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  1. IGN's 2017 GOTY Nominees

    Idk how people choose one. I love all my top picks for such different reasons.
  2. Despite being very anti-religious, I like religious Christmas music. Religion inspires a lot of just objectively fantastic art imo.
  3. So is there really no gameplay here at all? I expected an RPG that also had cringy anime shit on the side or something.
  4. We can still be friends; just prob not 'REAL friends.'
  5. 1. Boyle 2. Boyle 3. Boyle 4. Boyle 5. johnny Of course.
  6. Little known fact: johnny is on my top 5 list of d1p posters.
  7. I think a big reason obese people tend to put back on the weight after losing a lot is the disappointment that comes from their bodies still not being "presentable" because of all the loose skin too. If I was 100+ lbs overweight and losing the weight for cosmetic reasons, I'd make sure I had a surgery planned at the end of it.
  8. Skepticism of shitty psychology journals that make utterly absurd claims is realistic and I'd guess you're smart enough to realize that. There is a huge movement to justify obesity, so, yeah, I don't doubt that there are a lot of sources. I just doubt that they're credible. Ok, then I think you should agree with me that that link isn't a good one, because it is encouraging fat people to remain fat.
  9. I acknowledge that it's incredibly difficult to keep the weight off once it's off but it doesn't have to be that difficult to get it off in the first place, and carb addiction is bad in general so it's always a good idea to cut down on carbs (and sugars). Studies have clearly demonstrated that people are hungry less when they gorge on less carbs, so you can work toward eating better and all that too, while cutting down on carbs.
  10. She's a "model" from the fat acceptance movement who is literally too fat to dress herself and insists she's healthier than average weight people.