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  1. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    @skillzdadirecta Which gods did you notice in the fight for the cubes? I was thinking it was Zeus and maybe Hercules but wasn't sure?
  2. Star Wars or Star Trek?

    No I know which one it was and I even read the novel.
  3. Marvel's Runaways

    This 10 part series starts this upcoming Tuesday on Hulu with weekly episodes.
  4. Anyone watching Punisher?

    Yeah I definitely liked her character!
  5. Anyone watching Punisher?

    Those were Homeland Security agents.
  6. Anyone watching Punisher?

    I loved the ending and the setup for season 2!!!!
  7. Anyone watching Punisher?

    The agents for Homeland security or Anvil?
  8. Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Star Wars has 5 amazing movies IV-VII & Rogue One so far! Nothing wrong with The Final Frontier and I've watched it a few times.
  9. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Ultron and Ronan were definitely not bad and a lot better compared to any of the Fox villains so far.
  10. Anyone watching Punisher?

    Watched 9 episodes so far and really loving it!
  11. Some content just didn't make the cut off time and it would just not get released or they waited for the sequel.
  12. Rampage Trailer

    They have had 5 sequels and the last one came out in 2006 on the Gamecube. Rampage World Tour Rampage 2: Universal Tour Rampage Through Time Rampage Puzzle Attack Rampage: Total Destruction
  13. I didn't think the sport was going to last because people were outraged at MMA fighting before it became big calling it cock fighting.
  14. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    Can I return that shitty item?