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  1. I guess with that name, I'm more likely to be a character in a cheesy romance novel where various parts of me glisten and throb.
  2. Maybe if I start writing, I should use it as a pseudonym.
  3. Post your pic!

  4. what happened to apoc?

    Honestly, while I don't necessarily miss the old dramatic days here all that much, this place is a little boring without them imo. And it seems like people are trying to force them to come back with awkward results.
  5. Kind of disappointed about not being listed if I'm being honest.
  6. what happened to apoc?

    It's all just text on a screen. Have some fun with it @apoc81
  7. In. One of my in-laws did a coffee enema once a week for a while and was convinced it was shrinking her stomach. I was at a family dinner and listened to everyone at the table rave about how amazing it was. My wife was actually considering trying it and I had to talk her out of it. Fucking insanity.
  8. what happened to apoc?

    This is all small fries compared to Fatz and some of the other D1P scandals.
  9. what happened to apoc?

    I mean really the most damning piece of evidence is that he apparently hasn't reached out to anybody to add any nuance or defend himself at all. He apparently hasn't even PM'd the people he was close to.
  10. what happened to apoc?

    I'm suspicious of a few other people on this forum too but I'd guess they're at most guilty of exaggeration.
  11. what happened to apoc?

    Yeah, he clearly wants to be the person he was pretending to be, so it makes sense that he'd play along with all the details.
  12. what happened to apoc?

    It'd get brought up a lot going forward. Any time he had an argument with someone probably.