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  1. That spiked walker looked like something out of a Resident Evil game.
  2. Live animals is what I meant, but screw it, this thread is now about the beastiality porn parody of The Lion King!
  3. If there are no human characters, or even love animals, then this isn't really a live action remake, it's really just a CGI animated remake, isn't it? I haven't seen The Jungle Book yet, but then that only had one human character, and everything else was CGI too, wasn't it? So then in a way that's a CGI animated movie with some live action humans.
  4. So she later in life became a Born Again Christian, and protested against abortions. That is kind of a weird turnaround.
  5. Oh wow so they made it a joke about how only kids like Jar Jar and grownups don't like him, how thoughtful and original, and not a weak, tired joke at all... You know what would have been better? Do something actually interesting with him, make him somehow REDEEM himself, and before you type it, don't come at me with something like, "there is no redeeming him, he's a terrible character", as good writing can fix anything, that's what makes it good writing! Just look at Game of Thrones/ASoIaF in how hated characters are given more depth and then become beloved characters. This is one of the problems I have with comic books too where they don't try hard enough to get less popular villains to become more worthwhile, instead focusing more on the more well known villains. Carnage in Spider-Man only being liked because he looks cool, but as a character kind of sucks so not many people like him? Well instead of writing a story that really elevates him, just kill him off for now at least until he returns to do the exact same shit he always did. Characters like Bane haven't been used effectively since their introduction? Too bad, let's do another Joker story. Don't get me wrong, I love The Joker, and love great new stories with him, but if that's all I see, I'm going to get tired of him. If a character like Bane is known for only one noteworthy thing (breaking Batman's back), maybe write some new ones that elevate him more (which might happen with his original creators coming back to write a new story with him).
  6. Just burn it all, and start over properly. Don't rush it. Hey WB, I'm an aspiring filmmaker, I'll write and direct in a Batman movie for ya, and since I'm actually a fan of the character, I won't make him "murder by proxy" people!
  7. I wonder if he would have a libel case against WSJ for this. Shitty jokes, and crappy personality aside, if the WSJ really did take things out of context and misrepresent him, he could possibly sue, no?
  8. I wonder if enough of the community can ask for it, so that the developers create that mode in a future update.
  9. More games should do three team battles.
  10. If there isn't three way battles, there should be, and hopefully it gets added in. Everyone loves three ways.
  11. I am fully aware that there is some irony in that statement.
  12. People are stubborn, and don't always really listen to what you have to say. Perhaps I need to improve my debating skills further, but when I get people that are honestly defending people like Paul Joseph Watson because they "back up" their claims, so it doesn't matter if they're conspiracy theorists, it seems like the people are just wanting to trust these so called pundits because they agree with their worldview, like "well they're Conservative, and I'm Conservative, so I have to agree with them because fuck Liberals". At a certain point I kind of give up because I realize that no matter what points I bring up, it won't change their minds. People hate admitting when they're wrong.
  13. Yeah I know, but I guess on some level I have a need to at least try and educate people, even if it's a fruitless endeavour.