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  1. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    You're absolutely right, it's just not for me. And by that I mean the current state of the tech. I love where it's going and am confident it's only a matter of time before it's awe-inspiring. Can't wait for that to happen. I REALLY WANT to love it. One of my friends is obsessed with VR (has Rift & Vive), another has PSVR (easily the least impressive for me - although trying Skyrim was admittedly hilarious for a few minutes - how could it not be?). HTC Vive especially blew me away initially - but the novelty completely wore off after several sessions / games. I still check out the newest games he picks up - but I'm really glad I didn't shell out the cash for this stuff, as it would be collecting dust at my place.
  2. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    Well yeah - but to be fair, it was only just revealed less than 24 hours ago. They haven't truly shown anything other than a brief glimpse.
  3. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    Holy hyperbole. Settle down, bud. No need to get so upset. I'm sorry, but Playstation VR fucking sucks and no - this Labo thing isn't really 'pseudo-VR', it's not 'on the market', not in competition with some Elego science kit, I don't have kids, Switch is the first Nintendo-related thing I've bought in 20+ years, and the better part of $100 isn't going to land me in debt. I have a job. Sure, it may be garbage (I mean, it literally is garbage) - but the entertainment value I'd probably get even for laughing at what a miserable failure it is would still beat the underwhelming letdown of an experience that is the current state of VR.
  4. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    I will have $70 to blow on 4.20 and building interactive cardboard boxes honestly sounds a lot more fun than some mediocre VR bullshit. This looks ridiculous - I can't not try it.
  5. *~*Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Official Thread *~* Who is getting the game?

    Awesome - might give this one a shot. Thanks!
  6. *~*Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Official Thread *~* Who is getting the game?

    Don't know anything about this series at all, but coming from BoTW - I'm intrigued by the open world / exploration. It looks cool, but after watching a few different reviews, I'm still a little unsure what to expect. How tough is this game to get into for somebody who has literally never played an RPG ever before (unless Zelda counts)?
  7. Thanks guys - researching these options now. Hadn't even heard of GPS WIN until this thread! Interesting...
  8. Recently bought a Switch and I am hooked on being able to change from TV to handheld (and vice versa) so easily. It's been happening quite frequently lately while playing Zelda during times my wife wants to watch the TV. I would love to have something like this for PC (home-use only, obviously). What are the most viable options right now that will more or less let me use my PC like my Switch in handheld mode? Nvidia Shield looks a little strange. Is that my best option? I'd be mostly using this on the couch, not far from the PC / or in bedroom (second floor, directly above the PC). Any insight would be awesome!
  9. Picking up a Switch today, any recommended accessories?

    Let me know how you like the PlayStand. Thought about picking one up - but wasn't sure if I could justify the price for how much I'd use it. Still thinking about it..
  10. Arms Review Thread and Discussion

    I don't even understand WTF this game is - virtually zero appeal for me thus far, but the Mario Kart comparison actually has me slightly intrigued. More barely (insert literally any sport) games, please! Can't think of the last authentic sports game I played that wasn't painfully dull. I hope so - there's no way in hell I would buy a game like this without trying it. If there's any Switch game that justifies a demo so far, this would be it.
  11. Hilarious! NeoGAF spent 10+ pages analyzing the screenshots as possible RDR2 leaks.
  12. How does the PC version compare to the 360 version? Bought this on 360 years ago but never finished it.
  13. Thining of upgrading from GTX 1070 to 1080Ti - Need some advice!

    All great points @legend I'm rather new to PC gaming (just built my first PC about a year ago with help from you guys) and love the 1070, but feel like I'm just out of reach to play certain games with my desired setting. Seeing the 1080ti has a 30% performance increase over the 1070 sounded just enough to get me there. I got a bonus at work and immediately started convincing myself upgrading is a good idea. I think I'm probably jumping the gun though... I think realizing I'd have to upgrade the PSU was the deal breaker. I'll hold out for the 11xx series. Thanks for the feedback, everyone - really appreciate it - as always!
  14. Thining of upgrading from GTX 1070 to 1080Ti - Need some advice!

    You bastards with your rational advice! Think I'll hang tight for a bit!
  15. Thining of upgrading from GTX 1070 to 1080Ti - Need some advice!

    Why do these decisions have to be such a pain in the ass.... Argh. Thanks for the great info, everyone!