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  1. The Tomb Raider movies and James Bond movies are basically PG-13 level.
  2. 'Member when Obama wanted to kick Fox News out and the other news outlets stood behind Fox and said they would not attend unless Fox was allowed as well? I 'member....
  3. The winter soldier is better remake of demolition man. But I still like demolition man a lot. also I actually enjoyed Godzilla from like 1998 than the 2014 remake.
  4. Just because they're called The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim doesn't mean they're in Los Angeles. Anaheim is in Republican Orange Country.
  5. We should start putting Asians in concentration camps again. We really could use a cure for AIDS, renewable energy, and a space ship that can take us to Mars.
  6. I'm surprised some of you guys jumped on this so quickly without waiting real world benchmarks
  7. It's Anacrime it's perfectly normal.
  8. AMD Ryzen Revengeance?
  9. I don't pirate cus I don't have time to play the games anyway. So its literally a waste of my time to find, download, and mod my systems to play the games.
  10. How do I use WinDirStat to check for stuff i can delete
  11. MS account security is massively insane my Bro lost access to his for months in fact we had a 30 day waiting period to recover it.
  12. Bad hombre right there