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  1. Declaration of New California!

    Thats exactly what it is. Bunch of GOP weenies wanting to make their opinions count
  2. Declaration of New California!

    I remember seeing a proposed map of north and south California and Northern California somehow included Orange County
  3. People destroy history in Georgia.

    Barky Whosane Obummer!!11
  4. Iran is experiencing a bit of unrest.

    Those people need communism
  5. Devastating Texas highway crash!

    Grandpa had 3 aguacate trees in his yard that used to climb on his roof to cut them down when they were ripe. Needless to say I hate aguacates, and you people are crazy for paying an extra $1.50 for a sliver of that shit for your food. White people have no business touching aguacates. Y’all don’t even know how get the seed out without being rushed to urgent care. edit: you happy now Josie?
  6. Darksiders III: new in-game footage

    Looks slow. I hope she can run faster or gets a mount like the other games
  7. Digital Copy Giveaways

    MAG seven please
  8. Knightfall

    You were expecting DCAU movie huh?
  9. How can I find out what's causing my PC to randomly restart

    I lied it was purchased in 2011 so just over 6 years
  10. Anyone ever had or heard of an SSD drive failing?

    Yes they can fail they are by the nature of their design limited to read and write so many times. That’s why you don’t defrag SSD drives
  11. Stallone No Longer Directing Creed 2

    That was short lived seemed like just a few weeks ago Stallone was directing
  12. There better be some fucking metal gear hiding Sarah Palin’s backyard!
  13. I have a feeling that if Hugh Jackman didn't have to deal with his cancer he'd be TOTALLY up for some MCU movies.
  14. Microsoft's Xbox One X Trap

    There will be no PS5 in 2020, Sony is basically competing with itself at this point if they release something in 2020. Lets go to 2022 though and lets see what numbers you can come up with