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  1. NSFW

    So this is why my shit takes extra days to ship! Mass video card porn shoots?!  
  2. The Lord's copy editor works in mysterious ways...
  3. ATI to AMD to ATI again!

    So you're saying I won't get my ATI brand back? 
  4. 1080s are up for sale

  5. 1080s are up for sale

  6. ATI to AMD to ATI again!

    Yeah, it reads like tabloid BS, I think I just like the idea of ATI being ATI again! 
  7. I would say nothing, as such a being deserves all the contempt I could possibly generate. I would simply stare at it with said contempt until it did whatever it felt it needed to with me.
  8. ATI to AMD to ATI again!

    @NextGen   Is any of this true?    http://www.hardocp.com/article/2016/05/27/from_ati_to_amd_back_journey_in_futility#.V0j3SZErI2w    
  9. 1080s are up for sale

    Mine will arrive Tuesday, yipee! This whole launch was handled with Nvidia's usual "we believe ourselves to be too cool to actually care for what we said, promised, or did...you are welcome world!" 
  10. Whelp, you folks have been great! 
  11. I don't love myself

    Most don't, regardless of what they say. Its a rough Planet, so don't too hard on yourself! 
  12. I'm gay

    Wait, the general gayness or the #showerstruggleisreal ?
  13. I'm gay

    How's the shower stress management going?