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  1. Zen processor exploits brought to light

    Seems very shady, wouldn't surprise me if Intel is somehow secretly involved although I'm sure they are smart enough to not have any direct links as that would be one of the first things people would look for.
  2. If you noticed, AMD used to have a decent share of processors even with all the laptops reported and was rising slightly because of Ryzen. Now with China, the AMD processor share plummeted just like the video cards. Makes Steam surveys useless information for pretty much anyone other than Valve who can exclude stuff like the Chinese internet cafes.
  3. Disney pulls the plug on "Marvel Heroes"

    Player base died on PC after the big revamp that they did to beta test for the console version, so I'm not exactly surprised. Was a blast to play as Marvel Heroes 2015 and 2016 iterations, stopped playing with the big revamp as it made my gear pointless, I didn't like the redone powers and nerfed movement, and didn't like the replacement to the Omega system.
  4. This is so stupid. A ton of video cards already have LEDs that you can change the color at will so I don't see how Red and more green Nvidia Xp cards are worth releasing lol... If they were going to release a special edition like this, should have had the clock speeds and memory clocked slightly higher. That way, you'd get all the people with small penises re-buying the card because they must have the biggest e-peen video card :).
  5. Super Mario Odyssey Reviews

    I have the Xenoblade Pro Controller on order that wont be available until December :(. Stuck playing with Joycons, I dunno how the motion controls are supposed to work when attached to the Switch lol.
  6. Steam Link $8 On Steam Right Now

    So it is a waste of money to stream to a large screen 4k TV? I already play on a 40 inch 4k TV, but I have a 65 inch TV downstairs that I thought I might use it on since it was so cheap.
  7. I was going to but haven't found a decent price for the PC version yet. Best Buy with GCU 20% off + $10 rewards coupon was what I was going to do, but Ubisoft stopped doing physical PC for some reason recently ;p. I know the physical version of Ubisoft games go for cheap on Black Friday, but do the digital/pc versions get any discounts beyond the typical 10-20%?
  8. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    I started and finished Gallery Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone. Amazing VR experience, exactly what I wanted in an adventure game for VR, great sci-fi atmosphere with lots of puzzles and good graphics. I also finally finished Lone Echo, been trying to clear my VR backlog before Mario and Wolfenstein come out on Friday/. But I also have Evil Within 2 and Shadow of War 2 to play but I dunno if I could finish either before Friday.
  9. Welcome former GAFers!

    Oh lol, I totally misread that.... I thought that was a very strange thing to call GAF, haha. I do agree that GAF did go overboard on that stuff, but I'd rather have something like GAF for latest game issue/help (can usually get a response pretty fast since the forum moves so quickly) than having to resort to the cesspool that is Gamefaqs or Steam User Forums. I once said on Steam user forums that I didn't want to buy a game that used Jontron for voice acting since he genuinely believes in Nazi Eugenics and he's a Youtube personality that greatly influences young kids. I got a reply that basically said Planned Parenthood leftists like myself was the equivalent of Nazi genocide....
  10. Welcome former GAFers!

    Lol, people didn't especially like Amirox on GAF. He was kicked from being a moderator a long time ago for abusing his privileges, and was just a regular user who was later banned after finding out he is a pedo. There was no covering up involved. Also, people on GAF are far from racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, etc, you must be thinking of 4chan, Gamefaqs, Steam User Forums, and Reddit.
  11. Welcome former GAFers!

    That makes more sense now. I was wondering why GAF would go so crazy over an ass grabbing in a club in 2012.
  12. Welcome former GAFers!

    Wait a second, this big hoopla is that he might have grabbed a woman's ass in 2012 on a vacation in a country where he didn't speak the language? Huh? Trump sexually assaulted who knows how many women while being in a position of absolute power and he is President. Evil Lore is just a dude who just so happens to own a message board and grabs a woman's ass in a club. OMG, stop the presses.
  13. It shouldn't be used in reviews as the default setting, it should be saved for the overclocking portion. It is overclocking and not every processor will be able to hit 4.7 on all cores without raising voltage and requiring a custom water loop. Of course every review chip that has been binned best of the best will be able to hit 4.7 on air and make the processor look better against its competitors.
  14. ~*DUSK Weekend Giveaway*~

    @SFLUFAN Thanks, just tried the game and it's great so far. But what is with the Bilinear filter option, that ruins the old school fun, hah. Not used to playing fast paced shooters any more so I have to get my old school groove back on.
  15. Did Motorola sell off their modem division to Arris or something? I have a nearly identical looking modem that is also a Surfboard but is from Motorola. All modern routers have firewall options built into them and for the most part you don't need to touch them. I got the Orbi mesh router units and didn't change any of the settings other than input wifi passwords and turn on/create a guest network. It is advisable to update to the latest firmware as it will fix bugs. The initial release of the Orbi firmware had iOS disconnect problems for example.