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  1. This sounds like something apoc would say and then brag about how tight 18 year olds are.
  2. I had a Bleu cheese filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes. I really want to try venison, but I wonder how it's best cooked. I like my steaks medium rare.
  3. I can't stand McDonald's, Wendy's is good though. Harvey's, however, is the best.
  4. Your ex sounds like a dumbass.
  5. What should I eat for breakfast?

    Out of those choices, can't go wrong with waffles.
  6. Ancient Greece could be cool. Rome I'm not so sure since we already had Rome, albeit not ancient Rome, in Brotherhood. Maybe a Viking setting where you sack Rome would be cool though.
  7. You've mentioned before how you don't like sex, and don't even like being touched in general. Are you by chance asexual?
  8. I would say: 1. Wear a condom. Just do it. 2. Real sex is not like the porn you watch. 3. If you somehow know you're going to be having sex, jerk it before you meet up with your partner. A little masturbation can help relieve some stress, and get rid of some of that buildup so you might last longer, but with that said, 4. You will not last long, and you will most likely suck at it. It's your first time, so there's no shame in not going all night. 5. Make sure you tell your partner that it's your first time. Don't try and hide it. If they're a good person, they should be understanding.
  9. What is the point of Stickey?

    Making babies.
  10. New Ready Player One Trailer

    Yeah that's something I've always noticed too.
  11. Looks like he's not even keeping up with his Batman exercise routine. He was pretty jacked in BvS.
  12. Let's do it. I can do a pretty good Trump impression.