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  1. Who the fuck still uses Internet Explorer!? 
  2. My hope is that now that we have Negan's big kill and the fallout of the stupid cliffhanger out of the way, that season will get better as we can start focusing on how the group will now deal with Negan. 
  3. I think "dem feels" would have been better had they done the whole bashing scene back as the Season 6 finale, and have the cliffhanger part be Negan taking Rick to the RV, so we wonder what he's doing to do to Rick next. 
  4. I kind of have to admit that I too felt nothing from these deaths. I still liked the episode overall just because Negan is so fun to watch in a morbid way. Maybe because they did Abraham first, and so I was taken off guard by them not following the comics. I don't know if I would have felt differently if they switched up the order.    Darryl must feel like shit for getting Glenn killed though. I hope they address that. 
  5. On behalf of all Canadians, I'd like to apologize for heyyoudvd. Not all of us are like that. Clearly someone didn't get enough maple syrup as a child. 
  6. Doctor Strange Tomatometer Watch

    I wonder how Mads Mikkelsen's villain is. Marvel doesn't have a solid track record when it comes to their movie villains. 
  7. Season 7 is finally here and it's time once again to talk all about our favourite and least favourite parts.    In case this needs repeating though, be sure to mark any spoilers from the comics.      So yeah, after waiting months to see who Negan had killed in the Season 6 finale cliffhanger, we saw all the gut wrenching details. I'd say the show is batting 1000 with Negan so far. I remember suggesting after the furor of the cliffhanger that maybe Negan should have killed two people; one we see, and one we don't if they really wanted a cliffhanger. Didn't think he actually would kill two. I also remember leaks/rumours saying that a death for every character was filmed either to avoid leaks, or because they hadn't decided who would die. Guess it was true, but a little misinformed as it was all part of Rick worrying about Negan killing more. Makes sense since shooting more deaths for no reason would have been such a waste of time and money. 
  8. Logan: Official Trailer #1

    The Logan of Us
  9. I can see them making a Mini Switch down the line for people that want something even more portable. Something with a smaller screen that can't connect to the TV, that can fit in your pocket, and is a lot cheaper, therefore it is a handheld.    After all one of the great things that people aren't talking about enough is that the Switch doesn't use discs! It uses little cartridges, similar an SD card or a 3DS cartridge. That will be a lot more portable than discs, able to hold more memory if they need it to as well as have memory space for DLC right in the cartridge, faster load times, and with the lack of a disc drive there are less moving parts, meaning less chances of malfunctioning equipment. 
  10. ~*Official Nintendo NX Reveal Discussion Thread*~

    How much will this thing cost?! I'm not exactly jumping on the hype train just yet. I'm a little worried about the specs, and given that 3rd parties especially are obsessed with power, esp. with the Scorpio and PS4 Pro coming out, the Switch NEEDS to be able to compete with them; novelty of taking your game anywhere won't do it alone. Sure we have 3rd parties on board now, but then again they said the same thing with the Wii U, and then that dropped pretty fast.
  11. My interest dropped so far with that. First date, and it was going pretty well, but then yeah, I think she's been looking too much at these WikiLeaks shit, denied that Putin was a monster, and said Trump is pretty smart for finding loopholes so he didn't need to pay his taxes, and wished she could do that.    *sigh* if I was a meme, I'd be the Forever Alone guy. 
  12. What are these tapes Trump talked about where Clinton can be heard telling people to get violent at Trump rallies? I'm not following the WikiLeaks stuff, and of course I can't trust a word that comes out of Trump's mouth. 
  13. Trump said that the women that have come forward have been debunked. Uhh they have? I haven't heard that, and knowing his character, I'm sure Trump is being Trump, and deflecting any criticisms/accusations of him.