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  1. The CGI for the eye was distractingly bad. 
  2. This show is already too long. They don't know what to do with extra time, and it just gets filled with, well, filler. Each season shouldn't be 16 episodes. There's a reason the best season is probably, at least arguably, the first which was only 6 episodes long, and that's because the pacing was good. Things just drag on too long now. Even if they wanted to beef up the number of episodes per season, make it 10-12.
  3. Dakota Access Pipeline STOPPED, to be RE-ROUTED

      Is that a leak in your pipe, or are you just excited to see me? 
  4. I don't want to get too off topic by speaking about feminism, but of course the people and the ideologies of regressive, radical, misandrism feminism need to be criticized, but that's why I said don't judge the ideology as a whole, i.e. don't dump all the different forms of feminism under one roof and criticize it all as if it's all equally the same thing. That is why I said the people that are turning feminism into some sort of hatred against men need to be pushed back against, so that feminism doesn't turn into that. Things can change, for the better or for the worse, and if feminism is being co-opted by misandrists and turning it into a movement that is regressive, it is up to us to push back, say, "No that is not what feminism is about", and keep it as the honorable movement for the equal rights for women, not sit back, do nothing, and let feminism turn into filth, and let the regressive take it over, and just say "well feminism is bad". Same thing can happen if something that would be deemed bad starting reforming and turning into something good, it should be championed and helped to lead it into a force of positivity.   To use a recent, albeit maybe a silly example, look at the Pepe the Frog meme. Nothing more than a funny cartoon frog to make jokes on the Internet with, but then it started being used by neo-Nazis and White supremacists, and people started thinking Pepe was a White supremacist meme. It's not of course, so how do you fight that thinking? Laugh it off and call people that think that stupid? No, otherwise the WS win, so instead you fight back, show that Pepe is NOT a WS meme, and you do that by using Pepe for his original purposes, show people he isn't a WS meme, criticize WS using Pepe, and don't use Pepe the same way that WS would use him, otherwise the Nazis will co-opt him like they did the Swastika, which originally was not a Nazi symbol, but now of course has become one that everyone associates with Nazism.   Also, feminism is not irrelevant now. The major movements, like women being given the right to vote, may have been won, but there are still rights to be fought for like women's health and birth control, fair, equal and positive representation within media (literature, film/TV, games, etc.), and education, plus all the effort being fought for girls and women around the world, not just in North America, but more impoverished places like in the Middle East and African countries. These are all feminist issues.   I mean come on, do you really think that I'm going around saying that all men are pigs that need to atone for the sins of simply being a man, and that men are inherently rapists, and that men's issues don't matter, and only women's issues need to be addressed and talked about? Don't lump all feminists into one basket with the more negative people that are giving feminism a bad name.
  5. Does mo-cap/facial capture work with customizable faces? I would assume so, but then again maybe because every face can be wildly different it has to have pre-set parts that move that the faces get molded to.    (I have no idea if that made any sense of what I'm trying to convey) 
  6. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    Sparrow Racing was fun. Hope they're expanded upon it this time.
  7. Kid needs to cut his damn hair.
  8. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Teaser

    Yeah this will be fun!
  9. The Last of Us: Part II Announced!!!

      At the earliest. Wouldn't be surprised if it's 2019. They said they are still very early in development.
  10. The Last of Us: Part II Announced!!!

    So they decided to go with Joel and Ellie after all. I think I remember Naughty Dog saying that if they ever did a sequel it wouldn't feature them, but focus on new characters since Joel and Ellie's story was complete. I agreed with that idea, but I'd be interested in hearing why they decided to go with them in the end after all. Perhaps, and hopefully, they have a really compelling story to continue with them, rather than new characters, even new characters in another country for example to really show the spread of the apocalypse, like have the game take place in the UK for example.   I'm a little mixed about Joel and Ellie again, but then again the first game was so damn good, I'm excited regardless.
  11.   Hmm I guess it wasn't released yet. I just checked Amazon and it only says available for Pre-order. Well that's a bummer, I asked for the Platinum for Christmas.   I could have sworn I've seen people talk about it. I'm so confused! 
  12.   I don't get it, there already is a Platinum Headset.
  13. I just learned that Solrock and Lunatone, i.e. the original sun and moon Pokémon, are not available in Sun and Moon.    Fail Game Freak, fail. 
  14. I have become the Champion! I thought it was cool that    I also now have a Cosmog, and a Type: Null, which evolves into a less powerful Arceus, essentially.