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  1. Let me know how you like the PlayStand. Thought about picking one up - but wasn't sure if I could justify the price for how much I'd use it. Still thinking about it..
  2. I don't even understand WTF this game is - virtually zero appeal for me thus far, but the Mario Kart comparison actually has me slightly intrigued. More barely (insert literally any sport) games, please! Can't think of the last authentic sports game I played that wasn't painfully dull. I hope so - there's no way in hell I would buy a game like this without trying it. If there's any Switch game that justifies a demo so far, this would be it.
  3. Hilarious! NeoGAF spent 10+ pages analyzing the screenshots as possible RDR2 leaks.
  4. How does the PC version compare to the 360 version? Bought this on 360 years ago but never finished it.
  5. All great points @legend I'm rather new to PC gaming (just built my first PC about a year ago with help from you guys) and love the 1070, but feel like I'm just out of reach to play certain games with my desired setting. Seeing the 1080ti has a 30% performance increase over the 1070 sounded just enough to get me there. I got a bonus at work and immediately started convincing myself upgrading is a good idea. I think I'm probably jumping the gun though... I think realizing I'd have to upgrade the PSU was the deal breaker. I'll hold out for the 11xx series. Thanks for the feedback, everyone - really appreciate it - as always!
  6. You bastards with your rational advice! Think I'll hang tight for a bit!
  7. Why do these decisions have to be such a pain in the ass.... Argh. Thanks for the great info, everyone!
  8. When do you think we can expect some decent price drops? $839 is what I was expecting, but would hate to pick it up right before a $100-$200 price drop. ...I feel like I have bad luck with that. Every major purchase I buy seems to get a price drop immediately after installing.
  9. Thanks! I really appreciate the info. Totally understood on the recommendation to wait. The combination of patience being my weakness & some money that I have to spend now that I probably won't in 7 months is making me lean towards 'buy now' - but I'll think it over for a solid week before making a decision.
  10. I'm running 1440p on most games w/ settings lowered (I have a 4K TV). Would love to have some more wiggle room for 4K though. I'd wait 7 months - but based on prior experiencing waiting for the next cards - 7 months will quickly turn into 1+ years by the time non-reference cards are out, tested and readily available. ...and by that time it'll be 'Wait until the NEXT one'.
  11. I currently have a Gigabyte GTX G1 1070 and am debating upgrading to a 1080Ti (non reference), but have some questions! I was all set to buy, thinking this would be an easy swap - but It looks like 1080ti recommends 600~650 Watts (at least 50 watts higher than my 550 Watt power supply). Is this required or just a recommendation? I bought the 550 Watt power supply very recently - so it would be great if I didn't have to replace it - but if it's essential or highly recommended, that's what I will have to do. Can anyone tell me how crucial this is? Should I just bite the bullet and replace it? There are so many different versions of this card - can anyone recommend a style / brand in particular? Really not quite sure what to go for... I don't plan on doing any extreme overclocking, but want to get the best performance possible out of the box. PC Partpicker makes it seem like everything else is compatible, but thought I'd run it by you guys (the experts). Anything else I am overlooking that may need to be upgraded as well? Current build: GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming Graphics Card MSI Computer Motherboard Z170A SLI EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2 80 Plus Gold Rated, Fully Modular ATX 12V/EPS 12V ECO Mode Power Supply 220-G2-0550-Y1 Intel Boxed Core I7-6700K 4.00 GHz 8M Processor Cache 4 LGA 1151 BX80662I76700K Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan (RR-212E-20PK-R2) G.SKILL TridentZ Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 DEEPCOOL TESSERACT WH Mid Tower Computer Case SPCC + PLASTIC Thanks!
  12. I'm in for digital day one. Gonna be a good weekend!
  13. I have only used my Switch in portable mode so far, particularly while traveling / commuting. Will have to wait a few weeks to try it docked, but it's just fine as a handheld. I keep it in a small bag, with a power bank. With headphones + charger, it's a little cumbersome, but I'm rarely ever playing Zelda (or any game) for more than 2 hours at a time, unless I'm on a long flight. I typically only plug it in the bank when I'm finished playing. It charges pretty damn fast and is usually 100% before my next use. I only buy digital because I don't want more physical peices than I've already got. An external HD would contradict that and the larger storeage size seems excessive for my use (using a 256GB microSD). If space became an issue, I'd probably just grab one of the dozen other microSD cards I've got laying around to throw in my Switch case. I've got multiple 2TB Seagate external HDs and they are definitely tiny and portable. Just can't imagine needing to use one for my Switch and echo sentiments that requiring to plug in a drive just to play a game would be tedious, regardless of its size.
  14. Grabbing this on Switch today!
  15. Me me me!