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  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Lol it's milquetoast, and it doesn't mean bland, it means timid or spineless, which might still describe Howard, but I don't think you were using it in that way haha
  2. Yeah a dude on another forum I visit was complaining about Rey's line about moving rocks because it shows a lack of trust of the audience, and treats them like idiots because it's the lowest form of writing not trusting the audience to get the callback on their own without the dialogue. I'm not sure if this guy has any sort of background in writing or anything, but he was super pissed at that line, and I was just like, "really...?".
  3. Tomb Raider trailer

    It's cheaper to use covers.
  4. Changes sound nice. Looking forward to playing as an ARC Trooper. Maybe this new sentinel class means we'll be getting droidekas soon.
  5. New Aliens game

    Well shit.
  6. New Aliens game

    Hopefully doesn't turn out to be another Colonial Marines. Where is my sequel to Isolation though!?
  7. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    Nintendo Exec 1: These loot boxes in games seem to be making a lot of money for other developers, what can we do that's similar, but with a Nintendo twist? Nintendo Exec 2: What if we sold literal cardboard boxes? Nintendo Exec 1: Genius! Give this man a raise.
  8. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    I don't know what drugs Nintendo are on, but I want some.
  9. My fwb

    I am so out of the loop on this stuff. Cyber sex? Virtual fuck parties? What!?
  10. My fwb

    What the fuck is that?
  11. My fwb

    Am I missing something, doesn't FWB stand for "friend with benefits", meaning you're just having sex with each other with no romantic commitments? How is she your FWB if you've never met?
  12. ~Official Destiny 2 PC Thread~

    I've beaten the campaign, so now I'm just getting ready for the Raid. Does anyone want to play the Raids with me?
  13. Destiny 2 Discussion

    What's the spider gun? Now that I've completed the main campaign, and hit level 25, and I'm starting to get legendary stuff, I need to figure out what's good to keep and infuse to higher power, and what to dismantle.