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  1. Rainbow Six Siege free this weekend with player referral

    At its core, theres probably a fun game, but every step of the process of actually playing takes too long. Unlocking classes is awful, and ive repeatedly had games freeze up after matches and haven't gotten any of the experience, or points to buy upgrades.
  2. Best bang for buck cpu\mb

    you have an agenda, and it's fucking weird.
  3. I have the razer keyboard, overall the build is good quality, and I've never had issues with it, but.... every time i unplug it, it will try and reinstall the razer synapse software which is useless and i hate having any extra bullshit on my computer.
  4. Fallout looks amazeballllls

    Im not sure why people had different expectations after watching all the gameplay trailers where it looked exactly the same. Ill be picking it up when it comes out, so long as it doesn't have any crippling bugs.
  5. Fallout 4 to feature proprietary Nvidia Gameworks

    I cant imagine getting this upset over product preference.
  6. Lets talk about desks

    I also went the iron pipe route, I wanted to make the desktop myself, but had a hard time finding 1 inch thick hardwood, and just ended up biting the bullet and buying a tabletop from ikea, trimming it down, sanding it, and staining it to my liking. Heres an older pic i took with a potato.
  7. Star Wars: Battlefront Benchmarks; AMD Radeon favored overall

    seems like my 970 will be just fine.
  8. anyone still playing ? add me
  9. I might reinstall, i had a lot of fun with tribes. Nothing really compares to lining up a shot with someones trajectory and nailing it.
  10. Y'all need to get Rocket League

    $20 isnt a huge investment
  11. SWTOR will be getting my money again soon.

    Huttball was fun a couple times, accidentally playing the class that was a resto shaman/ele shaman after i decided to stop playing WOW because i was burnt out from playing a resto/ele shaman wasnt the best though.
  12. This certainly isnt subjective.
  13. Nvidia disables OC'ing 9xxm series GPU's (again)

    Saw this thread on reddit and had a pretty good idea who would be posting it here.
  14. fuck..forgot about that, and i remember needing to grind this planet for whatever bullshit reward there was... huttball still rules though... havent played in ...probably years ? but huttball was some of my favorite moments in mmo pvp, matched only by arathi basin in WOW with a full team of grand marshall grinding pvp'ers.