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  1. Looks like Brad Bird's next project will be The Incredibles 2

    There's maybe one or two superhero movies better than Spiderman 2. None of which are in the MCU.
  2. Dark Souls has probably the greatest interconnected world. But that's about all it shares in common with Metroidvania.
  3. * Awards Season 2017 Thread * Now with Oscar Noms

    No best pic or director for Blade Runner, but Get Out gets the noms? Uh huh.. Personally, I didn't think the movie was that great, but that's besides the point. The rest of the movies clearly fit a specific oscar mold, for better or worse, so it almost feels like they're throwing the black community a bone by including this. I just wish Blade Runner had been the unconventional pic because that is a pretty landmark achievement in filmmaking.
  4. Why would this be a joke? It was met with pretty universal praise.
  5. Come on man, only Leia can fly around in space. I don't disagree with you about the portrayal of Luke, I just found the force projection thing to be a little strange given Star Wars movie lore. There's a defense for this movie that boils down to every decision Johnson made was perfect and the right one. This decision fit with Luke's portrayal, but I think this scene could have played out differently and still conveyed the same character of Luke.
  6. Why can't Luke in the flesh survive AT-AT fire? Either absorb the energy, use a force shield, or force pull something to make a shield.
  7. Never said it wasn't. The movie did a lot of great things in regards to character, development, and motivation, I just think some things were poorly executed and contrived. The implementation of Force Projection felt contrived to me.
  8. I'm not discounting the power of the scene and the importance of how it played out, I just felt the catalyst for it was contrived. Personally, I would have rather had Luke be there in person, or Luke in Kylo's mind. That just seems more fitting with Star Wars lore (movie lore that is, I don't care about anything else). And the First Order clearly doesn't respect him anyway. He was Snoke's pawn which is why they put up with him, and now he's too powerful to stop.
  9. I actually have little problem with the force power in theory. To me, it should be the greatest extension of force persuasion. You're influencing someone's mind to believe you're physically in their presence. Now maybe Luke was doing that, and somehow knew everyone on the planet and could influence them all at once. However, the movie makes it seem like he's basically projecting himself as a hologram which just doesn't make sense and makes the sequence feel contrived. It would have been far more powerful if only Kylo could have seen him, and everyone witnessing him spiral into insanity.
  10. If I was Poe I would be very confused what I was supposed to learn. First he's reprimanded for being reckless, then patted on the back by the end because of it. Then he's told there's always another way rather than sacrificing lives.... as Holdo goes head-first into the First Order. Then when an actual sacrifice is required, he veers off at the end only to doom the remaining Resistance. Fortunately, he has an incredible luck streak and Luke Skywalker shows up to bail him out with a random force power that kills you after so many minutes. As for Finn, he had a great character Arc in TFA, but in TLJ, he goes off on a macguffin, apparently sparks a romance with a person he's known for a few hours, and then at the end he's all in for the Resistance because... reasons?
  11. After hearing about the TCL 65", that's definitely the TV I've been waiting for.
  12. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    Yeah that seems about right for animation. I try to get around the 10-12 mark without sacrificing bitrate. Converting HD audio to FLAC saves a bit and I'll use x265 if necessary. There's some other detail retention tricks I've come across as well.
  13. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    There's quite a lot to unpack in this thread, and I can certainly answer all of your questions. MKV vs MP4. First, MKV and MP4 are just containers, they don't indicate quality. How you encode your video and with what codecs will determine your quality. Both containers are comparable in that regard. Personally I use MKV because most modern devices support that container natively, and it's more versatile in terms of formats and codecs. I'll typically use the uncompressed BD audio track (DTSHD-MA, TrueHD, etc), but if not I'll convert to FLAC as the best lossless alternative. Both of these MP4 can't handle. I know in the past MP4 couldn't handle multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitle tracks, that may be different now. MKV is also easier to do file structure edits. Either editing the metadata or removing or appending content. MP4, however, is the digital standard and has greatest compatibility with any device. Especially if you're an Apple house. However, if you're using Plex, it will do all the work on the back end if there are any compatibility problems with MKV. 1. Yes 2. I would check to see how the software will handle the MKV file. Because you want to do significant edits, you will have to compress the whole movie through your editing software when you're finished. What you don't want to do is compress it first in Handbrake then re-compress after your edits. Worst case scenario, make sure you do a lossless conversion through Handbrake first. Basically take the slider all the way to 0. Your file will probably be larger than your native MKV, but it's only an intermediate while you're editing. Burning back to BD isn't something I've done because I can't imagine a scenario where I would have a BD player, but no access to a device with Plex. Handbrake is a beast on it's own, so I'm not going to write a whole thesis on that. My post that was linked above is still generally pretty good advice. However, all of my advice is centered around making digital files that are near identical to the native BD. This means larger file sizes, slower encode times, and greater storage capacity. Expect movies to be between 9-12 gb each (sorry, if you're getting between 3-7gb on average your bitrate is too low for my standards). Granted this is all dependent on the film. Grain, camera motion, length, and aspect ratio can cause a huge variance with file sizes. If you have any specific questions I can answer them. It's better than me trying to guess how you want to encode your videos. Also make sure to use the latest Handbrake Nightly. The stable is really old.
  14. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    The creating looks fun. The customizing looks fun. The interaction looks fun. What's the shelf life of any toy once the novelty wears off? What we don't know is how deep the games are.