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  1. I am so sold on this! This is essentially what I wanted out of Sonic 4. Updated visuals were.... okay I guess... but everything else felt wrong.   THIS looks and sounds like Sonic. Spring seems so far away. Good thing I have a ridiculous backlog right now after the Steam Autumn sale.
  2. Watch Dogs 2 reviews

    I bought this day 1 and still haven't played and it's KILLING ME.   Ended up making a last minute decision to play through Watch Dogs 1 first. So far, I really love it! It looks and performs great. Love the hacking (which was a surprise to me). What did everyone hate so much about this? I'm getting 60 FPS with everything maxed out at 1440p and haven't encountered any glitches or annoying gameplay issues. I guess I'm still only about 4 hours in (and going a bit slow), but it's hard to balance taking my time & enjoying vs. finishing as fast as possible so I can jump into Watch Dogs 2. My only complaints (sorry to rehash from another thread) are the soundtrack (what's with all the awful pop punk? and this soundtrack is sooo small) and the way off-the-mark representation of Chicago (outside of the downtown mostly, but the Hancock Tower also looks hilariously tiny).    
  3. What was your first console?

    NES. Christmas '88.  
  4. Currently have a 1080p TV. I use DSR to play most games at 1440 or 4k (when possible) but some lower performing games at 1080p.   I just bought a 4K TV on Black Friday (shipping now) and am trying to get my expectations in check before it arrives...   Will 1080p / 1440p (DSR) look worse on the new set? I keep hearing and reading very conflicting information on this: that it will look the same or slightly better - or that anything below 4K will look noticeably more blurry or washed out, due to the up scaling.   Old set: Philips 1080p 55" New Set: Samsung KS8000 4K 65"
  5. Cheapest Watch Dogs (1) Steam Key?

    Only a couple hours in, but really digging the game so far. Very surprised. Actually enjoy the hacking aspect (which was a turn off initially) quite a bit and it runs and looks very nice. The performance and visuals may be 'enhanced' by the fact that I am also working through Mafia 3.   So far my only complaints are the soundtrack and Ubisofts bizarre version of Chicago.   Excited to finish this! Definitely ready for WD2.
  6. Cheapest Watch Dogs (1) Steam Key?

    Done! And with a free copy of Rayman origins, nonetheless.   Are there any essential graphics mods for WT? Or is vanilla the way to go?
  7. Cheapest Watch Dogs (1) Steam Key?

    Thanks guys, will do!
  8. Cheapest Watch Dogs (1) Steam Key?

    I decided to try out Watch Dogs 1, despite all of the horrible things I've heard about it.   I saw a $5 Steam key on Kinguin a couple weeks back, but now it's gone and I can't seem to find another Steam key for under $10. You guys are pretty darn savvy in this dept. Any ideas?
  9. Watch Dogs 2 reviews

    By all means, tell us more about your thrilling no-kill run. I must be thinking of a different game.
  10. Watch Dogs 2 reviews

  11. Watch Dogs 2 reviews

      The nudity is far less offensive than a developer censoring content in an M-rated game specifically so screenshots are 'shareable to everyone'. Censoring is the problem, not the subject matter of that particulat content.   It is hysterical that in 2016 people are throwing a fit about one 3D rendered vagina. The most popular games of the last couple gens feature dicks. But that's totally fine.   Anyway - can't wait ton play this goddamn game!
  12. Watch Dogs 2 reviews

    The reception for this game has been the opposite of Mafia 3 so far: overwhelmingly positive. I'm officially excited!    (Please don't fuck up the PC version)
  13. Watch Dogs 2 reviews

    What was your reaction to seeing a penis for the first time in an M-rated game?
  14. Watch Dogs 2 reviews

  15. Watch Dogs 2 reviews

      It's just nudity. What am I missing?