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  1. This game just keeps getting better and better the further along you go. I just got and so I think I'm close to beating it. Probably only a couple hours left. Definitely worth a purchase and supporting. Special thanks to @stepee once again for the gift.
  2. It was clearly just a reflection or shadow.
  3. I thought that too. Like I know the smell of a burning body would be horrible, but it would keep you warm, fools!
  4. When the zombie ice polar bear killed that guy, why didn't they just wait around and see if he turned into a wight? Then they could have stopped the journey right there and headed back with him.
  5. So if fire can not kill a dragon, how do you kill a wight dragon?
  6. Panic in street as Moon eats Sun

    I'm near Toronto and it is about 70% here, but it didn't really get dark. Peeked out my window briefly and saw the sun was still bright, tried using the camera on my phone to see anything, but can't really see shit without the special glasses or filters I guess.
  7. The Night King just got himself a Blue Eyes Wight Dragon. Now he just needs two more to complete his deck.
  8. Wait, where did the dead get two massive chains? Whatever, undead dragon!
  9. I do keep hearing about this game... 8
  10. Funny, I was actually going to guess 3 at first, but then figured it was too similar to 23 with them both having 3 in them. PS4 please. Thank you, kind sir!