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  1. Not to say you're lending validity to those intuitions but I think this policy necessarily would in practice.
  2. The consequences of a policy where people physically assault anyone their pet definition of "nazi" coherently describes sound very bad. And the alternative choices of actually challenging harmful, racist beliefs directly seem to have much more favorable consequences. Not to mention the implications of ascribing validity to retributive intuitions like schadenfreude in this case, while the consequences of them in many other cases are even worse.
  3. I'm over an hour in now and he's just being decimated. I'll be surprised to see anyone defending Peterson here.
  4. I'll be listening to the Peterson one this morning. I gather he's a pragmatist. Here are my early thoughts on that:
  5. @Triage in the meantime, you can join Brazil's offshoot chat, most of us are in there and it's a bit more casual, even has a NSFW channel. Just click this and it'll bring you to the channel if you have an account built: https://discord.gg/cPrCx
  6. It's a chat program built for gaming. http://discordapp.com/ I can't give you the link to join the d1p chat because it's set to moderator or admin only and the link in the discord thread is expired. @Sanborn can you post a new link here?
  7. Hey, you should be in the d1p discord chat.
  8. This actually looks really entertaining. My only minor criticism is the villain looked a little cheesy but I imagine this will make fun of itself a little if it's self-aware at all.
  9. I hope the choreography with the kid isn't cringy. Kickass was the first movie I've seen that had decent fight choreography with a little kid fighting adults.
  10. I just got bombarded with ads for that drug while watching Agents of Shield a bit ago. The list of possible side effects was pretty intimidating.
  11. Quitting is all about reading and understanding your own mind and thinking of ways to trick yourself into not relapsing. Also, another key I found helpful was to never imagine that you'll never smoke again. Keep in mind that someday, eventually, you will start smoking again. It makes it a lot easier imo.
  12. I smoked from 16-26 and quit 11 years ago. The way I did it was I figured out how much I spent on cigarettes (~2 packs a day at ~$5 a pack= ~$300/mo) and replaced it with another roughly equal expense (a new car payment). It made it a lot easier to always have that car as a reminder of why I was making the sacrifice. At least it made it easier to trick myself into not relapsing.
  13. Many define consequentialism with a false dichotomy that entails that intentions don't matter and reject it based on that but I don't think there's any way to strictly stick to such a definition. Intentions simply have to matter because they dictate what kind of consequences we can expect from any given person.
  14. Hahahaha I only clicked the first 1 just to see the format and it only had 1 comment: Normative ethics: deontology, consequentialism, or virtue ethics? Lean toward: deontology Anything but consequentialism!