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  1. HBO Now app is now on the PS4

    How is now different from go?
  2. Superhero Fight Club 2.0!

    The CW app is where you can watch all the CW shows next day since Hulu doesn't have the contact anymore.
  3. So I almost died this morning going to work.

    I'm glad your ok!
  4. So will this force Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs and all the other teams to have a name change also?
  5. Mini Famicom

    Now that is very cool!
  6. Superhero Fight Club 2.0!

      The full Superhero Fight Club 2.0 is on the CW app right now! 
  7. The ghost rider movie Spirit of Vengeance explained that Zarathos had been tricked by the devil into hell. Zarathos lost his memory and went insane. When the devil is defeated by Ghost Rider Zarathos gets his memory back and his flames change to blue. Robbie Reyes has the ghost of Eli Morrow who was a serial killer inside him and his uncle. Eli pushed Robbies mother down some stairs which caused the injury to Gabe when she was pregnant. Johnny Blaze still had Zarathos and . Not sure if the show will go the same route.
  8. Supergirl: Season 2 "Now on CW!"

    They haven't met as far as I know.
  9. Supergirl: Season 2 "Now on CW!"

    Trailer 2 mins of episode 1 of season 2
  10. Arrow Season 5 OT #WhatWasntOnTheIsland

    @brazil201 Fight Club 2.0 comes out today! This was the first one New season 5 trailer  
  11. Sorry that's what I meant. That was definitely worth it! Just looking thru the history of Indian motorcycles is amazing they've had some very unique bikes. I was watching a documentary a few years ago about the company that was very good.  
  12. Very nice! Do you have one in mind to buy later on? If I remember right you had to sell your bikes right?
  13. @apoc81 what is your favorite motorcycle?