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  1. Is his name no longer Judah Ben-Hur? 
  2.   Wtf are you talking about? The original is first and foremost a comedy. 
  3. New Rogue One trailer

      We knew he was in it because we're all film geeks here and are following the movie, and all news released for it. Casual audiences that are only seeing the trailers in movie theatres for example may not know, so it'd be a surprise to them. "Holy shit, Vader's in this!"    This trailer was just teasing him, so the next one will likely actually show more of him. 
  4. New Rogue One trailer

    I'm so hard right now! 
  5. Pokemon Sun/Moon - News and Updates

    Probably just new sub entries like how past Pokémon have had different forms. 
  6. Pokemon Sun/Moon - News and Updates

    Not sure why it's now part Dragon, but still cool to see some new forms I guess. I wonder if these forms are throughout the whole Alola region, or just parts of them, like you can find regular Sandshrew, but up in certain mountain areas you'll find the Ice/Steel forms. 
  7. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

    I can't wait to see Jesse's family because they are such horrible, love-to-hate people. That part was the best part of the series. 
  8. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

    So are we not going to get the "go fuck yourself" scene? 
  9. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    The Cocytus is mine! Now for me to not use it until September unless someone asks me to play lol 
  10. It was certainly a satisfying ending to thd show that's for sure. Many great moments throughout the series, like after Carter died and everyone going on the hunt montage, to Johnny Cash's "Hurt", and then, "I'm not going to kill you. My friend is, and I'm just going to watch." 
  11. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    What's with the disconnects today? Bungie, I do not want to be searching for beaver unless I'm looking up porn! 
  12. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

      It shall be mine! 
  13. Played today after a long ass time but playing it. Tried out Ana, and she seems pretty darn good.