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  1. Yeah, as I was typing that I realized with horror that we likely have much, much farther to go. Thanks for the podcast recommendation. I'll check those out.
  2. I think we're approaching peak Orwell.
  3. Editorial: Senate fails its Zuckerberg test

    Cruz made him squirm. I hate Ted Cruz, but he's damn good at 1 on 1 exchanges.
  4. I'm a big fan of Giants of History (http://www.giantsofhistorypodcast.com/). Just finished listening to their 10 part series on Teddy Roosevelt, and really enjoyed it. Very informative and accessible.
  5. He's an incredible artist. I'm loving woke Jim Carrey.
  6. Does anyone know who or where Everyman is? I'd be interested to hear his hot takes from the Trump era.
  7. As a cyclist, this pisses me off. As someone who has watched the dashcam footage of this accident, the pedestrian was entirely at fault. If the technology advances enough to be able to respond to situations like this, then fantastic. Still, no amount of technological progress can abdicate someone from their responsibility not to walk in front of a car. Also, I'l be curious to see how the advancing technology handles situations like these. There's been a lot of philosophical discussion about how to program autonomous cars when they ostensibly have to choose who dies in an emergency situation. But will the tech be able to differentiate between a pedestrian, and, say, a deer? I live in Montana, where wildlife frequently runs across steep mountain roads that are covered in ice and snow. Should the car's automatic response be to slam on the brakes or veer to the shoulder if in doing so the car will start spinning or sliding, etc., possibly endangering the life of the passengers? Will the car be able to account for those weather conditions, and again, how will it decide what to do? I'd prefer not to careen off a mountainside because my autonomous uber car sensed a cardboard box blowing into the road.
  8. How is this anyone's fault but the pedestrian's?
  9. What miserable wretch of a human reads that email and says, "yep, fuck it, we're going government air." He should be drawn and quartered.
  10. For sure. It doesn't have to be an all or nothing situation. I like chef Mark Bittman's idea of being "vegan before 6 PM." Vegan for breakfast and lunch, eat what you want for dinner. Kevin Smith lost a lot of weight but the damage had been adding up for years. Also, his genetics were working against him. His dad died of a heart attack. The message he wrote on that instagram post is pretty inspiring.
  11. Lol. We are living in some weird Orwellian dystopia.
  12. Kasich's team gears up for possible 2020 bid

    that may be his only path forward
  13. Kasich's team gears up for possible 2020 bid

    I think Idiot America is starting to enjoy the reality tv, serialized drama type of political environment that has been established in this presidency. Every week (or day) brings some new, juicy, controversial thing that people can distract themselves with. I'm afraid we may have finally, officially entered the era of celebrity-only politics. I doubt it will happen, but Oprah v Trump doesn't seem inconceivable at all. I just can't imagine our salivating hordes of Twitter fanatics getting behind a vanilla, ho hum, calm, efficient, civil servant. We want blood in the arena.
  14. ^All the messages I've seen have been the same. "We won't let them silence us! Freedom!" Trump is just a symptom. Idiocy is America's real problem.