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  1. Trump and Co are certainly winning the war for attention. They aren't helping this country at all by doing so, but the fact that some finger-diarrhea repeatedly makes the news proves it.
  2. I'm hungover. AMA

    Hey dummy, ask me out!
  3. Do you dip sausage in mustard?

    Germans do this with Weißwurst, the white sausages you commonly find in Bavaria (like at Oktoberfest, for instance). Good stuff!
  4. Nice man, looks like things are really accelerating now. I was looking over the thread a little bit to try and see where this was being built (only roughly, i.e. which state or region), if the HVAC being installed would also allow others to perform their work (i.e. not too hot or cold anymore). In one of your earlier posts you said you wanted to move in in mid-November. So much for that, eh?
  5. Rick and Morty LTTP

    Glad you're enjoying it! It has become a new favorite of mine, too. Almost every episode is so well-polished, it's nonstop excellence, IMO. Don't be in too big of a hurry to binge it all though; then you'll be stuck like the rest of us having to wait another year or more for the next season.
  6. Gifts for Kids!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?

    Holy shit that would have been awesome to have as a kid. I would have gotten in so much trouble.
  7. If this is what passes for entertainment on Earth these days, send me to Mars.
  8. Some men are lunatics

    Some topics are vague and do not make for worthwhile reading. Some topics.
  9. @SFLUFAN at this point, isn't he your dog? Or does she still say she is going to reclaim him someday? It seems to me you've had him for a couple years at least, right?
  10. I'm sure it's not as cool for me as it is for you, but I'm finding it pretty interesting to see how this is coming along and just wanted to say thanks again for posting the pictures. It's fun to see!
  11. How many times do you shake per pee?

    As many times as it takes. So usually around two or three.