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  1. House broken into. All video games / systems stolen. Advice?

      Definitely will - great point.
  2. House broken into. All video games / systems stolen. Advice?

    Thanks, it's an awful feeling. At this point I just want the person(s) caught, so I can relax. The 'stuff' is replaceable for the most part...  unsettling knowing this person saw a lot of other valuables that were left behind.   How does signal sniffer work?
  3. House broken into. All video games / systems stolen. Advice?

    Nope. We do now! Lesson learned.   Of course this happens just after moving to a nice neighborhood from living in the ghetto (where we had no break ins) for 12 years.
  4. Hi guys,   Longtime lurker, seldom poster here. I was just burglarized and looking for some advice (I know this is probably futile, but hey - it's worth a try).   Somebody smashed a window, crawled into my apartment while I was at work and stole several computers and consoles. It could have been random, but I am suspicious of our neighbors.   I was told PS4 is pretty easy to trace, so that seems to be the most promising way of locating the thief or my stuff. It's the only thing stolen that I have receipts and serial number for.   I provided Sony and the police the serial number and they said it's doubtful it will be found... of course I've been checking Craigslist and pawn shops, but there's also a chance the thief is keeping it.   I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have any ideas on how I can track this stuff down?
  5. Saints Row IV Re-Elected problem

    Slightly off topic, but how are the PS4 visuals? Big improvement over PS3 version? Everything I've seen so far looks pretty much the same..
  6. PS4 Remote Play - Trouble Pairing Dualshock 4

    I downloaded and setup the Remote Play app last week on my phone - seems really cool, except for the on-screen controls. So I bought a really cheap controller attachment clip for my phone. I set it up last night and encountered some issues when trying to pair the controller. It got stuck on the 'Pairing' screen and eventually took me back to the main menu in the app saying 'had trouble paring your controller, please try again later'. But I immediately noticed the my phone indicated it a had a bluetooth connections, and sure enough - I was able to navigate the phone menus with my controller. So I went back into Remote Play (using the controller to navigate in), but as soon as I am connected to the PS4 main menu, the on screen controls show up and my controller stops responding. Any ideas on how I can get this to work? Anyone else encountered a similar issue? Thanks!
  7. Help me buy Surround Sound for my TV!

    Any budget receiver recommendations? I have a really nice stereo setup in our living room for my turntable already, so this would only be for TV / PS4 - so I am hesitant to spent a ton of money on one. Also - I am noticing some of these receivers are really tall! Now I'm worried about finding one that fits in my TV stand (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80265930/). Sorry for asking you guys to hold my hand through this - but I greatly appreciate the help, as I'm obviously clueless in this area! Thanks!!!!
  8. Help me buy Surround Sound for my TV!

    Awesome - think I'll pick these up with my gift card! Now just need a receiver...
  9. Help me buy Surround Sound for my TV!

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! Taking all into consideration. Just received a $150 credit to Sears / Kmart. Thinking of getting a cheap temporary setup until I can afford something better. Anybody know if either place has anything decent? Thanks again!
  10. Help me buy Surround Sound for my TV!

    So, I've never had surround sound of any kind. My wife & I have been wanting surround sound since we bought our last TV a few years ago, but something else has always come up and taken priority. Anyway - we recently moved into a place that has built in wiring for surround speakers & coincidentally also started noticing the build in speaker of our TV has started to crackle during loud / bass heavy spots. On top of that, we have a little extra Christmas money set aside - so I figure now is the right time to buy surround sound. Problem is, I know absolutely nothing about speakers, etc. I started browsing at stores here & there, but I have no idea what I am looking at. Reading reviews online is intimidating and the prices range from $100 - thousands. We just want something that sounds good and works with our TV: Philips-55" Class / 1080p / 240Hz / LCD HDTV-55PFL5505D/F7 Does anyone have any recommendations? Any brands, places to buy, etc.? Looking for any help I can get! Thanks so much in advance!!!
  11. Games similar to LA Noire (aka games to play with my wife)

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! Will check them all out starting today.
  12. Games similar to LA Noire (aka games to play with my wife)

    I bought a PS4 recently and am on a mission to find a game to play with my wife. She's not very video game savvy, but loves the right games. We played through LA Noire together when it was released and she loved it. Is there anything similar for PS4? Not in terms of genre, but just something not super gameplay heavy that allows for us to kind of trade off and work together. Maybe a mystery type game? I thought the Last of Us might fit the bill (and it still may - only 30 minutes in), but the controls are a little difficult for her. Any ideas??
  13. GTA V - Maxing Stats in Single Player

    What are the most efficient ways you have found to maximize each of your individual player stats in single player? I am limited to only playing for an hour at most (if that) each day during the week, and my OCD is forcing me to max all of my stats before going any further in the story. Franklin is completely maxed out - I only have Special and Driving stats left for Trevor & Michael. For Michael's Driving stat, so far it seems to slowly, but surely increase by driving as fast as possible on the highway and dodging oncoming traffic. His special also noticeably increases with each head shot. Trevor is a different story. Driving doesn't seem to increase easily (or at all sometimes). Same goes for his Special. I've heard replaying Rage missions is the best way to bump the Special stat, but I must be doing something wrong, because replaying 2 Rage missions in a row last night (getting Silver in both) didn't seem to do anything. Nor did bumping into people on the street & getting hit by cars, etc. It's also not very time effective to keep replaying any missions since it takes forever to load each one - then re-load back to story mode; rinse & repeat. Waste of time. Any ideas? After wasting a solid hour on repeatedly punching cows just to level up Franklin's Strength - I'm hoping to avoid anything remotely as tedious/painful. Leveling up every other stat so far has been fun.
  14. Game of the generation

    GTA V. Easily. But, honorable mention goes to Red Dead Redemption. I feel like although completely different - GTA took a lot of the best visual & gameplay qualities of RDR and incorporated them into V with amazing results. GTA V just makes other games feel too restrictive and claustrophobic lately.
  15. Seriously. GTA V makes Saints Row seem embarrassingly tiny and unrefined. That said - really too bad Rockstar didn't take a cue from SR character creation - or better yet, just completely copy it. Would have sent GTA V online way over the top. Back to SR talk. Dug the Third. How different is IV?