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  1. American Gods: first teaser trailer

    So if it's just based on one book, and not a series, is this just going to be one season? 
  2. Wonder Woman: official Comic-Con trailer

    This basically looks like how I wanted the first Captain America movie to be, just in WWI. 
  3. Blair Witch 2016

    It's scary because of what you don't see. Fear of the unknown. Way too many horror movies show too much. What we don't see scares us, it's one of the reasons why Se7en is such a good horror movie, we never actually SEE the crimes being committed, but what we learn about them let's our imaginations run wild.    Most movies that try to emulate the style of The Blair Witch Project fall flat though. 
  4. Blair Witch 2016

    The original is one of the scariest movies, and one of my favourites, so I hope this is good. 
  5. Batman is like a father to her, and is friends with her actual father. What the fuck!? 
  6. So reading more about this, it seems this whole Bruce and Barbara being a couple has been a thing for a while in the TAS continuity, being talked about in Batman Beyond, and the Mystery of the Batwoman movie. I wonder why Bruce Timm is so stuck with this idea, and I suppose even the greatest creators and writers have their faults. Seriously, it's just wrong. 
  7. A trailer for a logo!? Dafuq? 
  8. Doctor Strange trailer 2

    It's like someone used a kaleidoscope as a camera for this movie! I'm loving the look. 
  9. That scene is so wrong, and icky on so many levels. Awful!  Who came up with that idea!? 
  10. American Gods: first teaser trailer

    Well I recognized one shot from the two days I was on set (the car driving down the country road). I did see those extras in the wierd white outfits though. 
  11. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 3

    Ok yeah I take that back. Just saw this on IGN   Should be cool to see, maybe this show will really start improving beyond just "good".    I do worry how they will portray him with their budget though. 
  12. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 3

    The Australian guy (I've already forgotten his name) used a fiery chain this season. 
  13. Ok so how do I check if I was one of them? I haven't played the game in forever, but still. 
  14. I beat the Gaping Dragon on my first try! Now I'm on my way to Blight town... I'm scared, esp. of the framerate. At least I have the Rusted Iron Ring to help me out a bit. 
  15.   Definitely do, it certainly holds up. I'm finding Dark Souls harder though. Goddamn I need to git gud.    I wish there was a bestiary in these games though. I always like looking up enemy monsters.