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  1. Seems like an easy premise to base a movie on. I think it could do ok.
  2. 36 positive reviews 5 mixed 0 negative Game is sounding great. Might have to check into it. It would be my first Yakuza game. Might as well start with part 0 right
  3. I'm still trying to process the news of voice chat with a smartphone app.
  4. Playing the demo in VR felt really good to me. Did I read the final game is kind of long? I think I read over 15 hours. If that's true it's going to take me forever to play through in VR. I was moving so slow, exploring every nook possible. Throw that into a full game it might take me twice as long.
  5. My town only let me down once when it comes to snow removal. Last year when we had close to a 20" snow fall, they eventually plowed one lane down our road. They never came back to make it any wider. It was 3 or 4 days later we got a message from the township saying they were done plowing, they did all they could do. It was like wtf. We had one lane you could barely fit one car down. When the plow came down it made 4-5ft tall snow walls down the road. I live in a dead end circle with retired neighbors in their 70-80's and one other guy in his 40's. Him and I spent a lot of time shoveling and snowblowing the road for everybody.
  6. They turned the 3DS into the 2DS.It can be done!
  7. I said in the other thread I want a "switch" with no screen, just a small console with a pro controller. No motion/gimmicks/touch. Price needs to be $200 max. They put themselves in the position of not having powerful hardware. So it's not going to be a machine I do all my gaming on. I'd buy it strictly for Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda.
  8. The cloud and green hill look like some shit out of 1993.
  9. Just thought of what would make me buy a switch in a heartbeat. Forget the screen all together. Make a screen less version, just a little console I can hook up to the tv, and bundle it with a pro controller. Make it a little cheaper too. If the joy cons aren't required for games like Mario and Zelda I'm good with just the pro controller. I just want a small cheap package with zero gimmicks.
  10. I watched that trailer again Zelda. Damn I want to play that.
  11. That's exactly how I feel. Everything I've seen so far doesn't really appeal to me. I'm not that into handheld gaming anymore. And that's half the draw of this system. I was shocked by the price of the accessories too. I do like Nintendo games but what they showed didn't do much for me. Mario looked alright, also weird. Mario Kart looked like Mario Kart. The Arms game and 1-2 Switch.... meh. I thought Zelda looked amazing though. That is the only game I want to play and I really want it.
  12. She fell for the internet trolls and typed out all that.
  13. god damn... and she's only 4ft 11inch. The fun you could have with her
  14. I was checking out the Overwatch forums today for the 2nd time. Wasn't much exciting going on but I noticed reading through different topics people tend to pick a "main" character and play that character all the time. Do you guys do that? I would get bored playing same character all the time. I switch it up almost every map. For each map i probably have a set of 3 or 4 characters that I know I can hold my own with. I think thats why I've put so many hours into this game then most other shooters. The gameplay can be so different depending what character you pick. I like it.