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  1. I loved all those shows. I would have to add these shows to my list. The Dick Van Dyke show The Andy Griffith show All in the Family Sanford and Son Frasier That 70s show Home Improvement
  2. I'm definitely looking forward to this series!
  3. The Universe has trillions of planets so you expect them to watch every single one of them?
  4. What 2017 movies do you plan on watching in the theater? My list is January Underworld: Blood Wars Resident Evil: The Final Chapter February John Wick 2 The Lego Batman movie March Logan Kong: Skull Island Beauty and the Beast CHIPS Life Power Rangers Ghost in the Shell April The Fate of the Furious May Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Alien Covenant Baywatch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales June Wonder Woman The Mummy World War Z 2 Transformers: The Last Knight July Spider-Man: Homecoming War for the Planet of the Apes The Dark Tower August Annabelle 2 September It October Kingsman: the Golden Circle Blade Runner 2049 Friday the 13th Insidious Chapter 4 November Thor Ragnarok Justice League Part 1 December Star Wars VIII The Last Jedi Jumangi
  5. The idea was to destroy the New Republic without them ever seeing the attack coming. Bringing your weapon to the front doorstep of your enemy would give the New Republics fleet time to attack.
  6. I live on the West coast so the new episode didn't air yet. I also tend to watch it at work since I work midnight-8am so I watch it on Hulu.
  7. I hope they reintroduce the Immortal Emperor Vitiate into the new Star Wars Canon with a Old Republic trilogy of movies!
  8. Are you talking about the Dr that was killed who gave face transplants to criminals?
  9. Avengers Infinity War has started production! Dave Bautista just recently arrived at production but it looks like he didn't receive a script. They are keeping the script very secret so it doesn't get leaked. I definitely will be avoiding any spoilers as much as possible and I definitely can't wait to see Avengers 3 & 4! They mentioned how Avengers 4 would be finished before other Marvel movies will be done that will release prior to Avengers 4. It makes sense since the cast is so huge for these two movies so you have to do them back to back. The countdown for these two movies is going to be agonizing! http://www.cinemablend.com/news/1615770/dave-bautista-starts-filming-avengers-3-today-hes-just-missing-one-important-thing
  10. Hosnian Prime was where the new Republic Senate was located and the entire Republic fleet was stationed. Starkiller base destroyed the entire Hosnian system so the new Republic was wiped out in one attack. They had no clue that such a devastating weapon could strike them from so far away. So even though the weapon was destroyed the main goal of the First Order was a success.
  11. The new Republic was wiped out by the Starkiller base.
  12. The novel is based before A New Hope about a surviving Jedi fighting the Empire.