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  1. Well deserved. It's my favorite game this year so far...
  2. So glad I went full media blackout on this. Been doing this for a while now and find I enjoy games much better this way.
  3. If a game has 90-95% positive reviews, I don't even give the negative reviews a second look. I just look right past them.
  4. With Mass Effect, you're basically getting the same game with updated graphics. And that's fine. But this is a whole new IP. No way I'm gonna pass this up for something I already know what to expect from.
  5. If I can figure it out, anybody can figure it out. Imo, the co op is one of the best parts of the Bloodborne/Souls games. If you're not using it you're really missing out on some good times.
  6. Like Xbob said, the correct answer is definitely later. And for me, much later maybe even next year. Not only for the reasons he listed, but I can't think of one title that I care about except Zelda. I mean, yall do realize Zelda is launching the same day on WiiU right...
  7. So you're getting "your daughter" a Switch for her 1st birthday? Daww, how sweet.
  8. Nioh, Horizon Dawn and Zelda BotW.........what an absolutely amazing start for 2017. One of the best years of all time? Hmmmm....
  9. Best shooter I played in 2016, and this year so far.
  10. Does anyone think releasing Zelda on WiiU alongside the release of the Switch will hurt Switch sales? That's the only reason a lot of people are even getting the Switch.
  11. Just go with it man.
  12. Hmmm, I might finally try Might No 9...maybe. And for some reason I've been wanting to try Infamous again, maybe see how it runs on the Pro.
  13. You mean games like Bloodborne, Nioh, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, The Last Guardian etc etc?
  14. Fool me once...