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  1. The Killing Joke Trailer

    Some of that animation does not look finished. 
  2. So they aren't continuing Ghosts? 
  3. Seriously though, how dumb is that Prince kid? You do not turn your back in a fight! 
  4. X-Men Apocalypse final trailer

    Wolverine again? I wonder how big his role actually will be. Funny how the best X-Men movie actually didn't even really have him (First Class).
  5. Game of Thrones: Season 6 Thread

    Eh I'd still hit it. 
  6. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    Anyone want to Raid right now? 
  7. Ironman to be in Spiderman Homecoming!

      Oh I know! I got all giddy when I watched All Hail the King. I really don't get why Marvel hasn't talked more about it (and why they don't do the One Shots anymore, they were great). The Mandarin would need to be changed a bit so that he's not a racial stereotype anymore, but still you can make anything work with good enough writing, and damn with Marvel bringing in mysticism and magic with Daredevil Season 2, Doctor Strange, and Iron Fist, The Mandarin would certainly not feel out of place with his rings.
  8. Ironman to be in Spiderman Homecoming!

    Well the role just seems fun to play, and people love him for it.   I do wonder if and when they'll make an Iron Man 4. I'd love to see Shane Black come back as director. While the initial disappointment of The Mandarin being a fake-out, it was just so goddamn hilarious, and of course they could always bring in the real Mandarin at some point.
  9.   Unfortunately it seems that a lot of people will take more critical looks at games as some sort of attack on the game, or the developers, or even sometimes they'll take it personally. The Division isn't exactly always self aware it seems, but that in no way means that the developers are bad people, or that players should feel bad about enjoying their time with the game. I guess this also comes into reviews as well, as a lot of people are always complaining about reviews needing to be "objective", so if there is an aspect of a game that makes you feel uncomfortable, and you really don't enjoy playing the game because of it, but the game itself is otherwise very well made, and fun, well too bad you still need to give the game a good score. That is such bullshit.   I suppose if we're not allowed to look critically at some flaws of games, then that also means we can't look critically at some of the great things games put in under the surface and praise them for it. After all "criticism" doesn't mean only pointing out the bad things in a work of art, but oh well, can't talk about the bad stuff, so we better not talk about the good stuff either. Not allowed to talk about the Ayn Rand objectivism that's a major underlying theme in Bioshock, instead it's just a shooter with crazy people in an underwater city, and some dude with drills for hands.
  10. I loved how in GoldenEye the higher difficulties would also add in more mission objectives. Also having the enemies speak Korean on Delta in Crysis was a nice, clever touch.
  11. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

      Well I believe @[email protected] @NeoJoe were interested on the previous page. Add in ShadowLink and I and that makes 6!
  12. Ironman to be in Spiderman Homecoming!

    No idea on that.
  13. Ironman to be in Spiderman Homecoming!

    That's the Iron Spider Suit Tony gives him in Civil War.