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  1. This image recently showed up on the official GenDesign website:
  2. How fans reacted to Empire Strikes Back when it released

    Possibly the most neckbeardy thing anyone has ever said.
  3. Always wanted a portable device to view movies, play games, etc and even got involved in some extracurricular activity in 5th grade selling orders of wrapping paper door to door since the top prize was a portable TV that I planned to watch during lunch and in class. I was one of the top sellers, I think, but not enough for that gadget. It was pretty cool to eventually get an itouch and then iphone.
  4. Gifts for Kids!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?

    For nephew:
  5. Wut. He's not penning the script? Wasn't hot on this idea to begin with, but now it's a definite pass. At least write the screenplay, buddy. A movie Tarantino writes but doesn't direct is MUCH more enticing than one he directs but doesn't write. Or is he gonna doctor it later by plugging in some dialogue?
  6. Nah, I agree. Especially if it's one of the rare games with a story as good as a movie, like TLOU or The Last Guardian. There's no real point in trying to port it over to another medium when it can be experienced as intended. A studio could still try to push an adaption though, and when that happens a part of me starts rooting for the film and wants to see it do well if only because a good IP should be done justice for audiences who might not have played the game yet. I'd want to punch dolphins if a Shadow of the Colossus or Psychonauts movie was made that ignores what made the stories in those games memorable, leading audiences to think the narratives are dumber than they actually are, like what happened with Silent Hill (movie looked FANTASTIC, but the storytelling and acting missed the mark horribly).
  7. Ok, here: But for games like FF7, Metal Gear and The Last of Us with stories and character arcs as iconic as their worlds/characters, that seems kinda pointless, doesn't it?
  8. This would be a good fix for some game adaptations, but what about ones like Tomb Raider, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Horizon, Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear, etc which are known for both memorable worlds AND iconic characters?
  9. A lot of movies based on games would almost need to be experimental if done right. The director of IT is supposedly trying to make a movie adaptation of Shadow of the Colossus. Well, it would require a lot of unconventional things with special effects to nail the unique visual style of the game, and most of the film needs to be free of dialogue. It should primarily feature one actor, someone young (like 16) who communicates their character's story mostly via physical acting. Lots of gorgeous cinematograpy, etc. But this is unlikely to happen because it would be considered too risky from a box office standpoint. Several first person shooters could probably work as movies if they were filmed in first person like Hardcore Henry, but then again Hardcore Henry earned like 16 mil at the box office lol. Another game that always struck me as having excellent cinematic potential is Bioshock, but it would need to be a hard R, stay very close to the source material (the lore and world building for sure) and would probably have to be marketed as an art film. Imagine how good it could be though in the hands of someone like Del Toro. Many of the games with decent stories probably require being adapted using an appropriate cinematic language to emulate how the game feels to the player, and that's gonna be tough to do when you're out to make a conventional blockbuster, as most studios who'd offer the budget to visually do justice to most game IPs are.
  10. What's the best sea movie?

    The Abyss is great. That HD release sure is taking its time. Kon Tiki is one of the more enjoyable ocean adventure movies to come out lately and is pretty underrated in my mind. Most of it takes place in open ocean and there's footage of real animals in the film, like whale sharks and such. And not a movie, but there's supposed to be some redonkulously impressive footage in Blue Planet 2. As far as I know the show is only watchable online or on TV in the UK, but it can also be bought in region-free bluray form right now via Amazon.uk for a reasonable price.
  11. LOL, again? Why does he keep doing this shit to his actors every time he makes a movie with water!?
  12. What are your favorite Sushi rolls?

    Sashimi is sushi, right? Either way, it is delicious. Can't remember trying any bad sushi aside from some that i got at a grocery store. It's one of the few things I enjoy eating a lot of without feeling gross afterwards.
  13. 5pm for me as well. When the work day is over, shadows are long and the sun starts getting low it feels like evening to me. BUT... Depending on daylight savings, 5pm might also feel less eveningy than 6pm, if that makes sense.
  14. Some John Callahan cartoons because reasons: EDIT: And a bonus that I just saw on facebook: