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  1. Honestly, I went into Prometheus not knowing much of anything about it beyond the early hype of it being a new Ridley Scott sci-fi story (possibly standalone) set in the Alien universe. In retrospect, that was a mistake.
  2. I fucking love this game. Never really got into an AC game and am very picky about games in general, tend to only buy a handful each year and beat like half of those. This is one that I see myself, if not finishing, getting at least 60 hours of enjoyment out of. My ONLY complaint so far is the map should be more spaced out. I don't have any experience in engineering AAA game worlds, environment design, etc, but I wonder how possible it would've been to stretch out, say the deserts between Giza and Alexandria and Giza and Saqqara until the locations of those places were just beyond the horizon on each side of the Great Pyramid when viewing from the top. It might make for longer, more monotonous traveling, but it would be more immersive - it makes absolutely NO sense to see the Giza Pyramids from the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
  3. Well that's the thing, the premise of Prometheus and Covenant is what sucks. I don't want to know the origins of the Space Jockey or Xenomorph. At least with the shitty sequels I could ignore their existence and enjoy Alien and Aliens in peace. But with Prometheus and Covenant, two films made by the person who invented the series no less so you know they're as canon as it gets, for me it's like a magician thoroughly explained their greatest tricks. The way you were put in a position in the early films where you could only imagine the details of what the heck the Jockey and Xenomorph were made them more eerie and compelling. It would be like Kubrick outright explaining everything about final 20 minutes of 2001 and the extraterrestrials that made the Monolith. Now that I know exactly what the Space Jockey is and the origin of the Xenomorph, the Alien universe feels much smaller and kinda boring.
  4. New Shadow of the Colossus trailer (Feb. 6, 2018)

    As nice and detailed as it looks, still not crazy about how far it's drifted from the original's visual aesthetic (the animations of wander and use of lighting were far more expressive in the OG than what I'm seeing in the footage of the remake, and some of the texture work looks too clean). Like buying a Van Gogh or something, I buy Team Ico games in large part to immerse myself in their unique visual style. But given how idiosyncratic the art direction of Ueda/Gen Design is, Bluepoint have done better than I would have expected any other studio could with a current gen remake of one of their games.
  5. At least he helped in explaining away much of the enigma surrounding the Xenomorph and alien universe before dropping the mic on this shit. Worse than making alien sequels without the alien is undermining the mystery of the creature so much via canon sequels that it legitimately takes some of the fun out of watching the earlier films.
  6. To Be fair, did anyone expect a director primarily known for schlocky horror b-movies like Dead Alive and Bad Taste to do justice to the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Could anyone have dreamed that D&D were going to deliver as much as they have with the GOT adaptation? There are lots of writers in entertainment who are more than capable of doing amazing, ambitious stuff that contradicts what the audience expects from them. Not saying there's no base for some concern here (most concerning thing right now is where the show's home will be, the budget, etc), but like you said there's just no way of accurately predicting at this point how good or bad it might be until more info comes out.
  7. Thoughts on Bioshock?

    I mean, it's a sprawling, impossible architectural marvel of a city that was built at the bottom of the ocean. Suspending disbelief is a prerequisite to going all in w/ the concept to begin with, isn't it? There was some DLC for Infinite that took place in Rapture...
  8. New Shadow of the Colossus trailer

    Quick impressions: Not quite sure how to feel about it yet, but I'm leaning towards "I'm glad it's a thing, but not sure it's a thing I want". Some footage suggests SOTC 2018 will attempt to emulate the art style of the original fairly accurately, but with more detail and less technical issues. The way light refracts off cliffsides, the animations and designs of the colossi, etc. But why does the sky look more naturalistic than expressionist? Why is the main character's animation less...animated/expressive? Even the time of day looks completely different in some footage due to not using or emulating the original's fx, changing the entire feel of some scenes: But overall, bluepoint are coming closer than I expected anyone would in bringing the original art to current gen (while giving it a bit of their own spin I guess). I just kinda wish instead of remaking all the assets/changing animation/lighting/etc, it was mostly the same PS2/PS3 game but "remade" only to control slightly better, look sharper/cleaner and be less glitchy since the divisive controls and occasional technical issues are the only things in the original that don't still hold up. Enhancing what's there instead of trying to redo all of it, etc. But maybe this game will do it justice, I dunno. Hopefully a nice 15+ minute chunk of gameplay is revealed soon because these teasers aren't showing enough.
  9. Thoughts on Bioshock?

    Love them, especially the first. It's one of those games I boot up once a year just to spend time exploring the environments if nothing else.
  10. I fuck up one major thing every interview...

