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  1. Dreams Those games that Valve said they're working on Red Dead Redemption 2
  2. November 10 2017, bitches.
  3. I have a feeling this IP is gonna need a coffin when The Last of Us 2 is out.
  4. Buy: Shadow of the Colossus remake Cuphead Assassin's Creed Origins Uncharted: Lost Legacy Metro: Exodus Rent: Wolfenstein 2 Far Cry 5 Kingdom Hearts 3 Pass: Days Gone Battlefront 2 Gran Turismo Trash VR minigames like Final Fantasy: Fishing Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Detroit: Become Human Crackdown 3 Wait and see: Spider-man Monster Hunter: World The Evil Within 2 Anthem Beyond Good and Evil The Last Light God of War Destiny 2 Dragonball Fighter Z
  5. Based on what was shown in that (admittedly brief) trailer, they should keep working on the art style to better match the art of the original game, especially the lighting.
  6. Biggest disappointment that I didn't see coming: Where is Dreams?
  7. How would you improve the controls? Left analog stick = walk/run. Right analog stick = move camera. Jump, D-pad weapon select, attack button, look button, lock-on, call horse button, press jump and grip to get on horse, r1 = grip etc. Pretty straightforward, never had any issues. Could be tweaked to be more responsive perhaps, but maybe not too much without effecting the character animation...
  8. STILL can't believe there's a SOTC remake. It was one of those remakes that I always wanted but never considered would actually be a thing. Only nitpick is I wish it was truer to the art style of the PS2/PS3 game which was a nice balance of awesomebro naturalistic detail and impressionistic painting/ethereal dream. The PS4 version looks much more awesomebro detail than the latter.
  9. Spider-man looks amazing, but sweet jesus please don't let most of the combat and setpieces be as scripted and QTE-heavy as that one.
  11. I clearly meant Windows Store, you RUBE. Though evidently it was announced for steam years ago, so I probably shouldn't have ruled it out.
  12. This will get me back into Assassins Creed, but while wooly mammoths were still technically alive during the time of Ancient Egypt, Titanboas died out much, much earlier so I guess this will be a game that tries to immerse you in a real historical setting while also being a game about magical giant monsters. Hmmmm.
  13. You sure it was me? I have no memory of that. Link?