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  1. Pewdiepie does it again

    Chat and streamers I hate their yell for reactions and never ending meme talk
  2. Pewdiepie does it again

    I just happen to hate the twitch community and most let's players
  3. Pewdiepie does it again

    Meh if I was a dev I'd take down all let's plays or videos containing more than 3 mins of game footage. Until i can post 2 hour long videos of "let's watch" where I record myself watching a movie and talking about it. Or stream myself doing it. I'd allow it for those that ask me and then id reserve the right to pull the video whenever I feel like it.
  4. Obama to announce that Osama Bin Laden is DEAD

    Damn you dug deep. But thanks for the memories of when we had a great president
  5. Voter fraud is real, it's called the electoral college
  6. I'd rather Edward Snowden get pardon over the last few pardons that we got.
  7. Chimp muscles only 1.35 stronger than humans

    Yeah yeah win their feet
  8. Chimp muscles only 1.35 stronger than humans

    With their feet?
  9. And yet BLM is what we should be worried about. White people dont get it. Blacks are treated like shit more so than anyone else in this country. That being said this really an issue of "US" vs Blue. Cops treat everyone like shit and that's what we need to fight against. They seriously need to calm the fuck down. Beyond that we gotta be nicer to blacks, period.
  10. I'm attracted to myself

    do you masturbate to your own dick pics?
  11. Bye, D1P

    Just curious what season are we in now? 5-7 I kinda stopped watching after season 3
  12. Hollywood is mad at Rotten Tomatoes

    To be fair there are some average movies that are not AAA quality that are okay and just fine but for some reason critics hate the movies and give it bad scores and that's what scares people away and causes movie sales to drop too much. King Arthur was a fun movie and if you like Guy Richie films this was right up your alley. Suicide Squad was no where near as bad as RT lead people to believe. And those are the times when I tend to side with the studios. Its kinda like a movie that should be a 7 or 8 gets trashed talked into a 3 and then it bombs.
  13. The aliens are mad we elected trump. I'm pretty sure the puppet master aka the majestic 12, men in black, and the masons don't wan to tell trump aliens are real
  14. ~*Official 2017 Hurricane Season Thread*~

    I think you need to go get your grandma and be like "you've been wanting to come over and spend a weekend with us, right? don't worry your house and cats will be fine for 2 days" and then sneak off with the cats too.