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  1. The bigger thing they need to change is to drastically evolve the gameplay. I was getting tired of it by Modern Warfare 3, and then Black Ops II went future and I thought it was a good opportunity to try something new with the gameplay, but the multilayer was the same shit, so I got tired of it fast, and skipped Ghosts the following year. Then Advanced Warfare introduced the jump packs, which was novel, but then by Black Ops III, I was worn out of it pretty fast, and didn't put that many hours into it, and then I skipped Infinite Warfare. The series has become stale, so stale that even if trailers showed off something new, I'd be hesitant because I'd wonder how long I'd get tired of it.
  2. Yeah but I can use your analogy for any creative work; "you can make a movie about anything, why make one about WWII/historical period/famous figure?". Now don't get me wrong, I prefer other shooters that do make up their own settings, but for a series known as a military shooter franchise, WWII makes sense. They have three teams now though, so ideally I'd like to see one team do historic wars (WWII, Vietnam War, maybe even alternative history like if the Cold War got hot), one team do modern war (based on real ones, or ones that could happen now), and futuristic that show where military power and technology is headed.
  3. Well obviously I'm critical of Putin, but I'm a nobody, with no influence. If I was an outspoken journalist, or even if I make it big as an actor/director, and was publicly critical of Putin, I wonder if Putin would bother having me assassinated if I was on a press tour visiting Russia, or does he not bother with non-nationals? Killing a Canadian celeb might draw too many eyes.
  4. The past five games have been future tech, and it's gotten stale. There are plenty of battles in WWII to draw inspiration from that haven't been done yet.
  5. Then you're viewing RT wrong. It's not an average of score like Metacritic, it's based on percentage of critics that liked a movie. Anyways here's a recent article I read of this http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2017/03/24/why-brett-ratner-is-wrong-about-rotten-tomatoes
  6. The world didn't even really seem post-apocalyptic. The only place that would give that vibe was the area they were keeping Prof. X at, which is out in the middle of the desert in Mexico, so completely understandable. The rest of the movie is on the road, on a farm, and out in the forests. Nothing really that screams the world is crumbling.
  7. Typically. There are of course exceptions. Nintendo likes to release on Sundays, or are least they did for a while. Skyrim released on a Friday so that it could release on 11/11/11.
  8. Games in Europe usually release on a Friday.
  9. So I haven't been following Destiny news, but I hear there's a big update coming next week. Is it like the April update from last year, with a new strike, or just updates to old raids to get new gear?
  10. I wonder if there will be a transfer system of some sort to carry over some of what you've done in the first game, otherwise what's the point of getting it on PC if I can't continue my guardians from my PS4.
  11. Except those aren't cringe worthy on purpose. "My face is tired" is supposed to be serious, and fails because of how stupid the writing is for it. I'll take each scene case by case, not lump everything in as a whole.
  12. Am I, or am I just not going to dogpile on this game for EVERYTHING. The scene reads like it's being played for laughs, and is supposed to be awkward and uncomfortable. Similar to the scene in Spider-Man 3 with Peter thrusting in the street, and everyone complains about it being cringe worthy, when that's exactly the point.
  13. Saw it tonight finally. Damn good film.
  14. The same could be said when we switched from 4:3 to 16:9. It is a process, but eventually I hope 21:9 gets more support, and becomes the new standard.