    When I was in the midst of manic delusions (and possibly being grossly overmedicated, which my clinic recently came clean about) I also had less than desireable social skills and often went into rants/stories here that were possibly crazier than yours, dunno. In addition to saying something that might undermine your image of professionalism now and then, your failure during the interview stage could be bad luck, or possibly some vibes you are communicating without realizing it. Maybe both, as was my case. Some things I realized that made me happier and improved my life that may or may not be helpful to you: a) before you say anything, think of how what you're about to say will make the people you're talking/writing to respond. Visualize their reaction. If it seems likely to be negative (weirded out, annoyed, uncomfortable, angered, bored, etc), visualize a positive reaction they might have and then something you might say to evoke that. I still struggle with this tbh, because we humans usually tend to be more complex than we might seem/imagine. Even after knowing someone for years, people will often surprise you. But the more you practice it, the better you get at it and you become happier because people want to be around you more. Doesn't mean you don't ever allow yourself to share crazy entertaining anecdotes, but there is typically a time and place for that. b) NEVER let any mental illness you have/crazy behavior/etc define who you are. Realize that it's just a phase you're going through, not a personality trait that needs to be excused. As soon as you start feeling offended at people criticizing you for the crazy things you may or may not say, try to immediately check your behavior, figure out possible negative shit you need to cut out, and learn and grow from it. C) Expressing yourself as often as possible is overrated. Rambling for a while because you think it's just your style of communication is overrated. Once your more needlessly eccentric quirks become a thing of the past, you start seeing things more clearly and you realize you were just indulging in a less ideal part of yourself that went away. You don't really matter in the end. The self doesn't matter. Acknowledging this puts you in a mode of listening/reacting more than a talking. Being in a state of ego and/or negativity or something is the opposite of happiness/balance. This is advice that works for me, personally, and helped me become happier and a bit more succesful. For others it might be exercise, religion, medication, a relationship, etc. It is of course up to you to find out what steps to take to improve your situation if you feel like you need to change.
  11. Digital or Not...Again

    I can't see any benefits to physical copies other than nostalgia, trade-in value and discounts of used copies on amazon and ebay or something. Digital is more convenient in how you can just buy and download (no need to swap discs) and how you have much to all of your library instantly accessible depending on the amount of storage. Retailers like Steam and GOG also offer hella low discounts all the time. I guess PSN (and I'd imagine XBL) do as well, though I personally haven't seen them get as low as Steam's. Honestly, I feel like all digital game stores on console should try taking better note of what Steam does, and the hardware should be designed around that. Meaning, PSN and XBL would function like Steam or GOG in that every digital game released is always gonna be there for download going into future gens (well, maybe now always, that remains to be seen, but there are some games on Steam, for example, that are just as playable now as they were when released in the mid 2000's). No need to constantly rebuy ports and remasters. And if a developer wants to remaster older games to improve assets or something, they can, and that would be one of several editions of the game available (a 1080p version, 4K version, 8K version, etc). Console hardware could still have gen cycles and improve over time, but would function more as upgrades like PS4 Pro and XBONE X do (albeit more powerful than essentially just a resolution and/or framerate boost, of course). I'm not sure how possible that is right now, but it should be a goal IMO. This will also increase the odds of classic games being preserved. No more shit like what happened with Red Dead Redemption, no more games being stuck on older hardware because there isn't enough demand for a remaster, etc.
  12. Nailed it. And I would also say it applies to quite a lot of RPG characters
  13. "Bb, can I see you naked please?" "Ummm....I dunno, I..." "I SAID PLEASE!!!"
  14. Examples: Albert Wesker - He's viewed as an iconic villain, but in the first game his villainy is so obvious that it ruins the one real "twist" in the "story". He dies at the end of RE1 but is resurrected in CV and looks cool in action provided you can suspend your disbelief that a strain of virus will mutate you into having the same powers as Agent Smith. There's still some cool factor, but at the end of the day his character arch ends with him becoming yet another standard baddie who wants to take over the world. Kratos - He comes up in lots of "who would win in a fight debates. He also kinda seems to be designed with the main purpose of ending those debates. Totally OP and a terrible person, his badass qualities are there, but he's also a dick and kind of ridiculous. Ryu from Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 - Hands DOWN, the coolest and most stylish fighter in any game during gameplay. He makes you feel like a martial arts master, or, if nothing else, like you're choreographing your own interactive martial arts movie. Fun to watch in every way...except when the story kicks in. Totally bland as a character with a tropey, uninteresting backstory. Dante from Devil May Cry (yes, THOSE Devil May Cry games): Looks cool, has stylish moves, etc. Like Ryu, he's a blast to watch during gameplay, and in his case, that often extends to cutscenes. He's also got a pretty neat backstory of being a demon hunter who's half demon and runs a literal demon hunting store in a futuristic neo goth city. He's involved in an entertaining feud with his brother, also a badass who eventually turns into a hell knight warrior that cues amazing music when in combat. But the cringy dialogue in the games and some lame one-liners prevent him from being a dope character. Link - You saw it coming. It doesn't get any more iconic than Link. He's a legend, just like his Zelda games. We always root for him because he's the hero. Sometimes he even looks stylish as heck (BOTW). Who doesn't love Link? That said, doesn't change the face that he has no dialogue, has little to no character development and is a pretty basic hero archetype. Intentional, yes, but still limits him as a character. Your picks?