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  1. Yay Bryan, happy birthday bro!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Halo Reach: Ahhhhhhh, payback.

    lolz. That was great.
  4. NES/SNES clone systems

    I actually bought a clone in Japan (gamejoy) that would play both japanese and american region games for NES and SNES. It only cost me 30 bucks and has not failed me yet.
  5. ya I am def going to get this. Even if the wii is collecting dust right now.....I am always down for a zelda.
  6. I dunno, I thought this game was kind of cool. As far as I am concerned it is one of the better Kinect games out there.
  7. Yes they do. After posting this I realized that it would have to be designated as a "games for windows" title in order to do that. So I dunno...
  8. does anyone know if BF3 PC versions achievements will be able to sinc with your xbox live account? I definitely will buy this for PC, it be nice if I could also improve my gamerscore.
  9. What "classic" games are you currently playing?

    Megaman 1 through to Megaman 6 Japanese versions. I suppose I should say ロックマン 1 - 6. I bought a super famicom in Japan along side these Gems.
  10. I'm pretty excited about Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Ya, I am super excited for this game. I will keep buying Nintendos and Zelda games so long as they keep making them.
  11. Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Trailer

    at first I thought that the voice thing was kind of lame.....as in "that's your revolutionary use of kinect....reading a script?". However, I will admit that I could see myself getting into the commands if they are responsive. Everything else though looks great and I cant wait to play it.
  12. OMG Ghost Recon and Kinect

    I was really impressed with the gun smith section along with most of you. I think its interesting that they tried to utilize kinect in the shooting range, even if only to entertain the idea of a FPS (one day) without a controller. Its just the motions are too awkward and don't seem to be practical. At least to me. If anything I wouldn't mind like....an advanced version of duck hunt that could easily use the kinect for motion tracking of your body movements. Until then, I will stick with a controller for FPS.
  13. Halo Reach: Invasion on Breakpoint

    Like I said above I got it in the DLC. Its strange I tried it earlier and it wasn't working. At any rate...it worked out.