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  1. Funny @SFLUFAN and I were talking about the possibility of TF2 coming to Switch since it runs on Source, on Tuesday while we were playing it. This is just another bad sign for Nintendo, and it looks like they're repeating the Wii U all over again. All three of their last consoles have been under powered, and they haven't learned the lesson yet.
  2. In this case yeah. I remember seeing the footage, and even knowing that they guy was just holding a camera, when he peaked around the corner with it, and the airman said, "he's got an RPG", I got a shiver down my spine because it really did look like a weapon was being aimed at them, so I could see how they made the mistake.
  3. You didn't even post the correct video @Mercury33
  4. What about actual issues directly involved with guns, that common sense would dictate need addressing, like the gun show loophole for example?
  5. Tactical information being withheld is a must, yes, but I don't know about war crimes and the like, especially if those involved were never punished. I remember when bin Laden was killed John Stewart made the argument that the picture of his dead body should be made public, remind the people what war really is. It's not watered down/censored like you'd see on your news, it's not Hollywood bullshit; it's real, it's painful, and it's bloody. Show them what real war is, and maybe, in the future, we'll be a little more hesitant to jump into yet another war.
  6. I'm interested as to why you believe this. Anyone can clearly see that America has a gun problem, although the solution to it is not clear, but shouldn't something be thought of and attempted, rather than just leave it alone and have it to continue?
  7. Not sure what to think honestly, but it's a better trailer than the first.
  8. This is certainly a good looking trailer, I'll give it that.
  9. Well obviously if you play golf I doubt a video game of it is going to interest you, especially if you also have set up a practice area in your basement. I was just using that as an example of something that would be better with motion controls.
  10. He deliberately only now entered the race to avoid an all French debate held in Quebec because he can't speak French. Pretty sure if he wants to eventually become PM he has to learn as being bilingual in English and French is one of the mandatory requirements to be Prime Minister.
  11. Whoa! You mean if something is popular and sells well, and they can make money on it that they will make games for it? No way!
  12. Since the second game came out and was greatly admired by everyone that played it.
  13. Certain motion controls for certain types of games I can get behind. A golf game for example would definitely be more fun than sticks and buttons, but a game the requires very precise controls, like Dark Souls, no since motion controls just aren't as precise, and the tech isn't quite as advanced yet.