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  1. I just had sex with all your fathers

    Did you know before you started banging my dad that he had the gout and how did you handle the smell? 
  2. Forza 6: Apex "open beta" coming May 5th

    Curious, don't know how I missed this! Whelp, I'll take a closer look.
  3. First Pascal bench leaks

    Agreed XBob, though how they are achieving it does seem a touch dubious if that core clock is to be believed. It will be a shame if we really don't see the Titan or ti versions this year though.
  4. Forza 6: Apex "open beta" coming May 5th

    The settings options are a joke, but in 4K its runs pretty great and looks really clean! I can see some AA issues even in 4K with "ultra" settings, but aside from that its quite pretty.
  5. NEW Gaming PC: Windows 10 / 7 ?

    Windows 10: Because you fucking will do it if you want to play DX12 games!        
  6. WCCFtech says Nvidia will debut their mainstream Pascal GPUs (1080/1070) at this event as well.
  7. Forza 6: Apex "open beta" coming May 5th

    From the way they are approaching this series release, I'm guessing Ms/Turn 10 doesn't have a lot of confidence in the Current UWP SDK and are worried that it could tarnish a their flagship racing title to release a racing game that struggles to maintain 60FPS.
  8. When I see Havel I release a might "Nope!" and beat a swift and cowardly retreat!
  9. Windows 10 instalation issues

    have you gone to disk manager and set the second drive up?
  10. Sounds solid, but I'm afraid those spawning knight kill me 50% of time (I'm an average gamer on a good day, but never great! ) With the dragon spear, all I have to do is lock on and L2 and  the guys at the first bonfire at Archdragon are guaranteed kills. Its noobish, but I am not good enough to farm the location you are referring to I'm afraid! Also, its really fast so I can do the loop and come up with roughly 12K a minute.
  11. put the serpent ring, sheild of want, and the mimmick helm on and you'll pull 2980 x 4 enemies right at the first bonfire at arch dragon peak. that run can be accomplished in roughly 50 seconds, give it a shot for big smiles!
  12. I've tried this approach, but the crossover episodes from others' shows are the only one's I want to watch.
  13. Forza 6: Apex "open beta" coming May 5th

    Finally! An announcement for an open beta of a demo of a series that will eventually full be on PC after multiple patches make it playable. A brave new world is dawning people!
  14. Absolutely man,point, L2, multihit! Right now I hit for 780+ with that move. It terribly surprising for would be invaders!