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  1. yeah, i pretty much always finish my games unless i get really bored of it.
  2. Bad Company 2 -- Wednesday @ 9:30pm Eastern

    I've never played with you guys before but would like to try. server info? vent server? people use headsets or no?
  3. Is Dragon Age II worth $25?

    I regretted pirating it, so no. not worth it. waste of time. Ordinarily i buy any bioware game but decided to use caution on this one. good thing cause it was not worth my time.
  4. Does battlefield 3's mp compare to bc2?

    I often do just that, but I actually don't use my attachment much with assault anyway. Ammo loadout gives me all the ammunition i need, and when i need to reload i prefer a high damage pistol anyway.
  5. Does battlefield 3's mp compare to bc2?

    You might want to consider going into noob servers for a bit. Could help you level up faster. Often there are high level players in there just so they can kick ass, but most of the time there's a large concentration of newer players. I just started this game a few months ago and do pretty well now. Its not that much different than any other online FPS, you just need to feel out the groove of the gameplay and learn the maps. My favourite combo is the assault class with an F2000 gun and under shotty. I love the F2000, with its rapid firing rate. Just gotta quick tap shoot and you get good long range accuracy. I almost always go with red dot site no matter the gun unless sniping.
  6. Amnesia: The Dark Descent scares up 400,000 in sales

    i'm playing it for the first time now. just got past the prison area. its fucking scary, but i'm gonna beat it. up to the prison, my girlfriend was watching me play, and sort of being my co-pilot. she doesn't watch anymore.
  7. Know anyone that has committed suicide?

    yeah, previous girlfriend had tried a couple times before I met her. stable-ish now, but wasn't in her younger years. Also, an old college roomate did recently. Oddly enough I only found out over facebook when I saw people posting about it on his old page. Makes me sad thinking about him. He had a lot of pain, and was a pretty heavy influence on me during my late teens and early twenties since he was about 8 years older than I.
  8. Anyone here do yoga?

    I'm not sure about the answer to your specific questions, but if you've got time to do a bit of both yoga and weightlifting i'd bet you see really good results. It always seemed to me like yoga would be great for muscle refinement and stretching while the weight lifting will give you more direct strength. Both can probably achieve similar hypertrophy in certain areas if that is what you are going for.
  9. I keep getting raped in Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    I think learning the maps is essential, and think its the case with pretty much any FPS. Sometimes i have problems with snipers, but its usually if i'm sitting still for too long. i mostly like assault and engineer, but it all depends on the map. sometimes though, you just have to snipe the snipers.
  10. Creatine

    You should be taking it everyday, not just workout days. 3-5g daily. And the high water intake really just depends if you feel you are dehydrated or not. If you do drink a lot of water, just make sure you're getting enough sodium as well. Generally 2-3L of water a day is plenty, depending on the person.
  11. Creatine

    then you should have drank more water. Creatine works, and why wouldn't it? The body creates and uses it naturally. Since your muscles hold more water while using creatine, you would of course need to drink more as a result. Otherwise, dehydration.
  12. i decided to play deus ex again in anticipation. put some graphical mods on and away i went. still a good game, even if it is a little dated.
  13. IGN said July 30, 2011, but now I think that isn't true. and i can't find any actual dates anywhere, leading me to believe it hasn't even been announced. anyone heard anything?