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  1. Why can't we make it the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November?
  2. Reminds me of the time UBIsoft gave out pirate cracked .exe files to customers who bought digital copies of a game but we're still being asked to insert a CD rom as a way of fixing the problem.
  3. The switch is more like a Wii U pro.
  4. Competitive gaming is fucking boring. I played overwatch for like a week
  5. Only if Cameron writes and directs will it be quality
  6. Tronald is on a roll!! edit: he's the best bltbbqbyob president of all time!
  7. America lost because we're a pussy nation and Tronald just grabbed it really hard with Putins hand. @SFLUFAN. Can you elaborate on U. Grants involvement in the fight to end Jim Crow laws?
  8. Not really. As soon as I got it to stabilize I left it at that and played my games. The cooler I have is an older Corsair H80. Edit: I found my my MB it's an MSi Z87 MPower LGA 1150 Extreme OC https://us.msi.com/Motherboard/Z87-MPOWER.html#hero-overview
  9. I over clocked it to 4.0 I'm not really good at over clocking and I had crashes when I pushed it past that. It became stable at 4.0
  10. I have an i5 4670k @ 4.0 GHz and I mainly play Guild Wars 2 which is poorly optimized and uses a single thread. I was wondering if switching to an i7 7700k with DDR4 would net me better performance but at same time I'm assuming this is also quadcore CPU die and it won't make that much of a difference going into future PC games (that will likely sit installed for months at a time. Sorry GTAV and Doom ) I currently have 16 GB of ddr3 1600 and a GTX 970 but my immediate upgrade will more likely be a 1080ti
  11. Its not about being a liberal it's about stopping crazy white people from doing mass shootings. Yes I understand gangmembers and other poor people in urban areas like to shoot each other with handguns but we can generally avoid being in situations like that. There's a reason why I moved out of the ghetto. It's so that I can walk down a clean street and greet my white neighbors jogging or walking their dogs while heading to the liquor store to get ice cream and coke. I know better than to walk around bad neighborhoods. But I don't want to get shot at the mall, airport, the school I work at or the movie theater. I'm all in favor of stopping all gun violence but I'm not dumb enough to not recognize the difference between the two situations nor am I stupid enough to not recognize disingenuous arguments from gun nuts.
  12. I'm still I favor having gun drives. But I would donate the guns to less fortunate families who can't afford a gun to defend themselves.