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  1. Looking to buy a PS4, been using my mother in law's unit

    I just linked the 2 systems to do a transfer Get the GoW PS4 pro bundle. Even if you didn't own a 4K TV the PS4 pro at 1080p is great as it increases framerates and uses better graphics and assets.
  2. No agents of shield, Peggy Carter or Inhumans?
  3. If Un assassinates trump will it ignite a war between the US and NKor will he be an American hero?
  4. Here in Cali I want shorter summer days and longer winter days fuck the sunsetting at 9 pm and 5 pm
  5. Emblazon and Triage dilemma

    I think he can wait a week or a month, whats the rush anyway?
  6. Well you dont have to have ESPN, FOX Sports and whatever else shit that costs money to watch an eSport
  7. Sounds like we should build a wall between Mexico and Central America
  8. I know exactly what I'm talking about Most Americans don't give a shit enough to own a gun in the first place. 300-400 Million guns owned by whales is essentially whats going on.
  9. Or 30. I don't see why people can't wait to get their products considering nowadays people would rather buy something from amazon than buy it in person.
  10. No they wouldn't but the gun nuts would make it seem like "most" Americans are going apeshit.
  11. Bunch of weenies crying about their guns. I’m all for keeping a gun for protection or for those that are active hunters but those that just cry about guns just because of the 2nd amendment can fuck off. It’s probably the one “right” most Americans don’t give a shit about and if we got rid of it they’d be happier.
  12. MCU 10 Anniversary class photo video

    Natalie Portman