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  1. Nintendo Switch Coming March 2017!!!

    I want all my games on the system at the same time, is that soooo much to ask?! Oh, it is? Well then... 
  2. Nintendo Switch Coming March 2017!!!

    My guess is 299.99 , but I'm sure there will be a "Basic" edition for 229.99 0r 249.99 that has a pitiful amount of internal storage. 
  3.   IS Vic20 even aware of whether or not Le Page is aware of Twitter? The answer is no. 
  4. IS the governor of Maine aware of Twitter? [email protected]
  5. Nintendo NX. 720p screen, March 4 2017 release date

    People, the fact that there could be portable Dark Souls is making me VERY impatient for 2017! 
  6. I love this thing! Can't wait! 
  7. I like the serendipity of chaos cowboyle! 
  8. In fact, I do have such a page, but I am not famous. 
  9. ~*Official Nintendo NX Reveal Discussion Thread*~

    I see From software on that list! Dark Souls my balls off please! 
  10. ~*Official Nintendo NX Reveal Discussion Thread*~

    Critically, they have a solid name, a clear vision of why it exists, and they have certainly distinguished themselves from the pack with this platform. From a marketing perspective this thing is an easy sell. Now its down to the details to see how much or if Nintendo value engineered the shit out of what should be a 300-500 dollar product.  
  11. ~*Official Nintendo NX Reveal Discussion Thread*~

    Worrying, but I'm feeling risky and frisky!