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  1. Dawkins Tweeted this picture. He's a dick, and ultimately hurts the atheism cause. I know his writings helped a lot of people rethink their religious beliefs, and become atheists, perhaps some people on here even, but his caustic, and insulting manner keep a lot more from becoming atheists. If you back someone up against a wall, and call them superstitious and stupid for believing in a higher power, they're not going agree with you, they're going to stand their ground and defend their views. Insulting someone's intelligence is not going to change their minds, and I'm guilty of doing this too, but we need to do better.
  2. The point is that there are far too many asshole atheists on the Web and elsewhere that are just plain dicks to anyone that's religious. I'm an atheist in case you're confused, and misunderstanding me. I'm not saying all atheists are assholes, but that there are far too many atheists that act like assholes towards religious people, and use criticisms of religions to fuel their own bigotry. In terms of well known ones, Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins come to mind.
  3. What about asshole atheists that just want to blame a whole religion to justify their prejudices, rather than just the few that interpret the scripture in a violent way, and use their influence to amass a following of like-minded individuals, in turn allowing more prejudices like Islamophobia to spread?
  4. Let me clarify that she seems dumb because usually with fish out of water type stories, we can identify with the fish, because they are usually the main character, and they are usually experiencing something that we too would be in awe of, and learning for the first time through them, like Harry Potter for example. Diana just seemed too naive and innocent that if we met her, we'd be like, "gurl you hot, but you dumb!". Similar to Thor in his first movie, as he was pretty dumb lol. Again, I liked the movie, and thought Gadot nailed the role, but that was one issue I had.
  5. That's exactly what I am talking about though. I think a Star Wars comedy adventure film could certainly work, but it couldn't be too goofy to upset the universe of these films.
  6. If they were going for the type of comedy they did in 21/22 Jump Street, then yeah it would feel very weird, and feel like a Star Wars parody, but then again these Star Wars Stories are supposed to be different than the main Episode saga, so maybe a full comedy would be nice.
  7. Refugees are not responsible for the attacks in England and the EU, those were done by citizens that have been living in those countries for years. Blaming refugees for that, and saying we shouldn't let them escape the hell they're fleeing, even though there are vetting processes in order to keep out dangerous people is just stupid. Seems quite a few too many have some anti Muslim and Islam sentiments, but want to justify it by claiming it's safety concerns.
  8. Not sure if anyone watched The Daily Show last night, but Trevor Noah had a pretty good rant about this.
  9. It would be like Iraq, but with Asians.
  10. Contracted botulism my ass. This is way too fishy and reaks of North Korea doing something to him. Weird that the family is denying an autopsy; you'd think they'd want to know what happened to their son, but maybe they figure it's already done, and finding out what happened won't change anything, and they don't want this to turn into a national thing. One of these days we're going to find out all of the human rights abuses North Korea has been hiding. If it weren't for China, I bet the US would have already invaded NK to give the people some good ol' fashioned American freedom.
  11. Putting aside the racism for a moment, the "brown teeth" comment really confuses me.
  12. I guess I should give The Leftovers a shot.