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  1. I mean I'd like to feel sorry for him but he knew what he was getting into whether he thought he could control him or not so I do not feel sorry. The reactions are great though
  2. Elton John should give him a cease and desist from using rocket man. That would send him off the deep end
  3. I've only sunk around 8 hours in but it's been well worth the backing
  4. Trump's lawyers overheard by reporter at restaurant

    There never been enough competence shown to think they could ever do that purposefully to mess with a reporter
  5. played through the first mission. small level overall. wonder if the rest will be more compact as this. starting out good though!
  6. Will Joe mixon be good? There's your answer there
  7. I'm sure tonight will be the game of the century
  8. The Disaster Artist teaser trailer

    I know pretty much nothing about this but where is James francs character from with that accent he's doing?
  9. Hackers could program sex robots to kill

    Do we know they won't burn your stuff?
  10. Breaking: David Johnson to go on IR

    Hmm I'm not seeing IR just extended time
  11. Aw there's that sweet sweet Eli pick
  12. Does macadoo have a man bun? His wierd slicked back hair makes it seem like it