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  1. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    I need to continue farming before I'm ready to tackle this new Raid. I haven't tried it yet, and I can't wait to. Currently I'm just shy of 350 Light. 
  2. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    So wait, what's the max Light now? I thought it was 385, but I saw someone with the new Outbreak Prime and it was 390!
  3. Exactly what I thought. As for her deleted e-mails, is anything in cyberspace really ever truly deleted? I doubt there's anything too damaging in those either, I mean people delete e-mails all the time, whether because they're old, or to make room, or whatever. 
  4. As for Clinton's e-mails, where they ever publicly released, or even hacked? I had a guy tell me to go read her e-mails, and that they revealed that she ordered at least three US citizens to be killed while on US soil on terror suspicions, and then they found out after the killings that the men were innocent, so she's a murderer.    That has to be false. There is no way the State Department and FBI would let her slide for murder. Let her slide for a private server, abd e-mails, yeah because of who she is, but certainly wouldn't let her slide for THAT. Sounds like some sort of bullshit WikiLeaks would make up. 
  5. This election is no longer about Conservative vs. Liberal; it's about basic human decency and whatever the fuck the Republican Party has become. 
  6.   And there we go...    I haven't really heard many good things about her, but what else is there to her? I heard she had like only 1% of the vote. What exactly are her policies? Is she worse than Gary "What's Aleppo" Johnson? 
  7. Hey @SFLUFAN I thought you said Jill Stein was an anti-vaxxer last night, but I saw on Snopes today that that's not true.    Not that it makes her any less of a lunatic of course (I'd love to read more of her lunacy), but still.    Three things I couldn't stand about Trump last night:   - his constant interrupting  - his constant bragging  - and his constant sniffling 
  8. The comments on Facebook about this debate are just....ugh tiring...   "I'm just gonna leave this here. Actions speak louder than words. Trump may be a total moron but Hillary has DONE far worse than anything he has said. She also has Pepe the frog labeled as a "alt right racist meme" which is absolutely absurd.  I'd go either Jill stein or Gary Johnson.  Gotta stop using John Oliver. Appealing to authority isn't how to prove a point."     "having the private server alone was illegal. Her charges never went to court because "no ill intent" was found.  If that's the case then every single person who has been jailed for similar crimes should be set free. The ONLY reason they didn't proceed was because of who she is." - which I replied with how now all these bullshit conspiracy theories are coming in about Clinton - "Brick and you jump straight to conspiracy theories. Just look at her track record.  I don't support trump at all. I'm just not jumping on the bandwagon of calling him a bunch of things he isn't because he's not the ideal candidate.  Calling someone a racist is an attempt to shut the debate down.  Tell me Brick. What do you actually think about trump supporters"   "I prefer staying level headed and looking at both sides. Which is why I support neither side. They're both terrible in their own ways.  If trump even tried to do the things that the media is saying he would be impeached. The POTUS doesn't have the power to just launch nukes, stop constitutional rights etc. Like we keep hearing from mainstream media.  One side has turned into unjustified shit flinging with no actual argument which I find disappointing because I AM left leaning."   "I'm just getting really tired of the apologetics coming from one side. It's like Hillary is off limits to criticize because trump is "hitler". Even though he is in no way comparable to Hitler, especially when you study his policies, actions and eventual take over of Germany.  Criticize both. Find the good and the bad on both sides and find the middle ground. What's happening now is literal shit flinging. It's calling someone a name without justification just to end the discussion.  This. Is. not. How. You. Fix. Problems.  Take the black communities in the states. There are severe problems there but if you even MENTION that you're called a racist. If you don't support BLM. You're racist.  Bitch my cousins are black. My gf is Filipino /Iranian. Etc etc. We don't support BLM. They've perpetuated false narratives which are causing a greater racial divide than we've ever had. All it takes is a look at the statistics and factors to see what's going on. BUT if you mention that you're a racist."   That is what I'm dealing with on Facebook right now 
  9. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    The main mission seemed a little short. At least I can do the raid now. 
  10.   You think I have time to listen to a podcast? Just tell me here! 
  11. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    If we need another person I could ask ShadowLink from Negative World. I'm sure he'd join. 
  12. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    Hey @[email protected]@Anzo    Any plans for a run at the new raid on Friday night? If so I would love to join 
  13.   Not since I saw it back in '09. OK movie that misses a lot of the symbolism and themes, and needlessly changes the ending to something that just doesn't work. You just  don't change Alan Moore's work like that, the dude knows what he's doing, and does a ton of research (see From Hell). 
  14. Yup looks like Nite Owl.    Does anyone else feel sorry for Affleck a little bit. The normal suit looks good aside from the fact that it has muscle padding in it. Why? Ben beefed up quite a bit.