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  1. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

      What do you mean? What's with the Hung Jury? 
  2.   Doesn't someone else usually post these...
  3. Thoughts on The Division?

      Nah you'll get the dog in the game, but the $20 DLC will be for dog armour.
  4.   That was a controlled fall. No plane hit the crane!    It's a conspiracy I tells you!
  5.   And now you see my frustration with this decision. Thank God I switched ISP so that I have unlimited data for my home Internet, but there's still the issue of these hogging up unnecessary space on my PS4.
  6. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    I had no idea so many celebrities were in this game. Obviously I knew Nathan Fillion was Cayde-6, but I didn't know that Maggie and Morgan from The Walking Dead were The Exo Stranger and Lord Shaxx, respectively.
  7. Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle is SEX

      That was my exact same thought with the Batman PS4.
  8. Treyarch has said that this is how they plan to roll out all the map packs from now on. Instead of having to manually download the map packs from your respective system's store, all DLC maps will automatically download with patches.   This is stupid. A huge waste of HDD space if you're not planning on buying the map packs or Season Pass. I get the convenience factor of it rather than having to wait for the new maps to unlock, but this is basically almost like trying to tempt you to spend the money to buy the DLC since it's already on your system. It's like on-disc-DLC taken to the next level. You can of course always turn on auto-updates for the game, and uninstall the data of the game, but if you want to continue to play the game over the next year you'll have to keep the game up to date in order to play online, therefore you'll need to download the map data.   You're just paying to unlock the DLC essentially, and like I said it's needlessly taking up HDD space.   "Here let me fill up your fridge with some food, oh no no you can't eat any of it until you have paid me, so it will just sit there until you do. What's that, you didn't want any of this food I gave you, you were saving room for other food you wanted? Well too bad, I've already given it to you."
  9. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

      lol       I don't know what a Thorn is, but it sounds like I want it.
  10. Thoughts on The Division?

      I guess that makes sense.
  11. Thoughts on The Division?

      I don't know, I've heard of a lot of trouble with the Assassin's Creed games for example. Far Cry though is of course handled very well on PC.
  12. You know what is great about this game I really haven't seen anyone talk about? How this game is a great way to introduce kids to the shooter genre. Most shooter games are aimed at adults, and get either a T or M rating, so younger kids are missing out on a fantastic genre that is usually too violent for them to play, or the few that might be out there are rubbish, but with Splatoon Nintendo made a high quality shooter that is not only friendly enough for younger kids to enjoy, but still fun and skillful enough for adults to get enjoyment out of as well.   I think Nintendo should be commended for that.
  13. Thoughts on The Division?

    I'm wondering how support on PC of this game will be since Ubisoft doesn't really always have the best PC versions of games, a few exceptions sure, but you're usually better off buying the console version. Those of you playing the beta on PC, how is it?
  14. Yup that was pretty good. I went and immediately followed this up with Prisoners which was also all sorts of fucked up.