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  1. Grabbed 2K18 while at Walmart last night. Walked right in, found an associate to open the glass showcase and paid for it within 5 minutes. Didn't see Zelda Explorer's Edition while there, unfortunately. Disgaea 5 Complete was sold out on Best Buy's site within minutes. Would've loved to have grabbed it for $20.
  2. Already caved in and got Doom yesterday with my Best Buy GCU membership. Cool so far. Haven't allowed for the mandatory day one update, since it removes the ability to tweak the FOV Slider. I'm playing it with it set to 103. I'll update it once I finish the SP campaign. Bought L.A. Noire years ago via Steam Holiday Sale and never played it. Will pass on the Switch version. I'll get Skyrim later on down the line. Still have to get Zelda BOTW and will get RE Revelations Collection on release.
  3. This is the original thread. Seems like the promo code was killed off , as a few users were able to utilize it. I'm actually debating on getting this now and probably just use the recently purchased 128 GB in my phone.
  4. Hoping I can get 2K18 for $29 online. Also hope for a decent deal on Zelda BOTW. If Best buy gets the upcoming Collector's Edition, I'd just use my GCU discount for it. Honestly not willing to do that for the regular version.
  5. Doom - Non Digital Storage needs

    Wasn't planning on getting this until a price drop, but decided to check out the PC and PS4 demos. Played the PS4 version via Remote Play on my Vita. I may have to snag this and utilize my BB GCU 20% discount. My only dealbreaker is the fact that I read that the FOV slider was removed after the mandatory update. Can anyone here confirm if it's true?
  6. 256 GB currently $79.99 on Sandisk's site. Link Use code SERVICEVIP20 to make it $63.99 with free shipping. Credit: Switch Reddit sub-forum post. Just bought a 128GB MicroSD card at Best Buy this week for $30, and only own Mario Odyssey cart so far, so this would be overkill for me at the moment. Joined the Switch family on SMO's release day. Never thought I'd get one, but just had an impulse to get one the week of SMO. Loving it so far.
  7. PSN "Only on PlayStation" Sale

    Snatched up (PSV) GOW Collection, Hot Shots Gold: World Invitational, Freedom Wars. (PS4) GOW 3 Remastered and KillZone Shadowfall. Also snagged Resogun for PSV/PS4 for free. Total: $20.40. Wish I could've snatched a few more, but I have them listed as purchased already from previous PS+ freebies. Subscription ends in less than a month, and doubt I'll be renewing it.
  8. BF1 is $30 at Bestbuy.com (non-digital).

    Amazon is offering the same deal for anyone with a Prime account who prefer to purchase from there.
  9. Just saw that a little while ago. Amazon has the same deal (physical), but not expected to ship until next week. They also had the digital code for $29.99 as well but, they ran out of codes.
  10. BF 1 is 33% off at $39.99 on Origin, if anyone is interested.
  11. The beta was enjoyable on the PS4. Will snag the PC version when on sale. BF1 has a pimp lock on my lil' itty bitty money for the moment.
  12. Snatched it up on Steam a year after it's release for $5. Didn't expect much due to all the criticism. Played from beginning to end that weekend. It was fun as hell. Well, for $5 or least. I'd have been more critical of it, had I paid the full release price.
  13. September PS+ Free Games Announced -- Another Terrible Month

    Looks like a solid month for me. I don't own any of the mentioned games.
  14. Battlefield 1 beta impressions thread

    Not too fond of the desert map, but overall the game is solid in my opinion. Obviously, some kinks have to be ironed before launch. Received keys for the PC version. Just downloaded the PS4 version and was pleased with seeing they added change FOV options. I normally play BF games at 80 FOV.
  15. Soooo... FPS players. Let's talk about sensitivity.

    For years I used high sensitivity due to limited desk space. Have a bit more desk space as well as a huge SteelSeries mouse pad so I decreased my sensitivity drastically. I still suck at FPS games nonetheless.