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  1. I've been to red lobster 15 times, and have been mongering my own fish since 2013. I have given up all hope of deboning my own fish. Any tips on flavoring this thing?     
  2. I'll wait for the director's cut! 
  3. Build me a stupid computer

    Le sigh, full disclosure, I of course thought about it. That internal session went something like this:   Voice 1 (think Gollum) ME WANTSES! ME WANTSES!   Voice 2 (Think Dennis Leary) Look, this is some grade A bullshit Nvidia is pulling here, don't reward the green monster with more green! Touch that wallet and I'll punt your dick into your ass, seriously.    Voice 3 (Think Wyatt Cenac) This is a terrible idea, but you wear it well! I'll just hang around and see how this goes...    Voice 4 ( My son and daughter in stereo) Dad, please don't!    Voice 5 (my wife) You are an idiot. An Idiot I love, but an idiot none the less. Just to be clear [point finger at my face] you. idiot.    Voice 6 (My regular voice) I think I'll just go make a sandwich...stupid Nvidia, giving me a boner and shrinkage all inside 30 seconds! grumble,grumble... 
  4. Build me a stupid computer

    No rival brother, My spurs are hung up! Hell, I'm not even buying a Titan XP!
  5. New Titan XP :)

    As an Atheist, let us pray!
  6. It's time

    Tough call, but I get it. Just one request, please take Cruse back?
  7. American's simultaneous believe that we're always under attack, and yet that really bad things won't happen to each of us personally, will give Trump a real shot at the White house.  Sick as it is, lots of people will want him to be president based on the "it will be exciting to see the shit show!" feelings they hide behind anger and party loyalty. Should he take the presidency they will write papers about how his constantly changing brinkmanship approach created a rubbernecking phenomena that was just the penny play the masses could masturbate to while being able to sit back and not be responsible for what they unleashed with their casual voting. If that happens then those same people will simple say, he broke his promises, despite the fact that it doesn't take a strong knowledge of economics, or politics to understand that most of his plans are literally not feasible. Forget bad policies, these potential policies are spectacles to make people in the cheap seats stand and cheer! Are you not entertained?!
  8. New Titan XP :)

    I fear its not a Nostradamus level prediction to assume then that the 1080ti will be more expensive then the 980ti, disappointing if true.  Come on Vega!
  9. New Titan XP :)

    Dear Nvidia:  
  10. Ad Revenue

    The caption should read:   VISA: Get in there. Get it done.
  11. It is a dick kicking machine without end, is it not?
  12. Ailes Bails!

    Its the least we can hope to have happen for such a noble luminary!