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      All,   Saturday night, February 6th from 8pm EST - Midnight, we will be updating the site once again. Our tech support guru's claim this will fix the interminable  scourge that is the double, triple, and yes even sometimes quadruple posting (well done @Lucian04 ) issues that have threatened to end lives and kill babies! No, I am not excited to roll the dice again ,but yes we are doing so any way! Strap in, beer up, and we'll take this pile to 11!


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  1. Penis?

  2. Those shot groups are pretty poor.  I'm disappointed in you, Texas.
  3. Absolutely. They're lightweight, good support, breathable, fast drying. I've put plenty of miles on several pairs.
  4. Merrell Moab Mid Ventilator. They're my go to boot for work.
  5. What's all this fuss about?
  6. I haven't been here in a bit but I'm down.
  7. Make sure to join the GTAV D1P Crew if you havent!

    I joined. Probably won't be able to play online until I get back to the states though.
  8. How you guys doin?

    It will be erected as soon as I go down in a blaze of glory.
  9. How you guys doin?

    Hell yeah! Have you given her the minivan yet? 2 in the front, 5 in the back!
  10. How you guys doin?

    Send me some of those cat pics when you get a chance
  11. How you guys doin?

    Haven't seen much activity on here lately. What's everyone up to these days? I'm currently off in [REDACTED] catching some rays and working out a lot. I met John Boehner day before last, and I'm pretty sure he was drunk at 1 in the afternoon. He made fun of me for wearing a black jacket and black tie together. When I packed to come here I never really expected to be wearing either of those clothing items so didn't care at the time. Regardless, the speaker put me in my place.
  12. Almost anytime I have a malfunction on the M4 it's caused by the round being fucked up. I don't clean mine very often either because I'm just a lazy soldier. I'll spray some CLP in it when we get to the range and call it good.