, with only two previous partners (one of which was both of our firsts) and the other with whom I always used condoms... and she does not seem to be the promiscuous or reckless type, but of course she could unwittingly give me something she didn't know she had, and I guess since we've only been together for a month, I could be mistaken about her. This is maybe more the problem; we haven't actually talked about this explicitly, it's just been assumed that we are both good to go. This is a conversation we should have, and soon. But of course as for pregnancy, the pill is not without its failures, even with perfect usage. I've heard of a few stories of people who conceived children while their SO was on the pill. It seems to come down to proper usage and how strong your swimmers are. I've never actually had my sperm count tested, but I believe she's using the pill properly. She's been on it for a decade and had previous boyfriends, presumably some of which she has slept with without condoms before and has no children that I know of.
  4. The program I'm in is in English but I'm one of the very few native English speakers there. The professors themselves usually only speak English and German, so if a student was having trouble understanding something I doubt they would object to someone explaining it in another language. I've heard other students explaining things to each other during lectures, and as long as they're doing it quietly, nobody cares. I would guess professors would only have a problem with them speaking during class if it's disturbing others. Inthe exercise sessions it's not unheard of to hear five or more different languages among the students at any given session (most commonly English, German, Arabic, Chinese, and probably Spanish), though people usually stick to English, as it's everyone's common language.
  5. I should probably specify, this is more concerned with STDs than pregnancy. I know that if I'm at all worried about becoming a father, condoms or abstinence are the best ways to keep this in my control.
  6. I've been seeing this girl for about a month. We're exclusive (boyfriend/girlfriend) and I trust her, in general as well as not to cheat and to be responsible with taking the pill correctly. So far, after the first time with a condom we've been having sex without condoms, which I know is pretty reckless and probably foolish with regard to STDs since she's a new GF. I'm curious what everyone's general policy is regarding condom usage. Do you always use condoms with your SO, even if they're on birth control? Do you stop once you're in a steady relationship, as long as they're on birth control? Did you never use condoms in the first place? What's everyone's policy? Am I good to carry on at this point, or should I start using them from now on? This is something I know was dumb of me and I should have figured out before, so if we can skip the judgment that would be great. My last girlfriend wasn't on anything so we always used condoms, but with another girlfriend she was on the pill and we had been together for many years, as well as being each other's firsts, so we didn't always. So I've just never had to really think about this all that much before. Anyway your thoughts are much appreciated.
  7. Just spit out what you're trying to say. As to the trailer, it didn't really grab me either, knowing very little of the backstory or plot of this movie, but I'm sure I will see it in theaters at some point since I'm kind of a sucker for these kinds of movies.
  8. I'm a man

    Tranny. Please don't use it again.
  9. Opinion: pumpkin flavored stuff is gross

    A friend has been trying to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte for the last couple weeks here in Germany, but it seems that they're sold out everywhere. Which I don't really understand; it seems like they couldn't possibly run out of artificial syrup but apparently so.
  10. I'm a man

    ^ I don't want to sound like a queer or nothin', but I'd kind of like to make love to you @Keyser_Soze for referencing that.
  11. No, I never have, nor have I been pissed on, and I can't imagine that I would be at all into it either way. But, different strokes and all that.