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  1. There is a pretty cool Dark Souls 3 Dynamic theme available on the JPN Playstation Store. You will have to make a Japanese account if you haven't already. There are a lot of YouTube videos detailing the step by step process. Probably take you about 5 minutes. Plus you will then be set up to grab any other future freebies that pop up on the JPN PSN. Here is the link to the store page. I'm on mobile right now so I had to open the link in an "incognito window". That way it would stop trying to load the U.S. Playstation store which will result in an error message. https://store.playstation.com/#!/ja-jp/ゲーム/テーマ/dark-souls-ⅲ-theme-ver4/cid=JP0506-CUSA01368_00-DS3THEME00000004
  2. I would like a NES Classic but I'm in no hurry. I'll buy one the day I can just walk into the store and see it sitting on the shelf. Which at the rate Nintendo is slowly churning them out, may not be until next year.
  3. Sounds like a fun time!
  4. The best I could find online was "sometime this year". Nothing definite yet.
  5. I caved and bought it last night after playing a round of the free weekend trial. It's so good. Love the music that kicks in when shit starts to go down. I forgot how many weapon choices this game has, love it. It seems to run pretty smooth playing on the Pro as well. I put some time in to the first game a few years ago and loved it. Now i'm happy I have a new shooter to pull me away from Overwatch.
  6. Sounds like the setup for I Am Legend or similar movie. Everyone gets the procedure done but then out of nowhere they turn!
  7. That's a plus then. I never get this email but I seem to remember getting $10 psn money 2 years in a row that would pop up out of the blue. Where I would turn the ps4 on and there would be a message under the"from Playstation" section.
  8. I only read a few comments but it felt like the people that were getting discount codes were people that didn't buy a ton of stuff digitally.
  9. I never get emails from them. I'm pretty sure I'm signed up to receive news and such but I never get any. Somebody on reddit got an email that said Golden Ticket and it had a code for $100 PSN credit.
  10. Not a bad idea really. That big spider machine could even be a killstreak reward
  11. Damn I never would have thought of that lol. I've been playing too much Overwatch lately. This could be a good reason to take a break for a while. I've played around 15 matches since the Orisa update, and it's been a little more frustrating than usual.
  12. I don't know if I'm liking Orisa or not. She gets played every single match I've played since release. Which is fine I guess, I know everyone wants to try her out. Some of the matches have been really one sided. When you mix an Orisa, Reinhardt, and Symmetra you get a ton of annoying shields to try and break through. Add an enemy Pharah, Torbjorn, and healer to the defense and some points are becoming impossible to capture without precision teamwork.
  13. Totally a rumor at this time but I saw on the PS4 reddit talk of CoD:WWII. Just reading through the comments, someone mentioned whoever leaked the concept art has a history of telling the truth. No other info to back it up at this time. What do you guys think? Is it finally time CoD drops the future setting? https://www.reddit.com/r/WWII/comments/61ciie/call_of_duty_wwii_sledgehammer_games_2017/ https://www.reddit.com/r/WWII/
  14. There used to be a Sears store right by my house that was connected to the mall beside it. It had been there since way before I was born. It closed about a month ago and it's already mostly torn down except for a big steel frame. Kinda sad. They are putting a Dicks Sporting Goods in its place. The hhgreg iny area is finally closing as well. It's parking lot was always deserted any time I went by.
  15. He was busy making a glowing cameo in the 1994 hit "The Little Rascals". Give the guy a break.