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  1. He'll get no sympathy from me. He makes millions of dollars being an idiot. I think whatever he brought to the table, he brought it and his career already peaked. He had immature gaming videos. He grew up, and expanded. He's not some young teen or anything. He 27 years old and had people like fucking Disney paying him. You're older now bro, you made it big time, maybe you should have lost the jokes like "death to all jews". In big boy world, companies will and should drop you for dumb ass comments like that.
  2. Interesting stuff. The Bearenstain Bears one definitely got me after I had kids. I remember picking up a book 2 or 3 years ago and being like wtf is this spelling.
  3. Here's a random post but saw you mentioned cheerios. I love a bowl of cheerios in the morning with peanut butter. Melt a spoonful of JIF peanut butter in the microwave for 15 seconds or so on a paper towel, fold it a little and drizzle it all over the cereal. Throw the cold milk on top mmmmm.
  4. Seems like the AP shouldn't tweet something like this without confirmation then.
  5. Nice! I'm also interested to see how the new King Kong movie reviews next month.
  6. I forgot about that feature. I need to buy some 3D blu rays to try! Looking on Amazon I see they have Pacific Rim 3D blu ray for $12.69 and Dredd 3D blu ray for $5.12. Buying those now just to have something.
  7. Anybody watch the newest episode yet? I knew it was on Sunday night but still havent felt the urge to watch it yet.
  8. I could believe that. This is the first event I didn't spend money on and I didn't get a single skin. Here's the cherry on top. The very last box I opened during the event, they all popped out of the box and I was like oh hell yeah a yellow one! Saw what it was and it was the god damn Nomad Genji skin that I have gotten so many times. I think it's been 4 times now. Still never unlocked a McCree skin yet lol.
  9. The dark tone is what made me interested! If the trailer looked like another X-Men Apocalypse movie, I probably wouldn't have any hype for it.
  10. happy birthday bitch!
  11. The Playstation Store actually has deals quite often too. I usually have to stop myself from purchasing games because my backlog just keeps growing. It REALLY doesn't help that the PS4 has seen a lot of great releases the last couple of weeks. Games that are getting great review scores like Resident Evil VII, Yakuza 0, and Nioh. I have a feeling Nier is going to do well along with Horizon Zero Dawn. Persona 5 is not too far off either. This winter was supposed to be my time to play catch up but now I'm drowning more than ever in games.