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  1. Anyone watching Punisher?

    Sounds like my life haha. Today I got 20 minutes into the first episode before nap time came to an abrupt halt. I got to see the punisher beat walls with a sledgehammer though.
  2. Microsoft Store Digital Sale

    You mentioned Call of Duty, I swear I saw a WW2+Infinite Warfare Black Friday sale somewhere for $50. If that's accurate I might pick that up since I've heard IW's singleplayer is alright plus I can try out WW2. Can't find which store at the moment though. Edit: it's at Walmart for $59
  3. Navy Pilot Draws A Penis In The Sky

    Netflix could totally pick this up for a season 2 of American Vandal. #WHODREWTHEDICK?
  4. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/navy-acknowledges-aircrew-drew-a-penis-in-the-sky-over-washington/article/2641024 "The Federal Aviation Administration, when the station reached out for comment, said they're powerless to act unless the incident poses a safety risk. An official also said the agency "cannot police morality."
  5. Rate my haul for the day

    Nice haul!
  6. Death threats are never funny. I found this kind of funny though: Gamespot spent $100 on loot crates and only received half the amount of credits needed to unlock Darth Vader https://www.gamespot.com/articles/star-wars-battlefront-2s-microtransactions-are-a-r/1100-6454825/
  7. Find things wrong with this image

    If I was being super picky, what the hell is the guy looking at? No way he can see the screen from an angle like that.
  8. I thought the new season was alright. Not like spectacular or anything, but with the way the episodes would end, I would just immediately want to watch the next right away. I really liked Sean Astin as Bob.
  9. I really need to play Hitman. I bought it on sale and did some of the tutorial but got sidetracked with other games.
  10. That reminds me of the time I let a friend borrow the first season of Family Guy on DVD. When he finally did bring it back to school the whole case was crushed like somebody stepped on it. I let another friend borrow a movie and that came back scratched to hell. It's rare that I let anyone borrow my stuff nowadays lol.
  11. I've always gotten lucky preordering from them but I have definitely heard the horror stories. Especially around the release of Playstation VR. The launch bundle was $500 and people were getting their cards charged/uncharged repeatedly.
  12. I'll be getting RE7 for $15 and Wolfenstein 2 for $30!
  13. Xbox One X upgrade or Nintendo Switch purchase?

    As someone who really wanted a "screen less" Switch, I have found myself playing it more in handheld mode then docked on the tv. And I don't even take my Switch out of the house. It's just comfy in handheld.
  14. Sounds good to me. I don't want them to ruin a good thing by keeping it going.
  15. Taco Bell Xbox X has arrived

    I'm surprised you got the Console so quickly. I always figured if you won something in a contest like that you'd be stuck waiting months to get it.