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  1. Wait a sec... @bladimir2k how is your Hunter waving like an Awoken but dancing like a Human?
  2. I should be able to hop on so count me in!
  3. Aww take care of yourself and hope you feel better quick!
  4. @Triage Xur is selling Sweet Business in case you still need it.
  5. Eww gold??? How tacky! The Bungie shader development team really needs a gay man on their team to help them. SMH
  6. That's lame. I wonder what color the Prestige gear is at least? That's how D1 worked too so it's no big deal in terms of armor but aren't there raid weapons still missing?
  7. You have 3 Hunters? That's interesting. edit: Wait a sec, so no new gear for Prestige mode?? What the hell is the point then?
  8. I wouldn't mind that either. I wish they'd bring back the kiosks from D1 with your collections there.
  9. LOL! I just want more damn vault space. If they want this to be a collection game, gimme enough space to hold everything.
  10. I 100% agree Blad. As for the sets, I'm certain we can rest assured the gear for IB and factions will stay the same until a year 2 or season 2 drops like SteveO mentioned. For example, the next time IB comes around, I only need the legs for my Hunter so once those drop, then I'll just focus on playing with my other two characters finishing their sets. Factions is where it's trickier IMO. For example, I only need the NM helmet for my Titan. I don't want to have to choose NM again for him next round for just that piece since they can't change allegiance during the faction rally, which sucks.
  11. I understand but you're acting like IB is never going to happen again?
  12. That looked awesome! I don't know much about BP outside of what I've learned through the MCU and this looks awesome. From the looks of it, it takes place right after Civil War. Would that be correct?
  13. On the other hand, I keep thinking that what if I got the whole set on my characters already what would there be to look forward to in the next IB? IDK, they need to do something though. The current amount of duplicates is crap.
  14. @eggydoo I was running NFG through a guided game and that thing at the end with the boss happened again. None of us could respawn because of all the enemies during the boss fight.