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  1. Mass Effect 2. It isn't even close.
  2. Oh, hello.

    Who hath awoken me from my slumberrr?
  3. The 360 was already old by the time ME3 rolled out but I thought it was still spectacular looking, all things considered. I am sure it still is. I tried ME via back compat and it still looked fine to me. Not mind blowing, but it aged well. Some games age well due to art direction and lighting. Probably why some games are 8/16-bit inspired and are very popular due to a charming art aspect.
  4. I beat the game on legendary solo. Yes, the final Warden fight was stupidly hard, but I beat it! They should give us a new achievement at least.
  5. This forum isn't exactly crawling with Xbox 360 active players for any game. NeoGAF or the retro board may be more suitable for this.
  6. Nowhere left to hide. Literally spilling out of drawers and cabinets! So out of control they are breeding. Baybee dildettes!
  7. I wanted them to stick to their guns too. Fuck used games. I don't want second-hand smoker, breeders' kids' dirty hand prints and nasty shit on game cases. Haven't purchased a single used game this entire generation.
  8. Quantum Break Reviews going live - 1080p/60FPS!

    The story and characters seem really interesting. I will play it on Xbox One first then PC second with different choices. Can't wait!
  9. MS says Xbone will be $300 for a limited time

    May as well call it simply Xbox at this point. Name it per year. Xbox (2016 model).
  10. xbox 360, one or ps4

    Just get an Xbox One. If you wanted Halo, should have said so. It is clearly the best choice for you as a side console.
  11. I'm in. I play FPS on PC with controller anyway, although playing FPS isn't usually what I play. I got myself am elite controller and willing to try my hand. Did it way back in Quake 3 Arena on DC!
  12. Xbox 360 has had direct connections to PC and PS2 players for ten years in Final Fantasy XI, which is ending console support at the end of the month (but not PC). MS allowed it before and it was a successful version. I am sure FFXIV is already in development for the Xbox One and this was their last hurdle in doing so.
  13. MS hints at beefed up Xbox One

    I kind of like this. They are sort of doing it with Xbox 360 'BC'. If it means every game I own now on X1 plays on all future Xbox iterations, I am fine with this.