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      Now that E3 2017 has concluded, the D1Pcast crew will be recording its impressions of the show on Friday June 23 at around 6:30pm Eastern time.  Like we did for the preview show, we'll run through each conference and give our thoughts on the good, bad, and the wonderfully inexplicable (Devolver Digital - I'm looking at you!).   We're very much interested in hearing your thoughts and impressions about this past E3, so feel free to share them in this thread.  Or -- even better! -- if you'd like to join us for this episode, we'd love to have you on the show!  The more, the merrier as we put a capstone on our E3 2017 coverage!  

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  1. They look great! Awesome job and thank you!
  2. I think he did a fantastic job with the voices and performance overall. It was just Phillips voice that irked me. Am I wrong in remembering his age?
  3. Completely agreed! At first it was so fun to be able to hear their voices after having read the first 3 books and the first chapter got me excited because it reminded me of the fun adventures from the first 3 books but then it goes downhill SO fast. The major issue I had with the audible version of this was Philip's voice acting. Holy crap it was like nails on a chalk board to me. Why did he sound like a 70 year old English smoker? It really pulled me out of the story every time the narrator spoke in his voice. He sounded decades older than even Roy. Which then made me think of a 70 year old dating Britt the younger and it creeped me out. Am I not remembering right that Phillip is supposed to be in his 30's or early 40's?
  4. I finished Fight and Flight last night and must say, I was very disappointed in it. I don't think it could even hold a candle to the first 3 books. The story was beyond stupid imo. Red Shirts now! Thank you guys again for the other recommendations. I'm going to look into all of them.
  5. Just finished watching the last episode of S2. Wowza! Did not see that coming but oh man, so many more questions. Great season! I WANT MORE!
  6. I'll be the first to admit I'm not the biggest Batman fan (I like him but whatevs) and I can confidently say this movie is friggin amazing and probably the best animated superhero movie I've ever seen.
  7. That was AWESOME!! I'm so excited for this game!! E3 this year has some killer games coming out!
  8. Exactly my thoughts! I was not expecting the father/son duo fighting. That looks awesome!
  9. D-pad for me too. I can't get into the swing of fighting games with the stick. I have a tournament stick but am too lazy to get it out of the closet.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9p686_xyPw&sns=em Oh man this is great! It had me cracking up! So much of what he says was my inner dialogue in D1 PVP.
  11. There's a 4th Off to be the Wizard?? I had no idea!! I sometimes do audible if I'm driving to work and stuck in traffic so I will look into it! Thank you!! Thank you everyone else too! I'm going to look into all of those suggestions.
  12. Wait... this is one of those 2D Origins games??
  13. Hi everybody! I'm looking for some recommendations for funny sci-fi or fantasy books please. Some books I've read recently that fit the description I'm thinking of are: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff (I friggin LOVED this and laughed out loud so many times during it) Good Omens Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy I also thought the Off to be the Wizard trilogy and Ready Player One were really fun so if it's something alongs those lines, I'm sure it would be good for me too. I've been reading some more serious fantasy stuff and could use something a bit more light hearted. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you guys have!
  14. Color me intrigued. I like the comparison that @stepee mentions. If this is a $30 polished version of Heavenly Sword, I'm all in. I really enjoyed that game back in the day. And as others have mentioned, I love Ninja Theory games. They know how to do combat right.
  15. Oh man, this game has the WORST character select screen music I've ever experienced in a fighting game. It's nerve grating. I had to set the music for the game at 1 to tolerate that screen.