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  1. Seems like a dumb thing to do in this day and age. Or ever really.
  2. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    I really have no idea what to think of this. It's neat from a kids perspective I guess. Not something I'll buy. I immediately thought of this article about a kid making a Nintendo Switch out of cardboard though. https://kotaku.com/kid-makes-a-cardboard-nintendo-switch-because-mom-wont-1793756296 I think Nintendo saw this kids creativity with cardboard and cashed in on the idea.
  3. My fwb

    Spoiler alert: highlevelgamer is also the girl. He's been playing games by himself the past 5 years and sexting himself.
  4. My fwb

    You DO NOT want to touch this dudes keyboard...
  5. I wouldn't doubt it. I don't have much experience with state run computers or software, but when I do it's never smooth. I had to fill out a few forms at the DMV last year and they were like "as you are completing the required fields the computer is going to freeze up, but just keep waiting it will work". My kids health insurance website is always broken. One time I had to use a computer at a courthouse and the program looked like something from Windows 98. Is this lack of funding? Or is something old and shitty more secure?
  6. I just can't get behind a lawsuit like this. I understand its deceiving. But as consumers we just need to take the few extra seconds while looking at the packaging and read the finer details. If you don't like what they do, stop buying the product and complain on the internet or send the company a letter. If you do like the product and want more, buy 2 boxes next time. I see Junior Mints all the time at Walmart for about $0.99 a box. My other way of thinking is can you make you own Junior Mints at home for cheaper? If so then do it!
  7. Rumor - Paragon shutting down in Feb

    I don't know anyone that plays it. I occasionally saw advertisements on the PSN store but never felt the need to try the game.
  8. I have the $$$ to buy a Switch today but

    You will definitely want a memory card if you are going to buy digital games. Then there are the rare physical games like LA Noir that still require a multi gigabyte download (LA. Noire requires a 14GB download for the physical version. That's pretty rare but you never know what other future releases will pull something like that).
  9. My fwb

    Look, they are going to start playing Steam games together. A liar wouldn't use Steam!
  10. Crave Van

    Hell yeah
  11. Avengers 4 wrapped production!

    I can't even imagine the hype as we approach the release of these films. I want to see them so bad and I know spoilers will run rampant online.
  12. frozen ocean

    I'm not going to be happy with my heating bill this month
  13. 5 Minutes Of Metal Gear Survive Single Player Gameplay

    At one point during the video my brain thought this was a video of a Resident Evil game. The characters look straight out of RE5. The rest looks like a Metal Gear/Resident Evil/Dead Rising sandwich. Im sure there will be some fun to be had. But I've got so many good games lined up to play, this will be an easy pass. I'll try the beta if it's open and call it a day.