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  1. My one friend is the only person I've heard talking shit about it. He played the beta, but isn't buying it because he thinks it's boring, repetitive, should be F2P, and that Blizzard has lost their way. 
  2. So Wade was kind enough to pay for my copy through PayPal, but I don't use PayPal all that much, so when I went to buy the game and use my Wallet, it doesn't show up. Apparently I need to verify my credit card before I do so, n which they'll charge me a small fee, and I input a code. Well I'm looking online at my bank account and I don't see anything. Does anyone know how long this statement usually takes to show up? Maybe it's simply a 24 hour thing.   Also, what if I just paid for the game outright, and then I just added the fund Wade gave me to my bank account (which I haven't linked PayPal to, again, I hardly use it) would that work?   I've never played a Blizzard game before, so I'm not entirely sure how battle.net works at all either lol but I'm excited to start playing this.
  3. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

    It's been years since I read the first trade of the comics, so I can't remember how that opens. I know they're going to take some liberties since they said the comics move at too fast of a pace, so I'm fine with it if they're just going to add more scenes and flesh things out a bit, but still follow the general arc of the story from the comics.   I loved the "Tom Cruise blew up" bit 
  4. Wtf did they do to Batman's mouth?! 
  5. Overwatch platform

  6. Well shit, guess I better get myself a Blizzard account. Thanks @SFLUFAN I'll PM you the details tomorrow. 
  7. Great job Bran, not only did you get your dire wolf killed (seriously those things go down faster than a hooker on a billionaire's cock), but you also got Hodor killed.    Can't decide if his name meaning "hold the door" is funny or kind of cool/smart. 
  8. Under $5 Weekend Flash Sale for PS4/PS3/Vita titles.

    Killzone Shadow Fall is tempting, but I've never played the previous Killzones, so I'd like to also get the triple pack. How are those games anyway?
  9. I want it because it looks so damn fun! 
  10. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    I would have thought it would be Cabal themed since we haven't gotten a Cabal raid yet, but then again we also don't have a Fallen raid since House of Wolves unfortunately didn't have one.
  11. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 3

    I'm just glad Lincoln is gone. Didn't really like his character at all. 

      There will be around each of your limbs when we draw and quarter you, then around your neck when we hang what's left for treason. 

    That is no way to speak to your Supreme High Chancellor.