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  1. A look back at the "fuckload of bloom" era

    Ah, the ol' "lets use a shitton of bloom until we figure out how to kinda emulate naturalistic lighting" days. I member!
  2. You Know What Game is Begging for an Update/Reboot?

    A remake of Silent Hill done in the style of Silent Hills. Mark of Kri updated with improved controls and high-end graphics that can truly nail the look like a CG disney film. Probably more of a reboot than remake, but time for a new Ecco the Dolphin with a similar design to DOTF, but more expansive environments and modern graphics.
  3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom new trailer

    It's funny how they keep trying to one-up dinosaurs with the fictional ones - there are plenty of dinosaurs/prehistoric animals that are more interesting as is. Part of what makes them so fascinating is that these fuckers were real animals at one point. T-Rexes, Megolodons, Liopleurodons, Argentinasaurus, Dakotaraptor, Carcharodontosaurus, Titanboa, Arthropleura etc...these beasts rival any made-up creature design and there was a time when they literally roamed the earth. That's a major part of the appeal. There's plenty of entertaining source material to pull from, stop using fake fucking dinosaurs.
  4. Some of his early stand-up centered on how he had sexual experiences with dudes, but the Marlon Brando info is definitely new!
  5. Shadow of the Colossus Remake reviews are excellent

    In all fairness Ebert ended up changing his stance in the end. Started happening after he shared that tons of readers were emailing him about SOTC. I like to think that he watched someone play it on youtube for several hours or long enough to get what the game was trying to do and saw the emotional/narrative value it offered. His highest praise of film was that it was a medium designed to evoke empathy, and that is also clearly something GenDesign have been doing with their games. Ebert even reviewed at least one game in his career (at some point in the 90's) and praised it. It's likely he had the impression that although the occasional rare game might be art, most stuff was intended as purely entertainment/escapism with bad stories that distracted you from real world issues instead of helping you understand them. Maybe it sounds pretentious and snobby, but he wasn't wrong IMO. Now there's been a sea change and games are doing things with narrative that we only expected from some of our favorite film auteurs. Kojima, Ueda, Levine, Schafer, Naughty Dog, etc have been leading the way and even some of the most respected filmmakers like Del Toro who are seen as visionaries are championing video games as a visual storytelling medium. I wish Ebert was alive to see this, his take would've been really interesting.
  6. Eggs are the best food

    They are delicious, especially hard scrambled, breakfast sandwiches and deviled. Currently have like 60 eggs in my fridge and, oh, I just remembered I gotta go to the store next week to to get some more eggs.
  7. So does the tech they're using still have a ways to go before accurately visualizing the mind's eye, or did the subjects themselves just have very inaccurate memories? That, OR the Black Mirror episode where investigators use a imagination visualizing device to see memories from multiple witnesses of an event to find the truth by seeing which details are constants among each one.
  8. 12 step programs are stupid

    Do those 12 steps still tend to lead to the doors of a church, or is this an antiquated take and those programs do things from more of a neuroscience standpoint now?
  9. Fox is releasing this? In b4 Disney oversees production, changes title to Black Widow, Fires Jlaw and reshoots with ScarJo.
  10. How Bluepoint Rebuilt Shadow Of The Colossus For PS4

    Pretty sure a recent IGN preview mentioned something to the effect of "the controls are supposedly changed but still remain pretty cumbersome". EDIT: This one
  11. I mean, Linux OS is still the future of gaming. Sony, MS and Nintendo are doing well now, but a year from now?
  12. Bringing the total number of mentions (besides mine) I've encountered across the internet and podcasts by anyone who isn't a professional critic to two, lol. EDIT: which isn't too surprising I guess. It's understandable that it's kind of a love it or hate it movie, and that most viewers spanning 90 minutes with it would feel the latter way about a film where the director is a control freak and the premise kinda ends up asking the viewer to root for a guy loosely based on him who yells at a gay dude in a bathroom before kidnapping a teenage girl and berating her into posing as his girlfriend while being unfalteringly nice to his equally dysfunctional parents haha.
  13. Venom movie

    Yeah, I feel like it might be that a lot of actors want to both work on something that's fun to make and also subvert their image of being a serious prestige actor a lil bit (Fassbinder might a good example, based on how shitty that Assassin's Creed film ended up being to noone's surprise but how massively entertaining the on-set stuntwork sounded). Also, you're right - the "Sucker Punch" listed in his IMDB credits is an entirely different one than the Snyder film. D'oh!