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  1. 12/23/15 Update Issues thread

    I've been getting a bunch of email updates for threads all of a sudden, haven't been on the site in forever...how do I turn this off?? Stop spamming me, dawg.
  2. Finally got around to playing The Last of Us a few weeks back and have been playing a few hours here and there during the past couple weekends. At the University area now, seems like I'm getting close to the end...all I can say is....what a game! Can't believe I neglected it for so long now that I started playing...wow. Hopefully I'll wrap it up by tomorrow, can't wait to see how it ends.
  3. Xbone w/Kinect and tech demo for $315

    I am in the camp that feels that you are missing out on the complete X1 experience without the Kinect. I love talking to my TV! I've driven at least two friends to buy the Kinect version just by having them over and shouting out commands. Kewl tech is kewl tech. Too bad I didn't hold out buying mine, this is a killer deal.
  4. So, are any major 3rd party developers outside of Valve, onboard to commit to porting major titles to Linux day and date with Windows releases, or no? Heck, has Valve even made such a commitment? Right now, that's the crux to me. Also, where is that end-all be-all Valve controller they were working on?
  5. Not that i'm doubting ps4 dd has a good share, but I don't buy that these guys are getting hard dd numbers from major pubs/devs. bs if ya ask me.
  6. Regarding steam machines

    Now, this isn't a branded Steam machine, right? Just a windows pc in a console case and a custom ui that boots into bpm. How is the ui for pc-related (ie. non-gaming) stuff?
  7. One week of tweets toward Anita Sarkeesian

    Oh let's be real here. R*'s sole marketing for GTA6 could be "fuck you gamers, we hate you and will rape your mother" and it would still sell 20 million copies. A great game is a great game is a great game. That's why it would be the perfect place for something like this.
  8. One week of tweets toward Anita Sarkeesian

    I would love to see someone like R* put her in the next GTA. Perform too many hooker killings or other misogynistic-type stuff, and she shows up as an unkillable character to hunt you down, or better yet, have you sit through an unskippable 2 minute cutscene lecture. The idiot tears would be glorious.
  9. Deleting local user data on Ninty 3DS...WTF!!

    lol thats exactly what I did! They have great wifi! So I did the wipe, sold the thing, just to find out later that I needed to delete my eshop account separately, even with the wipe. Also something to the effect that I had to delete my Nintendo id link, which in doing so could possibly screw things up with my dl content on the Wii U. What a massive clusterfuck Nintendo worked out, with something so simple for everyone else. Glad to be done with it. Fuckers.
  10. The part about 'I have no idea what games cost to make' was too much for me. Shame, I loved the Fable games...speaking of, I assume he has had nothing to do with Fable Legends?
  11. So, I decided to sell my 3DS. Of course I wanted to reformat the system to delete my user data, so the new user couldn't get to the E-Shop to charge shit, etc. I navigated to system settings->other settings->Format System Memory. Fairly simple stuff, or so I thought. Long story, but I don't have wi-fi at the moment; <rant> MOTHERFUCKING THING APPEARS TO REQUIRE INTERNET TO DELETE LOCAL USER DATA. Please tell me I am missing something; I am apparently not able to proceed with a LOCAL wipe, without connecting to the internet. We're talking Nintendo here...the last kid picked for net connectivity...YET I CAN'T DELETE LOCAL USER DATA WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION. Am I going crazy, and am missing an obvious setting? Help. </rant>
  12. I was super anal about all that stuff (discs in case, alphabetized, etc etc) ...and then one morning I woke up, and didn't really care anymore. Oddly enough, it's specific to games and stuff. Otherwise my pad, car, whatever are organized city. I think it's a subliminal fuck you to game discs or something. Good that these blurays are nigh indestructible at least! My gift to all you ocd mofos: ...and Lucian...I dunno, man. If we're talking new (<45 days) 'retail' titles, you can usually find a physical deal the same, if not better than DD, especially Steam these days. DD couldn't touch the physical sales for the big titles over the past holiday, for example. So in the situation that you want the latest/greatest, and like doing trade-ins/ebay once you're done...there's no contest brah...but of course you'll always have 4k and fancy textures!
  13. the 360 IL-2 port got great reviews iirc, but I'm guessing it didn't sell.
  14. Adding countries left and right here! Srsly tho, I do know a lil bit about the areas in question, but ya gotta provide some details. Are you backpacking? Independently wealthy and able to stay in nice hotels? Businessman and only have a day? Going with the 'rents? Imaginary itinerary, just looking for random ideas for kewl historical stuff in eastern Europe?
  15. Go to Pella, home of that Alexander dude.