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  1.   Haha! OK - I can't argue with this. In fact, this may be highlight of thread.
  2.   It's more just comical than anything. 'I'M SO FUCKING BUSY - THIS CAN'T WAIT - GUESS I'LL HAVE TO TEXT THIS WITH MY DICK IN MY HAND. It would be great cover if you really wanted to sneak some dick pics of the guy next to you though.   Don't get me started on the guy in the stall having a serious conversation in between blasting shit & splash noises. But that's a different topic entirely
  3. No worries! I think I already forgot the point I was trying to make! I am at work at admittedly lost focus. It's a silly argument on both sides. And I'm posting bits here & there in between Photoshopping at work.   I was essentially just trying to speak to the addiction people have to their phones. Not the content within - just addicted to looking at their phones. Similar to the addiction people have to watching TV. Is it worse? Not really. Is it more common? Obviously! We don't have TV's attached to our faces just yet.   The entire point I was poorly trying to make: 'amazing video games' (no different than amazing books, TV, fucking amazing board games) breeding antisocial behavior is ridiculous in the grand scheme of everything.    
  4. Are you saying me insulting people on a message board means I lack social skills?!?!?!? HOW DARE YOU!   I gave tons of examples above, but I'm surprised they are even necessary. I just brought this up at the break room while eating lunch and everyone knew exactly what I was talking about. Lots of hilarious stories were brought up as a result. Maybe I'll post some of the gems later. I think my favorite was the guy pissing on his phone WHILE ON A CALL. I work at a large corporation, so I feel like this place is PRIME for cell phone zombie behavior. Unfortunately no, not to be confused with 'relaxing'.
  5. If you think I'm referring to people chatting / video chatting / talking on the phone - your reading comprehension is just terrible. Just... stop.  
  6. Man, I truly get why you guys are so defensive of this - because you're taking this as a personal attack on something you love. But it's not.   I was trying to make a point that 'Amazing Video Games' are not a problem. So many other things could be (if you want to blame something other than stupid humans - I personally don't).   That sarcasm in that newspaper meme is hilariously misguided. Everybody knows reading / digesting news makes you more social.  
  7. (sorry, I was editing my post to further emphasize your naivety while you posted this)   No - but really - this is all in good fun. I respect your opinions - I guess I'm just surprised by your responses. Maybe I'm the naive one here after all.
  8.   How is stating that some people use their phone as a crutch a 'big claim'? Who the fuck are you people? Jesus.. This will probably be my last response on this because I now realize what I thought was an interesting discussion resulted in arguing with naive / sheltered people in denial of modern technology's affect on socialization.   Here are some random links from a simple google search. I'm not even reading this garbage because I don't need to, but pick your poison - here's 3 of the 100000000 results with articles / studies / evidence:   http://techland.time.com/2011/08/16/awkward-13-use-cell-phones-to-avoid-human-contact/ http://www.studlife.com/forum/2014/11/06/the-smartphone-as-a-social-crutch-in-modern-college-life/ http://www.msnbc.com/the-cycle/abby-huntsman-our-phones-have-become-our
  9.   Damn you really took that quote to heart. Read it again. Does it look like I'm talking about all people / all friends / all family. No, I'm just alive in the world and observe things happening, because I'm a human being who isn't confined to my parents basement in the suburbs. *SHOCKING CONFESSION* I have - yes - witnessed people miss their train stops because of their phones, seemingly can't WALK and be conscious of where they are going because of their phones (this does have some pros, like when I saw the guy walk in the women's bathroom at work a couple months ago). I'm glad you're so passionate about this, but you've got to be kidding if I need to justify any of this shit with examples. Go outside dude.   It's much more of a bother to hang out with friends / family who are barely 'there' because they are so fucking obsessed with their phones. But usually it's for the best. People like that are often boring as hell anyway - it's a good reason to avoid hanging out with them.
  10.   Damn. Well, you either don't know many people, or have shit observational skills - in which case, I don't know why you're even commenting.
  11.   Usually when people are reading a book, they're actively engaged in whatever they're reading. Not just flipping through pages aimlessly looking for words to jump out at them out them like some people scroll through Facebook feeds for hours and hours.   TV requires a lot less involvement because, big surprise - you have to actually 'hold' the phone and use your little fingers to swipe your fucking screen. Does that mean TV requires less of an attention span? Hell no.   Nobody is looking down on others for doing things they enjoy. I would argue that the people I am talking about aren't 'enjoying' anything. It's a fucking crutch. Some people don't know what to do without it. It doesn't mean they're 'Fuck - I LOVE scrolling through my phone for 8 hours - this is fucking great!'. It's a 'habit' not a 'fun hobby'. At least what I am referring to.  
  12.   Haha - I understand both sides of this.   For me, it's much more of a 'culture shock' than a 'bother' to look around a restaurant and see all of the adults looking at their phones, while all the kids play games on their phones with earbuds in. It's just a little gross to see how detached from reality everyone is and how they let their phones essentially turn them into fucking zombie paperweights..   People use iPad's to babysit their children - hey whatever works I guess? For me, it was NES / SNES and a TV. But when I was a kid, it wasn't possible for me to be 'dependent' on technology like it is today. I didn't have learn to disconnect and force myself to open up my eyes to reality. I had to use real maps when traveling, memorize or write down directions / phone numbers / dates. Learning to disconnect and be independent from technology is relatively new and based on my observations, a lot of parents really suck at teaching this. An acquaintance of mine has several kids that quite honestly seem socially incompetent because of their dependence on technology.   It's much more of a bother to hang out with friends / family who are barely 'there' because they are so fucking obsessed with their phones. But usually it's for the best. People like that are often boring as hell anyway - it's a good reason to avoid hanging out with them.   Anyway - video games aren't the problem. Cell phones are MUCH fucking worse. Video games ask a lot more of you than scrolling through Facebook / Instagram for 8 hours a day does.
  13. Forza Horizon 3 Official Discussion

    The screens have me thinking about giving this game a shot. Haven't played a Forza game ever - or any racing games for more than a decade (well, outside Sonic All Star Racing or GTA - if that counts!). Does this game have appeal for people who really don't give a shit about cars? Open World Racing has be intrigued. And the game looks amazing.
  14. GTA V - Bikers Update

      Agreed! It really is like an insane Mark Kart inside GTA V.   I have to say, I was not into Online AT ALL on PS4 (nothing to do with PS4). I just didn't think it was very fun. Add in the fact the world is a lot emptier and you get stuck on a loading screen every 10 minutes.   Re-bought the game on PC (this is the THIRD time buying it) when I built my first PC (thanks to you guys!) a couple months ago. Tried online again after the release of Cunning Stunts... SO GLAD I DID. It's a LOT of fun. It also looks like they've added sooo much more content than what was available when it came out on PS4. I feel like I'm just now experiencing the online everybody was hyping up that at the time I never understood the appeal of.   My heart is still in the single player mode - but I will definitely be playing a lot more online and encourage anyone who hasn't played for an extended period to check out what's new.