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  1. As a huge I mean YUGE fan of the Souls series, I'm really in no hurry to get this after watching the videos. I thought the "remaster" would look better than that. I guess was expecting more polish, shaders, textures, lighting, etc and animations in line with DSIII. But the 60fps is nice though.
  2. Great controller but still overpriced. In fact, all current console controllers are way overpriced imo.
  3. I just can't do games with a focus on sidekicks. Give me the main protagonist and let me use him/her for the entirety of the game. I've always been nit picky about stuff like that.
  4. Yea, definitely worth $10 dollars. And they've added a ton of free updates.
  5. Get 13 hearts as soon as possible. You'll thank me later. And welcome to one of the greatest games this generation, bruh.
  6. X1X Enhanced Games

    Yep. http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/03/29/no-mans-sky-for-xbox-one-announced-major-new-next-update-coming-this-summer I was one of those who bought this day one. There may have been a good game in there somewhere. But it was so empty and monotonous that after a few hours, I returned it and got a refund lol. But I've heard they've patched in a ton of new content since then. And with the addition of 4K and this major new update incoming, it might actually be worth a look now.
  7. You know what? I may have to get this now. That sounds exactly like what I thought was missing when it launched. Forza 7 is great. But it feels so cumbersome to actually get into a race. And I don't need a bunch of unskippable, unnecessary lengthy commentary about what's what before my car gets onto the track. I just wanna pick my car and friggin race man.
  8. Did they ever add a single player mode where you could just race certain classes, unlock cars and progress that way? Or was feature that always there and I missed it. I never cared for the forced online/multiplayer nature of some racing games.
  9. I had no doubt it would review well. But I've seen enough from Twitch streams, and other live streams for me to probably pass on this. Far Cry games never hold my interest, and this one looks no different.
  10. No Pacific Rim talk

    It's almost as if when given choices, people prefer to see a better movie..
  11. I’m tempted to get this. But a lot of people are saying it’s way too easy. One Reddit user said he literally beat a boss without pressing any buttons on his controller. I hate it when games play themselves.
  12. http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2018/03/23/pixeljunk-monsters-2-ps4-announced-coming-in-may/#/slide/10 For me, this is one of the best gaming announcements this year. Yes really.
  13. Good. There were too many hands in the DA development basket anyway. More is not always better.
  14. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    While I agree the game is lacking in content, just because someone kept getting trolled by another player doesn't mean the game is "already dead". That's just silly. lol