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  1. 4.583 is the square root of my number.
  2. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    And in the interest of transparency (just to get Jason more juxtaposed lol), I don't feel like this statue is a symbol of hate as it is honoring the common soldier on the wrong side of a war. Many people join wars for many reasons and not all of them are racism. The fact that this is a monument dedicated to common soldiers (of the confederacy. I am not denying that) kind of puts me in a weird place. After all how many of Durham North Carolina's descendants fought on the side of the confederacy? While we may not agree with the reasons today that doesn't mean that some of their descendants don't deserve to be remembered.
  3. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    I meant that if you're looking at it objectively, it's hard to tell which "side" is more capable of hate and intolerance given the aforementioned behavior.
  4. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    I'm a southern white boy born and raised in southeast Alabama. I consider myself a proud American. That being said, if I ever saw someone waving a nazi flag, in any capacity, I would literally beat the shit out of them. I'm talking beat them until they feared for their lives and shit on themselves. Yes, I know things I've said in the past may contrast my thoughts on this. But make no mistake. Nazis, or their ilk have no place in ANY society. As for pulling down statues, honestly I have mixed feelings. I have close ancestors on both of my parents side that fought and died in the confederacy. But my grandfather also fought Nazis in WWII so there's that too. It's kind of surreal to see what what's happening to what they fought for. But I know the result was for the best, for the betterment of mankind. But these "anti-protesters" are hurling feces filled bags, urine filled balloons, destroying property, beating people with sticks, etc etc. It's hard to make a distinction of who is more vile and repugnant when both sides are resorting to the same behavior.
  5. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    Extremely NSFW (language)
  6. "powerful exploration of mental health" "mythic quest and psychological character study" "there are moments that feel shoehorned in to remind us we’re playing a videogame" "Senua’s Sacrifice is a profound sensual experience that’s unmissable" "the title utilises the unique attributes of the medium to raise awareness of mental health" "Slowly but surely Ninja Theory has moved into film territory" LOL. Y'all have fun.
  7. You'll have better luck trying to figure out where Xbob copy and pasted that info from.
  8. This literally made me lol. But I honestly enjoyed DW4 back on the PS2. I tried to get into a few others after that. But the formula got stale real quick.
  9. I should of known you'd reference that false prophet monotheistic heretic.
  10. Sounds like something quoted out of the evil Quran.
  11. I guess she was just supposed to be a christian and turn the other cheek in regards to them calling her a fat bitch? Whatever. Both parties are deplorable. lol
  12. Pyrele of shit!

    Which is another reason I will never touch it. If I get even a hint of hipster in a game then I'm out. lol
  13. David Ayer's WB/DCU Future In Doubt...

    You are correct. The Joker laying in a circle of knives and guns was the stupidest thing I've ever seen in a movie. I'm talking "The Room" levels of cringe.
  14. Pyrele of shit!

    Well I guess I'm not in the minority lol. These games seem to always get universally good reviews, so I thought I was one of the few who "just doesn't get it". But like I said, I've never cared for anything made by these devs.
  15. Pyrele of shit!

    I'm in the huge minority. But I've never enjoyed anything from Super Giant Games. I can tell a lot of work and thought went into their games. But for whatever reason I've never cared for them.