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  1. I hope they make it a bit easier to understand what your next mission is than OOT was.
  2. Well, they haven't said anything I agree with yet, since I believe it's possible without death. Maybe someone will present arguments against it ITT.
  3. Yeah, that's how I'd describe "moving." It seems the safest approach to mind-uploading beyond maybe gradual integration of artificial parts (done in pretty much the same way).
  4. But you argue that a gradual, conscious shift would work, right? That's what I mean by "moving." Many argue that would still just be a copy.
  5. You mean you're not sure how death is entailed in the event of copying? To clarify, I just mean in attempts to "move" your consciousness over. The most common argument I've heard is that any attempts to move would still just be copies and the original mind would die.
  6. When I worked in car sales, after the test drive, right before going in to negotiate, we were trained to say something like "I haven't run your credit yet, but according to averages, your monthly payment will probably fall around [average + about 200-250$]." They always freaked out then we consoled them by saying "Well that's just the average, I'm sure we can get it lower." Called it a subliminal bump. The idea was that the maximum the customer was planning to be ok with paying for the car would bump a little bit without them even realizing it. Seems like the same concept.
  7. I never cared about this debate much. I'm happy I'm circumcised I guess. One thing than annoys me, though, is people drawing a false equivalency between it and FGM.
  8. OK you should have it now. Thanks everyone for participating.
  9. I don't think I have you as a friend on steam yet. Add Irreverent79
  10. Heading to bed in a few so I'll probably transfer the game(s) tomorrow. Just let me know as soon as you can.
  11. So the numbered list of participants: 1. LazyPiranha 2. CastlevaniaNut18 3. TomCat 4. Brick 5. TheLeon 6. BasemntDweller2 7. BlueAngel 8. Hurricane Game 9. mudads 10. DasWax 11. Reputator 12. Snaynay1 13. Toronado97 14. mikechorney 15. Firewithin 16. Zarich 17. jaethos 18. Pikachu 19. Stickey 20. NextGen 21. thewhyteboar 22. apoc81 And the winner: @mikechorney Please add me (Irreverent79) on steam and let me know what game(s) you want. Up to $60.00 plus tax, 2 games max. Steam only.
  12. It's going to be a little later than I thought tonight. Meeting friends for dinner then I'll do it when I get home after that. Maybe 8 or 9 pacific.
  13. Cool, tonight when I get home, I'm going to number everybody who posted and use a random number generator to pick a winner.
  14. A week or so ago, @legend and @Boyle5150 bought me a game when I was broke so I could play with them. I've gotten my tax return so I'm paying that forward. Up to $60.00 plus tax, 2 games max. Must be able to add me (irreverent79) on Steam. Just say something in the thread to enter. I'll pick a winner randomly later. Anyone can enter as long as you have over 500 posts. I'll pick a winner tomorrow at around 5pm pacific.