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  1. Happy God of War day everyone! Im working a half day and can't wait to dig in later.
  2. If the codes are transferable you can have mine. I'm not going to use it.
  3. I have a code but I don't trust the psn not to be stupid after God of War goes live. Ended up just getting the digital copy a few days ago and have it preloaded now.
  4. The Walking Dead Season 7 Discussion Thread

    I had no idea why Jesus would take Maggie's side. Made no sense.
  5. The Walking Dead Season 7 Discussion Thread

    I was fine with the finale but I thought the ending with Maggie was bullshit.
  6. I always thought The Frighteners had one of the coolest movie posters Also its been a long time since i've seen it, but I remember really liking Ermey's role in the 2013 Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.
  7. 206,749,248 eggs recalled

    Thanks for the heads up. Luckily out of the 3 dozen eggs in my fridge(which are strangely from 3 different stores), none of them fit the description.
  8. Writing and all it's fun.

    I could never imagine writing a real book. I do have this secret desire to write a childrens book though. Hardest part would be the illustration because I would want to do that part myself as well.
  9. Shenmue 1+2 coming to Xbox/PS4/PC this year

    I played most of the first game at release but I don't remember much. Never had any desire to go back either.
  10. Surprised Trump hasn't set up any live streams for the missile strikes yet
  11. Avengers Has Pre-Sold More Tickets...

    Oh I know. I feel like I need to see Infinity War in theater but Black Panther I don't care that much about. Im pretty much going to avoid the internet from April 27 till mid May after I see Black Panther. Then I'll try and catch an Infinity War showing. I feel like I'm usually able to catch the blu ray release before the next Marvel movie comes out. But IW is hot on the heels of Black Panther finishing up in theater.
  12. God of War Reviews Set to Arrive on April 12th

    Some people on reddit and I'm sure elsewhere have managed to get a hold of the game early. Saw a few pics of the front/back of the game case. Minimum 50GB needed for install. Beware of spoilers because I'm sure people will be posting them everywhere