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  1. I purchased it at full price and played roughly 35 hours. While I would currently rate the game a 6/10, I certainly did get a couple of dozen hours of entertainment out of it, so getting a refund would feel like I ate 3/4 of a burger before complaining. 
  2. I got a Windows tablet tonight

      I mean, what are the chances?! 
  3. Pick one for me

    3 cheese! 
  4. The PC Gamer Top 100

    There are many i agree with and several I don't, like dragon age II. Sorry, but that game is as great example of EA raping a well established and excellent first entry in a series with a cash in sequel, big on budget but shallow on content! 
  5. Post a picture of your hand(s).

    I do finger curls!  
  6. The Wolfe - an external GPU for your laptop

    Ah, I did not know that, thanks for the clarification sir! 
  7. The Wolfe - an external GPU for your laptop

    In theory, laptops with USB-C ports would do the trick, with a little loss due to bandwidth limitations. So in theory, any new laptop this year and beyond has that potential, but in reality most don't have this option. 
  8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    "talking too much, about a story I didn't really care about"    This may be the single best anti-endorsement of the Deus Ex  franchise right here! Its plot has always relied upon a network of loose fringe conspiracy ideas married to a location based set piece sensibility not unlike James Bond movies. Welcome to Monte Carlo! Its beautiful, isn't it? Who are we killing and what's going to get blown up?!  If that is the kind of thing you can flow around then you'll be left to enjoy the leveling, and stealth options of the non lethal approach, which is what I get out of the series. That in and of itself is odd because try as I might I can't manage to enjoy any of the 3D metal gear games really (i did like the ground zeroes demo though).  If it helps any, this entry includes a 12 minute video that brings you up to speed on its serpentine story, accessible directly from the title screen. 
  9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    If you didn't enjoy the last one, then I can't recommend this one to you as its basically a larger, more refined version of the last entry. 
  10. Anyone playing the Nioh beta demo?

    Not yet, but I hope to do so this weekend! I loved the first one, looking forward to this game!