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  1. Steam Controller is awesome

    I love the controller, but need to spend much more time getting the hang of the customization.   I downloaded some presets for various games to get me started until I have time to create my own - but the right-touchpad still hasn't felt right - probably just need to bump the sensitivity way up.. Thanks for the thread - reminds me to stop being lazy and take the time to configure it!
  2. Report: Two New PS4 Models Will Be Revealed in September

    Aren't the games essentially the same, but 'Neo-Mode' (I feel stupid even saying it) allows for 4K OR higher FPS?
  3. Report: Two New PS4 Models Will Be Revealed in September

    I shouldn't have used the word 'update' - because that's misleading. Updates to the current hardware would actually make sense.   Over-saturating & confusing the market with multiple iterations of the same console is so 90s.
  4. Report: Two New PS4 Models Will Be Revealed in September

      Yes! The marketing for Neo should be fun.   Still think this new incremental updating trend is a gross and terrible idea. I love the proud statements of 'and we now introduce a cutting edge new idea: backwards compatibility (mic drop)'. As if that wasn't something that should have been standard more 1.5 decade ago. This makes 32x look brilliant in retrospect. But if they started doing incremental updates the right way... I suppose it would start to look more and more like a PC.   Sincerely, Disgruntled Console Fan #410595713151510891
  5. Simultaneous Audio from TV & Stereo (without lag) ?

    Soundbar purchased. My credit card is having a rough summer.
  6. Nvidia level AMD chart!

      Haha! Brilliant. That visual really puts things into perspective.
  7. Simultaneous Audio from TV & Stereo (without lag) ?

    Yeah, in retrospect - this was a terrible idea!    ...but I'm still a little surprised this doesn't 'work' (in sync), sound differences aside.   I'll try just stereo. Beyond that, looks like a soundbar may be the only thing in my current budget.
  8. Simultaneous Audio from TV & Stereo (without lag) ?

    Yeah, that's what was afraid of.   It's more a case of 'why not?' than necessary.   ...should probably just get some surround sound speakers! My built in TV speakers are awful and rattly anyhow.
  9. Simultaneous Audio from TV & Stereo (without lag) ?

    Hi guys!   To preface this: I don't have a surround sound setup. That may change at some point, but for the time being, I'd like to try getting better sound by utilizing my living room stereo. I'm old fashioned when it comes to stereos (a vinyl guy), so it probably doesn't help that I have a vintage Pioneer receiver from the 80s.   Do any of you know of a good method for using both TVs built-in-speaker + Stereo for audio? Not sure if it's better to run an audio-out from the TV (it has a Digital Audio Coaxial output) to the Stereo (which may mute the built in TV speaker sound, which I do not want)  or run a cable from my PC audio-out (or one of the extra HDMI outs from my graphics card?) to my Stereo (assuming some kind of converter or adapter would be required for this.   I was able to get audio coming form TV & Stereo by enabling Stereo Mixer in sound controls & running a cable from my PC headphone jack - but there is a large delay in sound, resulting in lots of echo.   Just thought I'd throw this up here to see if anyone has any ideas. I know this isn't the ideal forum for this - but hey, worth a shot. Thanks!        
  10. Witcher 3 / Skyrim / Other Recommendations?

    I just read August 30th! Two weeks!   http://en.cdprojektred.com/news/release-date-announced-for-the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-goty-edition/
  11. Windows Update broke everything????

    After exhausting all other options, I ran a clean install of Windows (w/ the update) on Friday.   Everything has worked flawlessly since then...knock on wood.  
  12. Witcher 3 / Skyrim / Other Recommendations?

    Holy crap, thank you so much @SimpleG !! Downloading now!   You guys sold me on both!   Thanks for the heads up on The Witcher DLC / Possible GOTY Edition. I'll try finding a complete copy.   ...Now to hit up some Skyrim mod sites!   Also.... thanks for mentioning Fallout 4. Been wanting to check that out soon..
  13. Witcher 3 / Skyrim / Other Recommendations?

    Hi gang,   As many of you know, I just built a new PC! So far, I've been having a blast replaying GTA V (holy CRAP, what an improvement from PS4!). Other than that, I purchased Tricky Towers & Portal 2 (both recommended by a friend) to play with my wife - but that's all I have right now. Looking to change that tonight!   Two games that I am consistently seeing glowing reviews and mentions of that I am very curious about: Skyrim Witcher 3   Both games LOOK really cool. Thing is, I haven't played an RPG since probably Zelda on NES (if that even counts!!), so I'm not quite sure if they are for me. It's not that I dislike RPGs - I just don't know anything about them and have little to zero experience playing them. Is there a big learning curve to games like the above for people like me who are used to playing more third-person open-world games?   Skyrim is really cheap now and I'm also very intrigued by the vast amount of mods available for it, so I might take a chance on that based on the price / huge amount of content alone - but The Witcher is a little pricier. Any thoughts?   
  14. Windows Update broke everything????

    Thanks @apoc81 ! I did some research and forums are so oversaturated with threads on issues with the 360 Wireless dongles spanning the past few years - wasn't having a lot of luck finding recent solution that actually works.   A lot of 'Alt-Tab out of the game, Alt-Tab back in' and 'Disconnect the controller, wait until the game starts, then connect'. Neither of those work - nor are they actual solutions, so hoping to avoid a 'workaround' for just getting my controller to work like it did last week. Ha.